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Rockler 5-Piece CNC Router Bit Set Zoom

Rockler 5-Piece CNC Router Bit Set

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Create signs and table tops with decorative edging in almost half the time with this unique 5-Piece CNC Router Bit Set from Rockler. The set includes three innovative dual-purpose bits, which simultaneously cut your parts to size and apply one of three edge profiles: 1/2-inch cove, 45° chamfer or 1/2-inch roundover. There's no need to remove the parts to machine them again on a traditional router table. Also included in the set are two signmaking bits - a 60° V-groove bit, and a flattened round nose bit-perfect for routing letters or applying other decorative effects, such as scrolling and borders. All five CNC bits come packaged in an attractive wooden case with designated spots for each bit.

  • Cuts parts to correct dimension and shape, and applies an edge profile - all in one shot
  • No need for a bearing guide means no gummed up bearings, and no marks on the edge of your work piece from bearings that don't spin well
  • All five CNC router bits feature 1/2-inch shanks for stability, and 2 carbide flutes for a long cutting life

Important Notes

  • For best results and longer tool life we recommend slowing the feed rate while making several passes.

What's included

(1) Cove Edging/Dimensioning Bit
(1) 45° Bevel Edging/Dimensioning Bit
(1) 3/8-inch Roundover Edging/Dimensioning Bit
(1) Round Nose Bit
(1) 60° V-Groove Bit
(1) Wooden Case

Technical Details

  • Shank: 1/2"
  • Manufacturer Part Number: TA44911
  • Weight (lbs): 1.6000

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