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RSS Feeds - Why Use Them?

What are RSS feeds? RSS feeds are a convenient way to obtain news and information from web sites. Our RSS feeds are updated regularly. You need either a browser that is compatible with RSS feeds, an RSS reader (often called a news aggregator), or an email program that is capable of displaying RSS feeds. Then you can check your collection of RSS feeds whenever you want, and your reader will display new information clearly and conveniently. You can avoid signing up for yet another email list, and you have total control over your subscription. (For a of RSS Readers and other software, please go to CNET.com)

How Do I Sign Up? Each reader may have its own method for signing up (or "consuming" a feed). Often you can drag the RSS icon onto your reader.

(To learn more RSS feeds and news aggregators, or to download a reader, browse the wikipedia.org site, which is an online encyclopedia.)