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Natural Wood Pen Blanks

  1. Honduran Rosewood Pen Blank with warm red and brown tones

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  2. Teak Pen Blank
    Teak Pen Blank
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    The warm, natural brown color of Teak, combined with its high oil content, results in a fine hand-turned pen.
  3. Bloodwood Pen Blank
    Bloodwood Pen Blank
    Warm color and consistent grain combine to make an excellent candidate for your pen turning projects.
  4. Brownheart Pen Blank
    Brownheart Pen Blank
    Brownheart has an attractive medium brown tone, uniform texture and a unique variegated appearance.
  5. Jatoba Pen Blank
    Jatoba Pen Blank
    Sometimes called ''Brazilian Cherry,'' Jatoba is exceptionally strong, stiff, and like true cherry, darkens to a deep red shade over time.
  6. Tzalam Pen Blank
    Tzalam Pen Blank
    Easy to work with, durable and beautiful, Tzalam is becoming popular for pen turnings and other ornamental items.
  7. Bali Pen Blank
    Bali Pen Blank
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    These Bali Pen Blanks feature an attractive lined figure with alternating bands of beige and reddish brown.
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  8. Honduran Mahogany Pen Blank
    Honduran Mahogany Pen Blank
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    Cut from genuine Mahogany (swietenia macrophylla), these blanks promise all the attributes that make true mahogany so well-loved.
  9. American Elm Pen Blank
    American Elm Pen Blank
    1 Review(s)
    Best known as the majestic shade tree of countless American streets, American Elm is offered here in pen blank form to show off its inner beauty as well.
  10. Coffee Tree Pen Blank
    Coffee Tree Pen Blank
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    You can't steep it in boiling water for a cup of joe, but it does have a warm, tasteful color, and takes a smooth, easy finish.
  11. Honey Locust Pen Blank
    Honey Locust Pen Blank
    Dense and extremely durable, Honey Locust makes a great choice for fans of unusual domestic species.
  12. Peruvian Walnut Pen Blank
    Peruvian Walnut Pen Blank
    Often referred to as ''Nogal,'' which is Spanish for walnut, this wood has a rich, chocolate brown color, typically darker than our domestic walnut.
  13. Sapele Pen Blank
    Sapele Pen Blank
    1 Review(s)
    Sapele is a medium-brown African hardwood that often displays attractive ribbon patterning in quartersawn sections.
  14. Granadillo Pen Blank
    Granadillo Pen Blank
    Rich, dark brown coloring and dense, even-grained texture make Granadillo an eye-catching species for any pen turning project.
  15. Limba Pen Blank
    Limba Pen Blank
    With attractive coloring, and easy working characteristics, Limba makes a great choice for a foolproof pen turning.
  16. Andira Pen Blank
    Andira Pen Blank
    An even brown tone and striped grain make andira an attractive choice for your pen turnings.
  17. Birdseye Maple Pen Blank
    Birdseye Maple Pen Blank
    1 Review(s)
    Dotted with shimmering eyes, Birdseye Maple is one of our most popular figured domestics.
  18. Curly Maple Pen Blank
    Curly Maple Pen Blank
    3 Review(s)
    Even, blond color with tiger-striped figure running perpendicular to the grain pattern.
  19. Mango Pen Blank
    Mango Pen Blank
    Mango wood is often harvested after the fruit trees can no longer bear fruit, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.
  20. Canarywood Pen Blank
    Canarywood Pen Blank
    1 Review(s)
    Canarywood can exhibit a striking range of colors, with some pieces having an almost rainbow-like appearance.
  21. Aromatic Cedar Pen Blank
    Aromatic Cedar Pen Blank
    The pleasing salmon tone and exceedingly fine grain of this wood are improved only by its familiar aroma.
  22. Chechen Pen Blank
    Chechen Pen Blank
    2 Review(s)
    Though not a true rosewood, Chechen is often referred to as Caribbean Rosewood because of its fine grain and stunning color palette.
  23. Lacewood Pen Blank
    Lacewood Pen Blank
    Lacewood displays an attractive pattern of rounded ''flakes'' that gives it the appearance of being wrapped in loose-knit lace.
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