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Drill Jigs

  1. JIG IT® Shelving Jig w/Self-Centering Bit
    JIG IT® Shelving Jig w/Self-Centering Bit
    301 Review(s)

    Get perfectly, consistently spaced and centered shelf-pin holes!

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    Starting at: From $29.99

  2. Accurately spaces rows 32mm apart and each hole 37mm from each edge
    Rockler Pro Shelf Drilling Jig
    67 Review(s)
    Eliminate the possibility of misaligned shelves and cut your setup time in half with the easy-to-use Pro Shelf Drilling Jig!

    Regular Price: $99.99

    Special Price $89.99

  3. 46350 - Bench Dog Shelf Pin Jig
    Rockler Bench Dog® 1/4'' Shelf Pin Jig
    36 Review(s)
    Produces level, wobble-free shelves every time.
  4. Circle Cutter
    Circle Cutter
    16 Review(s)
    Quickly and cleanly cuts circles ranging from 7/8'' to 4'' in diameter.
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