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Project Time

Project Kits

  1. 2" Solid Brass Plated Clock Insert
  2. 2'' Deluxe Quartz Clock Fittings

    Regular Price: $25.99

    Special Price $19.99

  3. Includes 3 gold pegs, and 3 silver pegs.
    2'' XL Cribbage Pegs
    12 Review(s)

    Made of solid steel.

    Download Free Plan

    Regular Price: $17.99

    Special Price $16.49

  4. 2-3/4'' Clock Insert with Arabic Numerals
  5. 3'' Clock Face, Fancy/Arabic Numerals
  6. 3'' Clock Face, Gold/Arabic Numerals
  7. 3-1/2'' Quartz Clock Insert with Arabic Numerals
  8. Behlen Encore Brown Toner for Stringed Instruments, 13 oz.
  9. 44984
  10. Behlen Stringed Instrument Lacquer
  11. Behlen Sunburst Guitar Finish Kit
  12. Behlen Vinyl Sealer for Stringed Instruments, 13 oz.
  13. Bird Feeder Woodworking Kit
    Bird Feeder Woodworking Kit
    1 Review(s)
    If you build it, they will come—just sand, assemble and add some plumage with the included painting kit.

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $14.99

  14. Brass cane hardware
    Brass Cane Hardware
    16 Review(s)
  15. Brass coin slots protect the wood and look great! Solid brass bank door (55358) and wooden bank sold seperately.
    Brass Coin Slot
    15 Review(s)
  16. Brass Ferrules
    Brass Ferrules
    4 Review(s)
  17. Cable Tambour - Lead Strip 50'' or 60'' length
    Cable Tambour - Lead Strip
    1 Review(s)
    Solid oak lead strip for a customer tambour door.

    Starting at: From $17.99

    Out of stock
  18. Cable Tambour-Slats
    Cable Tambour-Slats
    2 Review(s)
    Oak slats for creating your own tambour.

    Starting at: From $5.99

  19. Candy Maze Woodworking Kit
    Candy Maze Woodworking Kit
    A rewarding project with a sweet surprise at the end—assembles quickly with pre-rabbeted joints.

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $9.99

  20. 41846 - Wheel Coffee Grinding Mechanism shown completed with Wheel Coffee Mill Well Kit, Oak (sold separately, 52592)
    Cast Iron Wheel Coffee Grinding Mechanism
    10 Review(s)
    Looking for a fun project for yourself or as a gift? Check out our FREE Coffee Grinder EZ Plan with step-by-step instructions and a suggested materials list.

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $19.99

  21. Chessboard Hardware Kit
  22. Use the JIG IT Game-Drilling System for Chinese Checkers to make this great game board
    Chinese Checkers Template
    11 Review(s)
    Drill 100 or more holes in minutes with this template and special drill bit.
    Out of stock
  23. Classic Chessboard Plan
  24. The Shaft 260 CrushGrind Mill Mechanism and Wood CrushGrind Mill Mechanism shown on left in photo above. The Wood CrushGrind Mill Mechanism only is shown in photo on right.

    Starting at: From $19.99

We carry hobby kits, parts and plans for woodworking projects you might not have imagined you could do yourself. Here's a sample:

Clocks: Hands, decorator face inserts and pendulum movements.
Games: Templates and bits for cribbage boards, Chinese checkers and dominoes. You choose the wood!
Toys: Plans and parts for a crane, bulldozer and more.

No matter what you’re making, count on Rockler to supply those hard-to-find hardware parts, kits, supplies and more.

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