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Rockler Sure-Hook™ 360, 12 Pack

Item #: 33631
Spray all sides of your door without walking around or lifting it.


Improves on the original with 360° of swivel action, allowing you to spray all sides of your door without having to walk around or lift it off the rod to rotate it. Just grip the black section of the arm and give it a twist. Since you always spray from the same point, you'll be able to spot flaws easily without readjusting your lighting. The larger hook fits perfectly around standard 3/4" ID pipe, which makes a handy, stable hanging rod. Expandable cam-action plug fits into any 35mm hinge hole and secures by simply pivoting the arm 90°.

Simply insert the 35mm cam-action locking plug into the door's hinge cup hole. To lock the plug in place, just rotate the pivoting arm so it's parallel to the door face. You can even easily adjust the plug for varying tolerances in 35mm bits using an Allen wrench (not included).
  • Finish all sides at once - no need to wait and flip.
  • A perfect application - no fingerprints or dents from nail-boards.
  • With good air circulation on all sides of the door, your finish will dry faster.
  • 35mm plug adjusts to accommodate varying tolerances in 35mm bits.
  • Fits shallow 9mm deep cup holes and standard 13mm deep cup holes.
  • Works with standard 3/4" ID pipe - the same stuff used in pipe clamps.
  • Opening in hook is approximately 1-1/16" wide.
  • Overall length is approximately 8-5/8" in closed position.
  • Sold individually.
  • Patent Pending.

Tech Spec

Weight (lbs) 4.2000


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Just completed finishing 420 doors using...

John W from Norfolk, VA Posted January 1, 2012
Just completed finishing 420 doors using the Sure-Hook 360 from Rockler. Each door required three coats of stain and two coats of lacquer so it was quite the undertaking. I purchased 48 of the Sure-Hook 360s and 24 of the Sure-Hook Universal hangers. Throughout the whole process they performed flawlessly.There are several things that we learned from other reviews and planning that made our process much easier. For all doors that were 12" wide or greater, we used two hooks and hung the doors horizontally. This eliminated most of the swinging or movement mentioned in other reviews. Next, we made hanging and spraying racks our of standard bar clamps. By using 6' bars for vertical posts, 90* couplers, and more bars held together with straight line couplers, we created a place to spray two to three doors at a time and other spaces to stage and dry doors. The vertical pipes were mounted into 2 4x4's stacked on top of each other that had a hole drilled to a diameter slightly larger than the pipes. Offsetting pressure was placed on each 4x4 and screws were driven into each "block" of 4x4's holding the pipe securely in place. This firmly held each pipe in place and was simple to set up and break down.Once the doors were sprayed, we removed one of the hooks and placed the door on a hanging drying rack. Drying only required one hook. Finally, we used the Universal Sure-Hooks on the drawer fronts that did not have 35mm hinge holes drilled into them. For this, we only used one per piece which required holding part of the hook with one hand and the sprayer with the other. There was a tremendous amount of sway with only one hook, but that was easily overcome by simply holding the hook while it hung from the bar.In conclusion, I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to spray/finish any quantity of doors. As mentioned, buy more than you think you need since it is easier to use with two rather than one. Ultimately, as with any woodworking project, our prior planning significantly helped our execution. Minus overspray, the hooks are still in great condition and will be used many times in the future. Thanks for another great product, Rocker!

I used them to spray 43...

Brian E from NW, AR Posted June 25, 2011
I used them to spray 43 cabinet doors with a latex primer and then oil based enamel. Even with the thick paint they still worked very well and came right out of the hinge hole without sticking. The high pressure from an airless spray gun the caused the doors to move around but it was manageable. I could simply use 2 hooks if I need them to be still. Well worth the cost when you consider the time and labor savings.

These things are fantastic. I tried...

Cameron R from Ann Arbor, MI Posted April 22, 2011
These things are fantastic. I tried to save money by buying some inexpensive wire hooks from another supplier. I had two doors break when they fell to the ground. So then I purchased these little beauties. Too soon old, too late smart.

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  • Rockler Sure-Hook 360

What People are Saying:

I have been ordering from Rockler for almost 20 years and have found their products to be very inexpensive and of high quality. Shipping is fast even when an item is back ordered. The best prices I have found anywhere."

- Orval - 08/07/2012

What People are Saying:

I have been ordering from Rockler for almost 20 years and have found their products to be very inexpensive and of high quality. Shipping is fast even when an item is back ordered. The best prices I have found anywhere."

- Orval - 08/07/2012
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