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  • Heavy-Duty Steel Shelf Brackets-Black Finish
    Heavy-Duty Steel Shelf Brackets-Black Finish
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    From: $22.49

    …thick steel, these black shelf brackets can hold up to 1000 lbs. each. They are available in a range of sizes perfect for shelves, countertops, wall-mounted desks, lumber racks and tool storage, in the house, shop or garage. Technical Details:* Heavy-Duty Shelf Brackets are crafted from 1/8" thick…

  • Blum Universal Brackets
    Blum Universal Brackets
    2 Review(s)

    Mount Blum slides to the underside of a counter surface (example: pencil drawer) or to cabinet bottoms (example: roll out tray).* Includes mounting screws.* Made of zinc galvanized steel.* Sets of 4.

  • Folding Shelf Brackets-Select Option
    Folding Shelf Brackets-Select Option
    26 Review(s)
    From: $26.99

    …Zinc-coated steel construction. Uses for this bracket include * Laundry Rooms * Children's Playrooms and Bedrooms * Craft and Drawing Table Applications * Garage and Utility/Workshop Areas * Libraries and Computer Work Stations Note: The brackets must be fastened to 2 X 4" wood stud on 16" centers.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Bracket-Black
    Heavy Duty Steel Bracket-Black
    11 Review(s)
    From: $11.49

    This heavy duty steel bracket holds up to 500 lbs. each - one of the strongest brackets available! Perfect for shelves in the laundry room, shop or garage. Black epoxy finish provides a clean, low profile appearance. Brackets are made from heavy, 7/32" thick steel. Mounting hardware (5/16" x 3" lag…

  • Blind Shelf Supports
    Blind Shelf Supports
    10 Review(s)

    …The Blind Shelf Supports yield a respectable capacity of 100 lb for a 4" deep shelf and up to 50 lb at 8" deep. Includes supports and mounting brackets for one shelf up to 34" long. Additional supports are recommended for increasing load capacity on shelves long enough to span more than two studs.…

  • Corner Mounting Bracket
    Corner Mounting Bracket
    2 Review(s)

    …plastic brackets install in minutes and allow for vertical and horizontal adjustment of drawer "false" fronts. Package includes six brackets (enough for 3 drawers) and screws. Technical Details* Slotted screw holes permit vertical and horizontal adjustment of drawer fronts* Brackets measure 2"…

  • Epoxy Coated Twin-Track Shelf Brackets - White
    Epoxy Coated Twin-Track Shelf Brackets - White
    2 Review(s)
    From: $4.99

    Epoxy coated shelf brackets look great and handle heavy loads. These brackets have no upturns, allowing shelves to extend beyond the end.These Epoxy coated shelf brackets are made of steel and use a twin track system to securely mount to the 14-gauge 1" W x 5/8" deep steel standards on the…

  • Accuride 9301 Mounting Brackets-Side Mount Brackets
    Accuride 9301 Mounting Brackets-Side Mount Brackets
    From: $39.39

    …trays, and TV or entertainment unit platforms! Choose brackets based on slide length. Slide height varies between 3" to 3-25/64", depending on mounting application. Includes all hardware to mount brackets to slides and one pair of brackets. Slides sold separately. Click to see Accuride Extra Heavy…

  • Sawhorse Supports
    Sawhorse Supports

    The one drawback to the ubiquitous and incredibly useful ''sawhorse workbench'' is that it almost always suffers from saddleback. But these nifty brackets from Rockler are an instant cure - just slip them onto the sawhorses and add two 2x4's in any length you desire to create a strong, stable base.…

  • Keyhole Fittings-Select either single or double
    Keyhole Fittings-Select either single or double
    11 Review(s)
    From: $1.99

    Keyhole fittings are sturdy enough to hang substantial wall furnishings such as speakers, knickknack shelves, and more. When used with adequately anchored round head screws, they create a powerful, wedge-action joint that can be easily disassembled as needed. Available in either single keyhole or…

  • Extra Thin Flush Mount, 1-1/2'' x 1-3/4''
    Extra Thin Flush Mount, 1-1/2'' x 1-3/4''

    An interlocking hanger bracket for hanging vanity cases, wall units, and mirrors. One piece fits into the other to form a solid streamline interlocking mount that measures 1/8" thick. Technical Details:* Can be used individually for small hangings or for wide wall hangings, multiple mounts are…

  • Designer Closet Hardware-Brushed Nickel/Satin Stainless (Smooth Finish)
    Designer Closet Hardware-Brushed Nickel/Satin Stainless (Smooth Finish)
    From: $9.99

    brackets on each end (both sold separately). A center support bracket is recommended to maximize the weight each rod will hold. Hollow rods are 1-1/4" in diameter, 1/16" metal thickness. (Note: Oil-rubbed bronze rods have reeded texture, all other rods have smooth texture). High grade steel brackets

