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Turning Accessories

  1. Polish your turned acrylic pens to a high gloss
  2. Shellawax Liquid Friction Polish
    Shellawax Liquid Friction Polish
    16 Review(s)
    Put a beautiful and durable finish on your turned items with ease - ideal for pens!
  3. EEE-Ultra Shine Woodturner's Finish
  4. High Friction Build Polish
  5. Great for decorative turnings, pens and more
    Behlen Woodturner's Finish
    6 Review(s)
    Easily achieve a high-sheen finish on small turnings while they're still on the lathe!
  6. Includes six different grits, each of which is color coded
    Turning Finishing Kit
    16 Review(s)
  7. Crystal Coat
    Crystal Coat
    30 Review(s)
    A simple, high-gloss finish that can be applied while your turning is still on the lathe.
  8. Hut Lite Turning Wax
    Hut Lite Turning Wax
    2 Review(s)
  9. Water-Based Wood Turner's Finish, 8 oz
  10. Hut Wood Finish-Select finish type

    Starting at: From $8.99