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  • Nova Outrigger Lathe Accessory
    Nova Outrigger Lathe Accessory

    The Nova OR3000 Outrigger Accessory is for use with the Nova 3000, Nova DVR, Nova DVR XP and Nova 1624-44 lathes (sold separately). With the outrigger installed, you'll get rock steady chisel support when turning in the outboard mode, allowing you to turn blanks up to 29" in diameter. Just swing it…

  • Nova Spare Jaw Screws Kit
    Nova Spare Jaw Screws Kit

    This kit includes eight spare screws used to secure accessory jaws to your Nova chucks. They are the same high-quality screws shipped with your Nova chuck, and will keep you up and running in the event a fastener is lost or damaged. * Used to secure accessory jaws to your Nova chucks.* Comes…

  • Nova 75mm (3'') Long-Nosed Jaw Set
    Nova 75mm (3'') Long-Nosed Jaw Set

    A generous 2" extension beyond the mounting base gives these unique long-nosed jaws a deep reach for tremendous holding power, both internally and externally. The external dovetail provides a secure grip when used in expansion mode with bowls, and the internal dovetail is ideal for use with footed…

  • Nova Faceplate Rings
    Nova Faceplate Rings
    From: $33.50

    Faceplates have always been regarded as a safe and secure holding method for large turnings such as bowls and platters. The only drawback is that they are a slower mounting method when compared to scroll action chucks. Now, however, you can have the best of both worlds! Nova Faceplate Rings offer…

  • Nova Tool Rest
    Nova Tool Rest
    From: $26.99

    The tool rest is one of the most important features on any lathe. The rest should allow for maximum flexibility of chisel movement and provide adequate chisel support as close to the cutting edge as possible. These Nova tool rests are made of cast iron for excellent rigidity, and come with a…

  • Nova Chuck Jaw Sets
    Nova Chuck Jaw Sets
    From: $36.99

    "Choose the jaw set that best fits the needs of your turning project! Nova jaws boast superb holding power when matched with the appropriate workpiece. They cut into the wood, grip firmly in both contraction and expansion mode and provide high tear out strength. These jaws fit all of the Nova…

  • Nova Spigot Jaw Sets
    Nova Spigot Jaw Sets
    From: $49.99

    The Nova Spigot Jaw Set is specially designed to provide a strong contracting grip for unsupported spigot turning applications such as vases and goblets. It can handle spigots from 30mm (1.181") to 50mm (2"), and can also grip recessed bowls in expansion mode. Compatible with all Nova chucks (sold…

  • Nova Chuck Inserts/Adapters
    Nova Chuck Inserts/Adapters

    Teknatool uses an easy and inexpensive insert/adapter system on all insert-style Nova chucks. The inserts are available with a variety of thread patterns on the interior, but all have the same exterior thread to fit all your Nova chuck(s). Just check the manual of your lathe to find the threading…

  • Nova 3" Faceplate, 1-1/4" 8-TPI Thread
    Nova 3" Faceplate, 1-1/4" 8-TPI Thread

    With Nova's unique spin-balanced construction to eliminate vibration, the Nova 3" Faceplate is perfect for precision turning on a wide range of projects. Four screw holes provide a secure grip, while a notch in the outer rim makes for easy removal from the lathe. The faceplate can be fitted to any…

  • Nova Lathe Handwheel
    Nova Lathe Handwheel

    The Nova Lathe Handwheel is used on the outboard end of the headstock spindle, and can be used to rotate the turning blank or to slow down the spindle by hand once the lathe is switched off. Made from precision machined solid 1045K steel for extra strength and rigidity. A custom wooden handwheel…

  • Nova Mini Jaws Package
    Nova Mini Jaws Package

    Get the complete suite of Nova mini jaws in one cost-saving package! The bundle consists of four sets of jaws: the Nova Mini 20mm Jaws, Nova Mini Spigot Jaws, Nova Mini Step Jaws and Nova 70mm Jaws. All are ideal for use with the Nova Precision Midi Chuck (47447, sold separately) mounted on a mini…

  • Nova Universal Chuck Spanner
    Nova Universal Chuck Spanner

    Finding a wrench to fit your Nova chuck and inserts can be difficult. This handy all-in-one tool is an economic way to have a dedicated solution in your chuck toolbox. The Nova Spanner has a thin section that fits easily between the chuck and lathe where standard spanners can be too thick to insert…