  • Adjustable Flush Mount
    Adjustable Flush Mount
    12 Review(s)

    Forgives for installations a little bit off. These adjustable range flush mount make wall hung cabinets or panels easy to line up thereby saving you time and frustration. 3/8" side to side adjustability makes this support easy to line up. Heavyweight steel for durability. 3/4" x…

  • Brunswick Foot Rail Bracket
    Brunswick Foot Rail Bracket

    Add a classic Victorian look to your foot rail with the Brunswick Foot Rail Bracket. The foot rail bracket base mounts on the bar front at floor level and has a movable leg for easy floor cleaning. Technical Details:* For use with 2" tubing* clearance/projection (CP): 8-1/8"* base(B): 4-11/16"*…

  • Surface Mount Corner Brackets for Table Aprons
    Surface Mount Corner Brackets for Table Aprons
    6 Review(s)

    These brackets reinforce connections between table rails quickly and easily. No gluing and no clamping required. * Made from solid steel.* Installation requires hanger bolts and wing nuts, not included.* Size is 2-5/8" x 3-3/8" Flat.* Sold in packs of four.

  • The Extractor™ Nail Remover
    The Extractor™ Nail Remover
    1 Review(s)

    …single motion, no need to ratchet the fastener out as with other tools.* Ideal for removing: finish nails, staples, brads, pin-nails, cleats and brackets, screws, rusty or damaged fasteners, pneumatic fasteners, headed nails, ring shank and screw nails, hardwood flooring fasteners and structural…

  • Screw-on Corner Braces, 4-Pack
    Screw-on Corner Braces, 4-Pack
    2 Review(s)

    Whether for adding rigidity to cabinets and furniture, or for attaching padded seats to chairs and benches, these corner brackets are an easy and inexpensive add-on. They are also ideal for supporting the top rail of sink cabinets, which typically don't have enough space for a stretcher support…

  • Swing Out Complete Pantry System, Rev-a-Shelf 4W Series-Swing Out Single Units
    Swing Out Complete Pantry System, Rev-a-Shelf 4W Series-Swing Out Single Units
    From: $82.49

    …Complete Swing Out Pantry Kits * Kit includes 2 swing out shelving units and 2 door mounted shelving units* Adjustable shelves* Includes door mount brackets with up to 5" of adjustabilityNote: Swing out and door mount units are also sold separately and include mounting hardware. DETAILS PER SKU:…

  • Black Vintage View Wine Racks
    Black Vintage View Wine Racks
    1 Review(s)

    …horizontal rack available in one bottle depth (shown below). For the vertical systems, a set consists of two brackets: one support for the neck and one support for the base of the bottle. Mounting hardware not supplied. The horizontal display system is one bracket. Mounting hardware not supplied.

  • No-Mortise Bed Rail Brackets
    No-Mortise Bed Rail Brackets

    …maintain a perfect 90° angle. The 5/16" connecting bolt is held captive in the bed rail bracket, so you never have to worry about losing it. Made from 0.072 gauge zinc-plated cold-rolled steel. Assembled dimensions:1-3/8"W x 3-9/16"H. Includes enough brackets for one bed. Screws not included.

  • Simplicity Bracket
    Simplicity Bracket
    From: $54.99

    Streamline your design by incorporating the sleek, unassuming styles of the Simplicity Collection into your more modest projects. This Simplicity Bracket, both functional and decorative, features clean lines and solid construction. Technical Details * Width: 2-3/4" * Thickness: 6-3/8" *…

  • Ready-to-use Frame and Support Components
    Ready-to-use Frame and Support Components
    3 Review(s)
    From: $32.99

    …for twin and full size beds. Technical Details:* Sturdy Steel Bed Rails provide stable support for box springs * Rails have Bolt-on headboard brackets that are double riveted for superior strength* Rails are 1-1/2" x 1-1/2"* Overall length 76" * Brown finish* Center Leg(68429)Prevents sagging…

  • Easy-Lift Lid Support
    Easy-Lift Lid Support
    8 Review(s)

    …can increase the weight capacity. Zinc mounting brackets; black nylon body with steel springs. Installation instructions included. Note: It is important to follow the mounting instructions closely. By varying the mounting location of the brackets, you change the weight capacity of the support. There…

  • Roller with Bracket
    Roller with Bracket
    3 Review(s)
    From: $22.99

    …tracks and infeed/outfeed tables! Durable. Two sizes available. 20829 Roller with Bracket* Roller: 15-3/4"L X 2-3/8" Dia* Length with roller pins: 17-1/2"* Total height in bracket: 2-15/16" 20836 Roller with Bracket* Roller: 12-3/4" L X 1-1/2" Dia* Length with spring tabs: 13-3/4"* Height in top…

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