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Kreg Tools

About Kreg Tools

Kreg Tool Company got its start in 1986, when Craig Sommerfeld decided to use his skills as a tool and die maker to solve a common woodworking problem: how to join wood quickly, durably and beautifully. Not wanting to create unsightly holes by nailing through the face frames of his kitchen cabinets, he devised what would later come to be called “Craig’s Jig,” an ingenious metal guide, which allowed him to angle screws into hidden “pockets” for incredibly strong joinery with no exposed fasteners.

After obtaining a following at trade shows and the overwhelming approval of woodworkers the world over, Kreg Tool Company emerged as the industry leader in pocket hole technology. Pocket holes provided an easy solution to an everyday problem for woodworkers, and it did so with ease, strength and beauty.

The simplicity of pocket hole joinery is part of the secret to its success. A screw is angled through a pilot hole in one piece and bites into the adjoining piece, pulling the two pieces firmly together so the glue can dry. The system eliminates clamps, since the screws act as permanent clamps themselves. It also eliminates dowels, since the screws have far greater mechanical strength than dowels. It is incredibly fast, requires no pilot hole in the second piece, nor any need to fuss with alignment, and the resulting joint is all but seamless.

For woodworkers wanting to benefit from the speed and accuracy of pocket hole joinery without a large initial investment, Kreg offers the Mini Kreg Jig and the Kreg R3 Pocket Hole System. For production shops and home woodworkers with an eye toward even greater efficiency, the semi-automatic Foreman machine and fully-automatic Pro Series machines automate the process to make drilling thousands of pocket holes a painless process.

Building on the success of their pocket hole jigs, Kreg added a variety of precision measuring systems to their product line, including a Precision Miter Gauge, Precision Band Saw Fence, and Precision Trak and Stop Kit, all of which enhance the accuracy and consistency of the tools they are paired with. Check out the newest premium accessory upgrades from Kreg to bring ease and efficiency to all of your woodworking machines.

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