  • Nova 75mm (3'') Bowl Jaw Set
    Nova 75mm (3'') Bowl Jaw Set

    This jaw set has great holding power for large bowls and moderately sized hollow forms. The dovetail walls are three times the thickness of conventional jaw types, which provide a much more secure grip for large or heavy turning blanks. The mounting screws go right through the wall section to add…

  • Nova SuperNova 2 Insert Chuck
    Nova SuperNova 2 Insert Chuck

    The SuperNova 2 is a solid, powerful chuck, perfect for use on lathes with up to a 20" swing. It's an excellent, all-purpose geared chuck, suitable for a majority of users, and is packed with exciting, innovative features such as a fully sealed composite indexing backing plate and copper - infused…

  • Nova Pen Plus Jaws
    Nova Pen Plus Jaws

    Nova's Pen Plus Jaws quickly convert your Nova chuck into a fast, accurate pen blank drilling tool. The large jaw profile provides a solid grip for all sizes of pen blanks, and a perfectly centered hole, every time. Being able to finely control the drill feed on your lathe helps to prevent break…

  • Nova Safe-Lock Woodworm Screw
    Nova Safe-Lock Woodworm Screw

    Allows you to mount a wide variety of turning blanks simply by drilling a 5/16" hole. Just mount the Woodworm Screw in your lathe and thread the blank onto the screw. The screw has a deep thread that is machined right to the end, allowing an easy lead into the wood. The depth of the thread and core…

  • Nova Swing-Away Lathe Attachment
    Nova Swing-Away Lathe Attachment

    Get easy, unobstructed access to the headstock in only seconds with the Nova Swing-Away Lathe Attachment. This beefy cast iron hinge allows you to swing away your heavy tailstock along with your bed extension so you have full access to the headstock when turning bowls or hollowing out deep forms.…

  • Nova Mini 20mm Jaw Set
    Nova Mini 20mm Jaw Set

    The Nova Mini Jaws are ideal for use with mini and midi lathes, and are capable of holding work below the size handled by the 25mm (1") jaws. They are designed to securely hold small bowls up to 6" in diameter, and small, free-end spigot turnings up to 5" long. They can be used in expansion mode…

  • Nova Lathe Bed Extension
    Nova Lathe Bed Extension

    This bed extension is for use with the Nova DVR XP and Nova 1624-44 lathes (45311 and 48465, sold separately). It is a solid cast iron unit that adds 20" to the spindle turning capacity of your lathe. Multiple units can be added as needed. * Each bed extension adds 20" to your lathe.* Add as…

  • Nova Comet II Versaturn Coupler
    Nova Comet II Versaturn Coupler

    With just a 1/4 turn of the Versaturn Coupler, you can transform your Comet II Midi Lathe into a variety of tools, including a precision bench grinder. The coupler lets you easily remove and attach any Versaturn Accessory (sold separately)- just insert the end into the coupler and rotate the sturdy…

  • Nova Mini Spigot Jaw Set
    Nova Mini Spigot Jaw Set

    These are powerful spigot jaws for smaller delicate work. The longer jaws provide the strong grip needed for small, unsupported spigot work, while the dovetail profile around the exterior of the jaws allows for expansion into small dovetailed recesses. Made from K1045 steel for maximum structural…

  • Nova Soft Jaw Set
    Nova Soft Jaw Set

    Nova Soft Jaws consist of four segments of high-quality soft nylon, which can be cut and customized by the user to their specific requirements. Simply turn them with a scraper to the required dimensions. This allows woodturners to make a special set of non-marring jaws for unique projects. It also…

  • Nova Dovetail Chisel
    Nova Dovetail Chisel

    Quickly cuts a dovetail that matches exactly with the dovetailed contour of your Nova Jaws, making it easy to mount bowl blanks onto your lathe. The precise fit and wedging action give the maximum holding power for your chuck. Although other chisels can be used, none have the dedicated shape of the…

  • Nova 10-in-1 Chuck Gauge
    Nova 10-in-1 Chuck Gauge

    This tool combines all of the turner's most commonly used gauges into one efficient device. It includes a dovetail gauge, diameter gauge, center finder, dowel gauge, angle checker, dovetail marking tool, ruler, protractor and faceplate marking tool. With over 10 functions, you'll work faster and…

  • Items 1 - 24 of 61
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