August Sales
Spindle Sanders
There's no faster, easier way to smooth the inside edges of curves. These sanders fit spindles of different sizes, so you can match the spindle to the radius of the curve being sanded. The up-and-down oscillating motion of the spindle speeds material removal, helps avoid scorching and extends the life of the abrasive sleeves.
Random Orbit Sanders
Capable of both fast stock removal and ultra-smooth sanding, these sanders also are a great choice for smoothing slightly uneven joints after glue-up. The random orbit motion helps minimize swirl marks, even in cross-grain situations.
Orbital Finishing Sanders
These sanders are perfect for light sanding and final smoothing, especially when sanding with the grain. They're not as aggressive as random orbit sanders.
Belt Sanders
When you need to remove a lot of material fast, belt sanders are the tool of choice. Whether it's flattening and smoothing a rough board, rounding off the corner of a butcher-block countertop or fitting a kitchen backsplash to an uneven wall, a belt sander will get the job done quickly.
Drum Sanders
Wider capacity makes these sanders ideally suited for flattening and smoothing wood slabs and frame-and-panel cabinet doors, as well as for dimensioning figured woods that might tend to tear out if run through a thicknessing planer.
Disc/Belt Combination Sanders
These versatile combo machines handle a range of sanding jobs, from truing up workpiece edges to shaping outside curves to creating gradual tapers on the face of a board.
Disc Sanders
These sanders offer a quick, easy way to flatten and smooth the corners of small boxes, shape precise circles and fine-tune the cut angles on the end of a workpiece (squaring up the end of a turning blank or touching up the miters of a picture frame, for example).
Surfacing Sanders
Quickly and easily remove old paint, rust or grit from metal, wood and more – and then smooth the surface in preparation for a new finish.