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  • Workbench Caster Kit 4 Pack
    Workbench Caster Kit 4 Pack
    44 Review(s)
    $79.99 $59.99

    SAVE 25%

    This set of four easy-spin 2-3/8" urethane casters feature a foot-activated lift mechanism that engages or disengages with the touch of your toe. Engage them to lift your bench 3/4" off the floor for mobility, disengage them for stability. Each caster is constructed of durable steel and rated for…

  • Sjobergs Smart Vise
    Sjobergs Smart Vise
    0 Review(s)
    $148.99 $138.99

    Sjoberg's Smart Vise is a portable, practical work-holding solution that brings the versatility of a tail vise to almost any setting. Clamp it to a set of sawhorses, a picnic table, a shop stand - almost any stable surface - and you get an instant woodworking vise, complete with a short row of dog…

  • Adjustable Lumber Storage Rack
    Adjustable Lumber Storage Rack
    28 Review(s)
    $31.99 $21.99

    SAVE 31%

    Adjustable Lumber Storage Rack includes two heavy-duty 24" steel standards and six sturdy 14" brackets to make three adjustable shelves that support up to 300 lbs. per shelf! It's the perfect lumber rack to keep just above your miter saw for easy access when cutting rippings to length. Fasten it to…

  • Adjustable Multi-Function Shop Stand-Shop Stand Legs
    Adjustable Multi-Function Shop Stand-Shop Stand Legs
    31 Review(s)
    $69.99 From: $59.99

    SAVE 14%

    Add an inexpensive, heavy-duty work stand to your shop with this Rockler exclusive! Our innovative, universal design lets you build up to 10 different sizes of shop stands. Looking to add more storage and versatility to your shop stand? See our Drawer Mounting Kits for further details.

  • FastCap® SquareNTape™
    FastCap® SquareNTape™
    1 Review(s)
    $5.99 $3.49

    SAVE 42%

    No need to use a builder's square or chalk box; using the peel and stick backing, simply attach SquareNTape™ to any standard tape measure (sold separately) then slide and mark your board with the 8-in-1 SquareNTape™ from FastCap®! SquareNTape™ features include a 90°…

  • Maple Hardwood Tops
    Maple Hardwood Tops
    1 Review(s)
    $209.99 From: $179.99

    SAVE 14%

    Customize your work surfaces with these beautiful solid hardwood butcher-block tops. They are specially designed to fit our most popular shop stand sizes for gorgeous and practical workbenches, assembly tables, sanding stations, power tool stands and more. Use them to make your own workbenches and…

  • INCRA Precision T-Rules
    INCRA Precision T-Rules
    28 Review(s)
    $26.99 From: $19.99

    SAVE 26%

    Easy to use, versatile and precise are the words which best describe the new INCRA T-Rule. Low glare, matte textured background for high contrast and easy legibility.

  • Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout
    Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout
    8 Review(s)
    $109.99 $81.99

    SAVE 25%

    Get easy digital readouts of saw fence positions between 0" and 60". Two joinable metal tracks mount to round and rectangular fence rails and can be set up to measure on the right or left of the fence. Included peel-and-stick sensor strips mount to the tracks with adhesive backing and supply the…

  • 25-LED Flex Work Light
    25-LED Flex Work Light
    $19.99 $9.99

    SAVE 50%

    Shed light on the subject from any angle with this flexible 25-LED Work Light! With two powerful LED lights' a spotlight/flashlight in the tip and a 25-LED work light along the shaft - you can direct light upwards, downwards and at any angle with perfect ease. Dual switches allow you to switch…

  • Precision Brass Setup Bars
    Precision Brass Setup Bars
    50 Review(s)
    $20.49 $16.99

    SAVE 17%

    Machined solid brass setup bars allow you to accurately set depth of cut, fence to cutter distance, material thickness and more without using calipers or tape measure.* Accurately machined to within .005".* Set includes six 2-1/2" long bars measuring 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" square.*…

  • Collapsible Rolling Tool Cart
    Collapsible Rolling Tool Cart
    $29.99 $9.99

    SAVE 67%

    With the Collapsible Rolling Tool Cart, you can load up your tools/supplies and bring them to your project with ease! Best of all, when you're done with it, it collapses into a compact ''briefcase'' for easy storage. Ideal for woodworking tools, gardening tools, crafting supplies, and more! It's…

  • Panel Support Attachment for Flip Top Roller Stand
    Panel Support Attachment for Flip Top Roller Stand
    2 Review(s)
    $28.99 $14.99

    SAVE 48%

    Crosscut large panels with ease! Simply mount this attachment to our Heavy-DutyRoller Stand for support that extends beyond your table saw. This solid steel support takes the place of the standard roller support on our HeavyDuty Roller Stand (item #43399, sold separately here). It attaches in…

