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  • Deluxe Sewing Center Plan
    Deluxe Sewing Center Plan
    25 Review(s)


    This plan from Wood magazine, along with Rockler's special value lift mechanism and hardware kit, can help you build a beautiful, highly functional sewing center!* 38655 - Deluxe Sewing Center Plan: The detailed plan gives instructions on how to build a sewing cabinet featuring extension tops that…

  • Rockler's Murphy Bed Plan
    Rockler's Murphy Bed Plan
    16 Review(s)


    A drop-leaf desk gives the fold-down bed a second life during daylight hours! Plan includes all the details you need to make your own full- or queen-size folding bed. This plan specifies side-mount hardware. Includes:* Detailed exploding view.* Step-by-step instructions.* Complete material list.*…

  • 5'' Surface Mounted Bed Rail Brackets
    5'' Surface Mounted Bed Rail Brackets
    31 Review(s)


    These thick galvanized steel bed rail brackets form a rigid knock-down connection between the bed rails, headboard and footboard, all with the ease and speed of surface mounted installation. Unlike other bed rail brackets, there is no need to mortise into the rails and posts. Just screw them in…

  • 3/8" Diameter Bed Bolt
    3/8" Diameter Bed Bolt
    6 Review(s)


    Build a sturdy bed frame with these specialty bed bolts. These strong steel bolts provide exceptional structural support for your bed frame. Each bolt is 6" long overall and 3/8" in diameter. Use these bolts to attach bed rails to bed posts in a traditional manner. For a touch of elegance, purchase…

  • Wire Master Channel
    Wire Master Channel
    2 Review(s)


    Get your wires and cables under control with these handy wire channels. These organizers mount easily with the included self-adhesive tape. Just position them behind your workstation and put an end to "wire clutter." If you've ever tripped over a computer cord, this inexpensive product is for you!…

  • 1/4'' Cushioned Shelf Pins
    1/4'' Cushioned Shelf Pins
    10 Review(s)


    Cushioned shelf pins are gentle on shelves and can help hold slippery shelves in place. The perfect choice for glass shelves, these brass plated supports feature a sturdy plastic coated support surface and fit in a standard 1/4" shelf pin hole. Technical Details* Brass plated steel* Bottom plastic…

  • 1/4'' Locking Shelf Supports
    1/4'' Locking Shelf Supports
    6 Review(s)


    * These 1/4" locking shelf supports secure 3/4" shelves.* Use a 1/4" pin hole.* Packs of 16.

  • 1/4'' Shelf Glass Supports
    1/4'' Shelf Glass Supports
    2 Review(s)


    * These 1/4" shelf supports are to be used on glass.* Made of clear plastic.* Packs of 16.

  • Low Profile Shelf Supports
    Low Profile Shelf Supports
    1 Review(s)


    These Low Profile Supports are totally concealed once shelf is installed. Installing is simple, just cut a 1/8" mortise in the shelf edges.* Made of brown plastic.* Inserts into 5mm hole.* Comes in packs of 16.

  • Magnetic Push Latch
    Magnetic Push Latch
    5 Review(s)


    Keep cabinet or entertainment center doors firmly closed and popped easily open with just a push. Magnetic Push Latch is spring-loaded and only 1/2" high for minimal interference with the use of your cabinet space. Technical Details* Measures: 1/2" H x 1-3/4" L x 1-5/8" W* Made of brown plastic*…

  • Elbow Catch
    Elbow Catch
    7 Review(s)


    The Elbow Catch is an economical option for securing one door to the cabinet in double door applications. Made of brass plated steel. Can be used on wood or metal doors. Allows for door to lock shut when pushed. Requires releasing hook to open the door. Supplied with 5/8" screws.

