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Robert Sorby ProEdge Plus Sharpening System
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Robert Sorby ProEdge Deluxe Sharpening System

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The Sorby ProEdge Deluxe does just what its name implies - puts a consistent, professional-quality edge on almost any hand tool, whether a turning tool, chisel, plane blade or knife. And don't be fooled by its compact size - weighing in at over 30 lbs, with a 1/4" steel plate, this is a true industrial-quality sharpener. The patented angle setter ensures that the most popular bevel angles can be set time after time, and the thick steel backing plate ensures a dead flat sharpening surface. The abrasive belts can be quickly changed for anything from rough sharpening to fine honing, and because the grit can be chosen for the quickest possible sharpening, there is far less risk of overheating your tools and damaging the steel. The ProEdge Deluxe includes a skew jig, a gouge jig, fingernail profiler and three different belts. Fixed detents for the most popular bevel angles: 90°, 80°, 60°, 45°, 35°, 30°, 25°, 20°, 15°.

  • User can easily bypass the presets and set a custom angle
  • Sharpening is extremely rapid, so there is no fear of over-heating and consequently damaging your tools
  • Sharpening surface can be easily tilted back at any angle for maximum user comfort
  • No complex assembly required; the ProEdge is ready to use right out of the box
  • The ProEdge is a compact, well-engineered unit that can be located anywhere in the workshop
  • Use ProEdge aluminum oxide sharpening belts for bench and carving chisels, knives and plane irons
  • Use ProEdge zirconium sharpening belts for HSS turning tools, drill bits and router bits
  • Use ProEdge ceramic sharpening belts for rapid, heavy-duty sharpening

To make sharpening even more accurate, the ProEdge Deluxe includes these accessories:
  • A skew jig to give the correct presentation angle for turners' skew chisels.
  • A gouge jig in the format of a V-block to prevent pivoting when sharpening a turners' gouge. This also works as a square jig for presenting square tools at 90 degrees to the sharpening belt.
  • A fingernail profiler to create swept back wings on a turners' gouge.

Important Notes

With the Rockler Protection Plan, you'll get accidental damage coverage immediately upon purchase of your tool. Plus, we will extend the manufacturer's warranty for your choice of an additional 1 or 2 years. We'll take care of all parts and labor for any repairs, with no deductibles and no hassles. If your tool can not be repaired, we'll gladly replace it. Available in the US only. Click here to learn more. Standard Manufacturer's Warranty: 12 months.

What's included

(1) ProEdge Deluxe Sharpening Unit (PED01)
(1) Skew Chisel Jig
(1) Standard Gouge Jig
(1) Fingernail Gouge Profiler
(1) 60 Grit Zirconium Sharpening Belt
(1) 120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sharpening Belt
(1) 240 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sharpening Belt

Technical Details

  • 1/2 hp (375w) motor
  • Brand: Robert Sorby
  • Manufacturer Part Number: WPED01C
  • Weight (lbs): 33.1500

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