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Venstar Wireless Thermostat System

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Did you ever wish you could turn up the heat without getting out of your warm cozy bed? Or that you could turn down the air conditioning from your living room chair? Or put the thermostat in a newborn baby's room to keep the temperature exactly right? If you wish to be able to move the thermostat, put it by your bedside at night, or even control your heating and air conditioning system from two different places, such as upstairs and downstairs, then the Venstar Wireless Thermostat is for you.

Here's how it works: Remove your old wall thermostat, replace it with the Venstar receiver and then remotely control the temperature anywhere in your house with the Venstar thermostat. Add additional wireless thermostats around your house (up to 4) and have instant access to temperature control no matter where you are.

  • Wireless remote control thermostat
  • 7 Day Programmable with 4 time periods per day and holiday mode
  • Backlit display shows large numbers as well as the heating/cooling set point, and room temperature
  • Can be manually operated or programmed for energy savings
  • Up to 4 thermostats can be used with one receiver
  • Transmits up to 500 feet, through walls and floors
  • Manufacturer: Venstar

This kit consists of two parts, a thermostat and a receiver. The thermostat is a wireless, battery operated unit that can be placed in any location in your home (up to 500ft. from receiver) and will transmit radio signals to the receiver which replaces your existing wall thermostat. This thermostat allows up to 4 time/temperature settings to be programmed per 24-hr period and stores programs for 7 independent days.

Place Receiver Wherever Wires Are Available
The receiver is easy to install and is wired just like a standard 24VAC thermostat. Connect the unit wherever existing wires are available; the old thermostat location, in a furnace closet, in an attic or basement.

Place Thermostat in Most Important Rooms
Once the receiver is installed, the thermostat can then go anywhere in the building, and it will transmit radio signals back to the receiver. The transmission range is up to 500 feet, and it works through walls, floors, ceilings, etc. The temperature sensor is located on the thermostat, so place the thermostat where temperature control is most important to you — your bedroom, the boss's office, a baby's room, etc. The thermostat runs off of 2 AA lithium batteries (included). The Venstar Wireless Thermostat can be mounted to your wall, carried in your hand, or set on a table or shelf using its built-in easel stand.

If more than one transmitter is used with a single receiver, the transmitters must be given different Unit ID Numbers. Only the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1 may have a programmed schedule or be configured. All configuration parameters are taken from the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1. Transmitters with Unit ID Numbers 2, 3, and 4 cannot be programmed or configured (except for set points).

When more than one transmitter is used, the receiver will only accept commands
from the transmitter that was last used (button pressed). All other set points and modes from other transmitters are ignored. If the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1 has a schedule and is in Program On mode, the receiver will revert back to following the programmed schedule when a time period change occurs, even if the transmitter with Unit ID Number 1 is not the current commanding transmitter.

Note: To install batteries, insert a small screwdriver in the slot between case halves and carefully pry the case apart.

Additional Features Include:
  • Auto Changeover, 2-Stage Heat & 2-Stage Cool for use with gas / electric or heat pump systems.
  • Thermostat is completely wireless, receiver can be mounted at unit or at old thermostat's location.
  • Transmits at 418MHz using pulse code modulation — won't interfere with other wireless systems
  • Transmitter uses two AA batteries (included)
  • 7 Day Programmable with 4 time periods per day, copy command and holiday mode
  • Dual-setpoint with adjustable deadband (1 to 6 degrees) and temperature sensor calibration.
  • All programming stored in nonvolatile memory.
  • Thermoglow Electro-luminous Display.
  • Display shows heat and cool setpoints, mode, and room temperature simultaneously.
  • 5 minute compressor time guard and adjustable cycle limit, both overrideable for servicing equipment
  • Setpoint adjustment range from 35° to 99° F, sensing range from 32° to 99° F.
  • 64 house codes allow installation of up to 64 systems within transmit range with no interference.
  • On board dry contact closure available to force thermostat into occupied operation.
  • Meets California Commercial Title 24.

Do you currently have an INSTEON network in your home? Try out the INSTEON Remote Controlled Thermostat, which gives you the power to control the temperature from anywhere in your home

For installation help and Technical support on this item, please call your local HVAC professional. Smarthome does not offer Technical Support on this item.

Manufacturer's one year warranty.

  • Venstar wireless thermostat controller
  • Venstar wireless receiver
  • 2 AA lithium batteries

Tech Spec

Manufacturer Part Number 30403A
Weight (lbs) 1.0000


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On page 2 of the Installation...

Guest from Tucson, AZ Posted June 28, 2011
On page 2 of the Installation Instructions, under the step labeled "Assemble Tools", add the following: Flat Blade screwdriver with blade no wider than 1/8 inch. You will need this to unscrew the plugs which secure the wires from the HVAC unit to the thermostat normally these wires would be pushed into holes in the T1100REC and held by a friction fit. But with this unit, the holes are blocked by screw-in plugs. You'll need to unscrew the plugs, then push in the wires, then tighten the plugs to hold the wires. A screwdriver wider than 1/8" won't fit into the holes holding the plugs.If your existing HVAC system is a "4 wire" system as shown on Page 8 of the Installation Instructions, you'll need to read the first problem listed in the Troubleshooting guide on Page 16. I had this problem on my system and need to buy a couple 250 Ohm, 10 Watt power resistors before I could proceed. Naturally I was doing this on a Sunday morning! naturally I tried the local Radio Shack! naturally these resistors are speciality items not carried by our local Radio Shacks! naturally they are only available only at large electronics supply warehouses. And naturally, the only one in my town population over 800,000 does not open on Sundays. Sigh! But all's well that ends well. I got the resistors on Monday, installed them on Tuesday! and the thermstat now works perfectly. If you do have a "4-wire" system, you might want to check on local availability of 250 Ohm, 10 watt power resistors before beginning your installation process. That might save you from having to reconnect your old thermostat after your new one fails to operate because you don't have the resistors.Hope this info smooths your installation process.

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What People are Saying:

I have been ordering from Rockler for almost 20 years and have found their products to be very inexpensive and of high quality. Shipping is fast even when an item is back ordered. The best prices I have found anywhere."

- Orval - 08/07/2012

What People are Saying:

I have been ordering from Rockler for almost 20 years and have found their products to be very inexpensive and of high quality. Shipping is fast even when an item is back ordered. The best prices I have found anywhere."

- Orval - 08/07/2012
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