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Turning Blanks

  1. Beautiful basswood carving blocks are sure to spark your creativity!
    Basswood Carving Blank Assortment, 20 lbs.
    103 Review(s)
    Brimming with blanks of various sizes, this box is sure to spark your carver's creativity!
  2. Maple Rough Turning Blank - Baseball Bat Blank: Nominal = 2-3/4"+ D by 37" L
  3. A variety pack of exotics for small turnings, carvings and more!
    Exotic Cutoffs, 10 lb. Box
    68 Review(s)
    Ideal for ornamental turnings and small projects.
    Out of stock
  4. Banksia Nuts for Turning
    Banksia Nuts for Turning
    7 Review(s)
    Banksia Nuts turn beautifully to reveal swirling, speckled grain much like walnut burl—great for ornaments and small vases!
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