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  • JIG IT® Shelving Jig w/Self-Centering Bit
    JIG IT® Shelving Jig w/Self-Centering Bit
    187 Review(s)

    …separately. * Drills holes either 1-7/16" or 2-1/2" from edge. * Insert shelf pin in top or bottom position to extend jig for continuous drilling.* Shelving Jigs measure 20" long* Provides exact set back for shelf pin holes of 37mm (1-7/16") or 64mm (2-1/2"). * Included hex wrench is…

  • Concealed Hinge JIG IT® System
    Concealed Hinge JIG IT® System
    26 Review(s)

    …concealed hinge cup holes with ease and accuracy using the Concealed Hinge JIG IT® System! Use it to easily locate center, and drill cup holes on cabinet doors for fully concealed hinges. Use our Mounting Plate JIG IT® templates (sold separately) to accurately align holes for hinge mounting…

  • JIG IT® Drill Guide
    JIG IT® Drill Guide
    17 Review(s)

    The exclusive JIG IT® Drill Guide can be used with a drill press or a hand drill to ensure perfectly aligned holes every time! Use with our Long Shank Forstner Bits (sold separately) to drill flat-bottomed holes.

  • Incra Build-It System Components
    Incra Build-It System Components
    2 Review(s)
    From: $10.99

    …can create a huge variety of jigs and fixtures. Modular system allows you to interchange parts for anything from simple shooter boards to deluxe crosscut, miter and coping sleds. It's perfect for expensive specialty items like tenoning jigs. Unlike conventional jigs, you can add features or redesign…

  • 129-pc Jig Hardware Kit 1/4"-20 ($150 Value!)
    129-pc Jig Hardware Kit 1/4"-20 ($150 Value!)
    8 Review(s)
    $49.99 $39.99

    SAVE 20%

    With all the essential hardware for building or repairing custom jigs, this kit will be a fixture in your shop for years to come. T-bolts will fit all Rockler Universal T-Tracks. 129-Piece Kit Includes: * 1" T-bolts (20)* 1-1/2" T-bolts (20)* 2-1/2" T-bolts (10)* 3-1/2" T-bolts (10)* 5-star insert…

  • Woodsmith Box Joint Jig
    Woodsmith Box Joint Jig
    16 Review(s)

    The Woodsmith Box Joint Jig attaches to any miter gauge and works on any table saw or router table. The box joint jig provides an easy, accurate way to get perfect-fitting box joints. Use the Freud Box Joint Cutter Set (sold separately, 27371) to make precise joints on your table saw, or our 4-Piece…

  • JIG IT® Mounting Plate Templates
    JIG IT® Mounting Plate Templates
    From: $14.99

    For use with the Concealed Hinge JIT IT® System (Sold Separately). Use our Mounting Plate JIG IT® templates to accurately align holes for hinge mounting plates. Requires Centering Bit (68991, sold separately). Choose from 5 different templates.

  • Deluxe Drawer Pull JIG IT®
    Deluxe Drawer Pull JIG IT®
    28 Review(s)

    Rockler exclusive JIG IT® template makes marking screw holes for knob and pull installation quick, simple and accurate.* Offers spacing for 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2", 3-3/4", 4" and 96mm.* Includes 24" aluminum T-slot bar, left to right self-adhesive tape measure, stop block for repetitive drawer pull…

  • Pro Shelf Drilling Jig
    Pro Shelf Drilling Jig
    16 Review(s)

    Just lay the jig on your stock, tighten the two horizontal tracking knobs and start drilling error-free rows. * Guarantees each row is perfectly in line* Spaces each hole exactly 37mm from the edge of your stock* Jig is easy to set up and easy to adjust for multiple rows* Rows are spaced exactly…

  • 2-1/2'' Fixed Louver Shutter Jig and Hardware
    2-1/2'' Fixed Louver Shutter Jig and Hardware
    1 Review(s)
    From: $3.49

    …your final shutter panel dimensions. * Easy, do-it-yourself jigs and templates for creating fixed plantation-style shutters* Save up to 75% over the cost of custom ordered shutters* Heavy acrylic templates and aluminum fences* Jigs make it a fool-proof process for drilling louver holes* Includes…

  • Kreg Drawer Mounting Brackets
    Kreg Drawer Mounting Brackets

    …box into the drawer opening so it balances on the brackets and pull the slide to the front of the drawer box. Drive screws and you're done!* Works with Kreg Universal Drawer Slide Mounting Jig (#38444).* Includes left and right brackets.* Bracket measures 10" long x 4" high x 1-1/2" wide.* Plastic.

  • Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System
    Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System
    38 Review(s)

    The Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig includes all the core equipment and everything you need to drill fast and easy pocket holes: a classic benchtop design, compatibility with all Kreg Jig Master System accessories, even a SkillBuilder™ DVD and rugged carrying case! For strong, convenient, and…

  • JIG IT® Hardware Kit
    JIG IT® Hardware Kit
    9 Review(s)

    Build your own jigs with our JIG IT® hardware value pack. Assorted T-bolts, knobs, and inserts for customizing your own jigs and fixtures for your shop. A $36.00 Value. The kit contains: * 4 each of #23812 5 Star Knob 5/16" - 18tpi thru * 4 each of #23846 5 Star Knob 5/16" - 18tpi stud * 4 each…

  • JIG IT® for Concealed Hinges, Multi-Tool Rail Master Pack
    JIG IT® for Concealed Hinges, Multi-Tool Rail Master Pack
    14 Review(s)

    …the jig on a door. Additional JIG IT® templates (sold separately) can be added for doors requiring three or more hinges. Mounting plate JIG IT® templates are also available for specific hinges and can be used on the 30" rail for matching the position of the hinge cups on the door. This jig

  • Rockler Complete Dovetail Jig
    Rockler Complete Dovetail Jig
    131 Review(s)
    $164.99 $139.99

    SAVE 15%

    …and easy with our new and improved dovetail jig! Rockler's exclusive one-piece stop gives you the perfect offset every time for dead-on dovetailing accuracy. And our new preset template guide allows for quick initial setup for 1/2" to 3/4" thick stock. Jig will cut half-blind dovetailed joints from…

  • Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig
    Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig
    104 Review(s)

    jig allows you to rip thin strips on the left side of the blade, eliminating the danger of pushing narrow strips between the saw and fence. Since the strip is not trapped between the blade and fence, there is also less risk of binding and kickback. It's simple to use; a single knob locks the jig

  • Rockler Speed-Cope Crown Molding Jig
    Rockler Speed-Cope Crown Molding Jig
    3 Review(s)

    Cut crown and base molding the easy way with this innovative jig. Speed-Cope™ lets you make tricky cope cuts with ease, for perfect molding faster. It adjusts to handle most molding up to 7-1/4" wide, 45° and 90° inside miters, flat miters, and base, chair, and panel moldings. Includes…

  • Rockler Concealed Hinge Router JIG IT®
    Rockler Concealed Hinge Router JIG IT®
    10 Review(s)

    Now you can machine 35mm hinge cup holes with your router instead of a drill - a nice option when you don't have space for a drill press. Since your hinge mounting screws serve double-duty as clamps, setup is simple. Just screw it on, rout and repeat!* Can be adjusted for either 3mm or 5mm tabs.*…

  • Universal T-Track
    Universal T-Track
    19 Review(s)
    From: $14.99

    …accepts both 5/16" T-bolts and 1/4" T-bolts, as well as 1/4" Hex-bolts. This means you can use all the hardware and T-track accessories from your old jigs in addition to the newer style hardware. The T-tracks are available in 2 ft, 3 ft, or 4 ft lengths. Mounting screws not included. * All T-tracks…

  • Phenolic Table Saw Insert Kit
    Phenolic Table Saw Insert Kit
    31 Review(s)

    …plate! Just rout to the size you need with a Shear Cutting Flush Trim Bit (24740, sold separately). Also works great for band saws, scroll saws, jigs and fences. Phenolic is extremely hard for optimum durability and provides friction-free sliding. It's so hard that traditional drill bits have a…

  • Router Fluting Jig
    Router Fluting Jig
    29 Review(s)

    …them can be a true test of patience. Fortunately, this innovative jig makes it fast and easy to rout perfect flutes with even spacing — every time. Two low-friction, underside rails straddle your work piece, allowing the jig to slide smoothly along boards up to 8" wide. The router mounts to…

  • Bench Dog® Pro-Cut™ Portable Saw Guide
    Bench Dog® Pro-Cut™ Portable Saw Guide

    Get perfect 90° crosscuts with your circular saw every time!* Built-in guides square Pro-Cut to the workpiece.* Two rubber strips prevent side-to-side movement. Instantly aligns your saw to the cut line, plus reduces dangerous kickbacks, binding and bent blades.* Ideal for cutting lumber,…

  • Heavy-Duty Tenoning Jig
    Heavy-Duty Tenoning Jig
    68 Review(s)

    Safety, accuracy and repeatability are the hallmarks of this heavy-duty tenoning jig. Designed to fit any table saw with a 3/4" x 3/8" miter groove, this jig will hold your stock in precise position. The adjustable back stop will support stock from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. The width of the cut is…

  • Hinge Cup Drilling Jigs
    Hinge Cup Drilling Jigs
    6 Review(s)

    …On Face Frame Hinges* Blum 110° Cross-Corner Hinges* Blum 95° Blind-Corner Hinges Hinge Cup Jig B is used on these hinges:* Blum Nickel Plated Face Frame Hinges Hinge Cup Jig C is used on these hinges:* Mini Blum Clip-On Hinges Hinge Cup Jig D is used on these hinges:* Blum Bi-Fold Hinge

  • Items 1 - 24 of 523
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