  • Double Roller Catch with Spring
    Double Roller Catch with Spring
    6 Review(s)


    The Double Roller Catch with Spring is a frequently used cabinet catch. The smooth plastic rollers provide a firm noiseless grip. It is self-adjusting and is easy to install with the provided screws. Technical Details:* Measures 1- 1/4" x 1- 1/8"* Steel with bronze finish* Smooth plastic rollers*…

  • Deluxe Keyboard Slide
    Deluxe Keyboard Slide
    2 Review(s)
    $88.49 $14.99

    SAVE 83%

    You can enhance your comfort by positioning the keyboard exactly as you like. Position the keyboard exactly as you want. Slide pulls out, adjusts up and down, tilts and swivels!. Height adjusts within a 5- 3/4" range, 21" sliding track. Tilting range is 15°. Swiveling range 360°. 60 lbs.…

  • Classic Icebox Hardware Kit
    Classic Icebox Hardware Kit
    11 Review(s)


    Recapture an important part of history by building a traditional styled Icebox. The Icebox may be modified to serve as a storage cabinet for small appliances, electronic units, kitchen supplies, bathroom goods or any special purpose. This project is appropriate for intermediate woodworkers.…

  • Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slide
    Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slide
    67 Review(s)


    These classic drawer slides can be adapted to fit most applications. Slides are 22'' long but can be cut to length if needed. Cabinet part is usually 1/2" longer than drawer part; both included. * Slide comes undrilled, allowing for customization.* 22'' Length* 3/4'' thick when both slide parts are…

  • Single Track Slide
    Single Track Slide
    4 Review(s)


    Economical single track slides are ideal for both new projects and retro fitting. Designed for use on face frame cabinets, they feature a smooth roller action and support up to 50 lbs. The slides also allow drawers to be removed and have a positive stop mechanism that prevents drawers from…

  • Drawer Stop
    Drawer Stop
    7 Review(s)


    This Drawer Stop prevents drawers from unintentionally being pulled out while keeping the option of easy removal. Just tip the out-stop forward, eliminating the need to tilt the drawer when removing it.* 4 per pack.

  • Nail-on Drawer Glides
    Nail-on Drawer Glides
    8 Review(s)


    These nail-on drawer glides are pressed or hammered into place for quick yet secure installation, saving wear and tear on drawers.* Drawers move smoothly over plastic glides.* Made of 3/32" thick molded plastic.* Tan color.* Measures 1/2" deep x 3/8" high x 3/4" wide overall.* 8 per pack.

  • Clip On Drawer Divider Supports
    Clip On Drawer Divider Supports
    6 Review(s)


    Drawer Divider Supports are easy to install and readjust. Just position these divider supports over drawer sides measuring 7/16" to 1/2" thick and insert 1/4" dividers between the supports. No modification of the drawer is necessary. * Plastic supports are 2- 7/16" high.* Dividers not included.* 4…

  • Metafile
    4 Review(s)


    Metafile converts any drawer into a filing cabinet. Just install Blum's Metafile in a spare drawer to create a functional filing system in minutes. * Installation requires no special machining.* May be used with both Pendaflex letter and legal folders.

  • Folder Hanger Easy Slip-On
    Folder Hanger Easy Slip-On
    26 Review(s)


    Use these black PVC folders hangers to transform desk drawers into hanging file systems. The "h" shaped folder hanger can be cut to length and placed on the top edge of both sides of a drawer. Hanger is designed for 1/2" thick drawer sides. Allow at least 1" above drawer to the top of the cabinet…

  • Slipit© Sliding Compound
    Slipit© Sliding Compound
    17 Review(s)


    Slipit© reduces friction on moving wood and metal parts. Use this specially formulated, silicone-free lubricant for wooden windows, doors, drawers and any other wood-on-wood application. Slipit© won't gum up or cause pieces to jam, and won't harm finished wood surfaces or skin. Applies…

  • Sliding Towel Holder
    Sliding Towel Holder
    8 Review(s)


    Towel Holder glides in and out for concealed storage. System easily mounts on either the left or right side of cabinets. Chrome plated steel complements any kitchen. Sliding towel holder has a friction-free ball bearing track that moves smoothly and quietly. 18"L x 5"W.

  • No-Mortise Chest Hinge
    No-Mortise Chest Hinge
    11 Review(s)


    No-mortise chest hinge has wrap-around flange that gives you extra support. Flange hinge easily surface mounts.

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