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Skill Builders
Skill Builders help you whether you’re super-experienced or a beginner, because sometimes you need help with the BASICS. With hundreds of videos and articles to help you get great results on all of your woodworking and DIY projects, Rockler Skill Builders is the place to visit when the inspiration to make something strikes.
Measuring and Cutting
The first step in a project is to measure and cut your pieces. This section is full of helpful information about using measuring tools, setting up your saws, guides to help you make informed purchases and more.
Shaping and Joining
When your work pieces are measured and cut, it is time to give them shape and get them ready to put together. Learn which router bits to use, how to use to a router, different joinery options and more.
Putting the pieces together
It is time to start putting your project together. Learn more about gluing up your project, which fasteners to use as well as which clamps works best for your project.
Finishing your proejct
The last step in your project is finishing. Learn more about how to sand your project to get it ready for stain and paint, techniques to achieve a perfect finish, how to make repairs to a finish and more.