  • Wilton Pivot-Jaw Woodworking Vise
    Wilton Pivot-Jaw Woodworking Vise
    $199.99 $119.99

    SAVE 40%

    Clamp a tapered object in a standard vise and the jaws will rack, leading to inadequate clamping pressure and premature wear on the screw. The Wilton Pivot-Jaw Vise solves this problem with a pivoting front plate that automatically adapts to any angle up to 10°. In addition, a sturdy U-channel…

  • Abrasive Cleaning Stick
    Abrasive Cleaning Stick
    79 Review(s)
    $10.29 $6.99

    SAVE 32%

    Increases the abrasive life of sanding belts and discs up to 10 times as long. Fast and easy to use. Cleans while your sander is running. Saves time and money. Improves the finish quality. Prevents burns and marking. Stick measures approximately 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 8" .

  • INCRA Precision Protractor
    INCRA Precision Protractor
    1 Review(s)
    $32.99 $19.99

    SAVE 39%

    We've reinvented the protractor by putting micro-fine guide holes at every 45o, 30o, 22.5o, 5o, 1o and 0.5o interval to plot any angle with ease and absolute accuracy.

  • White Knit Wiping Rags
    White Knit Wiping Rags
    4 Review(s)
    $7.99 From: $4.99

    SAVE 38%

    White knit wiping rags will help you take care of all kinds of cleanup, including staining, polishing, painting, dusting and more. Technical Details* 100% new material* Pre-washed for maximum softness and absorbency* Machine washable

  • Rockler Measuring Kit
    Rockler Measuring Kit
    $19.97 $10.99

    SAVE 45%

    This complete Rockler Measuring Kit includes three tools to help make all yourmeasuring and assembly tasks quicker and easier!* Square Check* EZ-Mark Line Cords* Biscuit Cutter Gauge Square Check Features:* Prevents your tape measure from slipping off the corner while measuring diagonals* 90°…

  • iGaging 6'' Digital Fractional Caliper
    iGaging 6'' Digital Fractional Caliper
    12 Review(s)
    $39.99 $31.99

    SAVE 20%

    This versatile instrument takes step, depth, external and internal measurements from 0-6" and displays them in inch, metric and fraction modes on a large, clear digital display. Bottom jaw is moved up and down the beam by a smooth thumbroll for controlled adjustment and a locking screw tightens to…

  • 3-Piece Safety Kit
    3-Piece Safety Kit
    1 Review(s)
    $29.99 $39.77

    Save compared to buying individually! 3-Pc. Safety KitMake safety a #1 priority in your shop with this 3-Pc. Safety Kit! Includes a Feather-Loc that prevents kickback by keeping stock tight against your fence; a Magnetic Push Stick that keeps your hands and fingers a safe distance from the blade,…

  • Caliper Gauge/Center Finder
    Caliper Gauge/Center Finder
    3 Review(s)
    $7.99 $5.99

    SAVE 25%

    Quickly set calipers to any 1/8" increment between 0 and 5". The center of the gauge features a vertical line for finding center on round or square stock. Gauge is made of durable black plastic and features easy-to-find white measurement markings. Patent Pending.

  • Folding Step Stool
    Folding Step Stool
    5 Review(s)
    $14.99 $9.99

    SAVE 33%

    Folding up this step stool is literally a snap - just pull up on the handle and it snaps shut to less than 2" thick. That's thin enough to stow under a sink, in a narrow slot next to a cabinet, or even on a nail on your workshop wall. It's also very lightweight and made of a weatherproof…

  • Carpenter's Pencil Sharpener
    Carpenter's Pencil Sharpener
    $4.29 $1.49

    SAVE 65%

    Keep a working point on all types of carpenter's pencils with this handy sharpener. Abuilt-in emery board helps bring pencils to a fine point. Stows easily in any pocket for on-site use.

  • Heavy-Duty Fliptop Roller Stand
    Heavy-Duty Fliptop Roller Stand
    37 Review(s)
    $89.99 $69.99

    SAVE 22%

    Our exclusive roller stand flips over from 2-3/8" bearing roller to eight ball bearings for movement in any direction. Switches from roller stand to ball stand in seconds. 2-3/8'' diameter x 14-3/4'' bearing roller has spring-loaded axle. The eight ball bearings are steel. The heavy-duty 2'' steel…

  • Adjustable Multi-Function Shop Stand Stretchers
    Adjustable Multi-Function Shop Stand Stretchers
    $29.99 From: $24.99

    SAVE 17%

    Available in four sizes: 18", 24", 36" and 48". Each size includes four stretchers. Top stretchers can be mounted flush with top or 4" down to add drawer or woodworking vice. Maximum stand size is 48" x 48". All parts coated with durable black sand paint. Shop stand hinges come complete with nuts…

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