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Power Tools

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  • Power Saws
    Power Saws

    From jigsaws to band saws and circular saws to table saws, find the top brands and the right model for your shop.

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  • Lathes

    Whether you want to turn pens, spindles or large bowls, we've got a machine for you.

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  • Sanders

    Handheld and stationary tools that will smooth your way to a fine finish.

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  • Planers

    Transform rough-sawn stock into finished boards of whatever thickness your project requires.

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  • Routers

    Powerful and versatile options for shaping edges, machining joinery, adding decorative details and more.

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  • Handheld Drills
    Handheld Drills

    Find the right combination of power and precision to meet all of your drilling and driving challenges.

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  • Air Tools
    Air Tools

    All the nailers, compressors, hose and fittings you need to outfit your shop and get the job done.

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  • Multi-Tool

    For tough jobs in tight spaces, nothing beats the extraordinary versatility of oscillating multi-tools.

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  • Drill Presses
    Drill Presses

    Drill straight, smooth holes with utmost accuracy using a variety of bits.

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  • Mortisers

    Get clean, true, precise mortises quickly, easily – and repeatedly.

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  • Shapers

    When your milling operations require industrial-sized power and production-grade precision, these machines deliver.

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  • Joiners

    The tools you need to make strong, solid connections between workpieces.

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  • CNC Machines
    CNC Machines

    Add detailed three-dimensional accents to your woodworking with computer-controlled precision.

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  • Specialty

    From power stock feeders to laser levels and tile saws, the gear you need for specialized jobs.

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  • Laser Cutters and Engravers
    Laser Cutters and Engravers

    Harness the power of laser light to cut material up to 1/4'' thick and create photographic engravings

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