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Tools and Techniques

  1. Complete Manual of Wood Bending Book
  2. Add a new dimension to your wood projects
  3. Setting Up Shop Book
    Setting Up Shop Book
    8 Review(s)
  4. Woodworking with the Router Book
  5. How to Make Workbenches and Shop Storage Solutions, Book
  6. The Woodbook—The Complete Plates
    The Woodbook—The Complete Plates
    5 Review(s)
    Carefully reproduced from rare antique volumes worth thousands of dollars on the antique book market.

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $24.99

  7. Wood Identification & Use Revised and Expanded, Book
  8. Great Book of Woodburning, Book
    Great Book of Woodburning, Book
    1 Review(s)
    Nationally-known artist Lora Irish reveals her secrets in this complete woodburning resource.
  9. Your missing manual for the do-all tool.
  10. INCRA Projects & Techniques Book
  11. Great Book of Woodworking Tips
  12. The Complete Guide to Sharpening
  13. Understanding Wood: A Craftsman's Guide to Wood Technology, Book

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price $29.99

  14. Learn scrolling techniques and projects
  15. Chenier's Practical Math Dictionary
  16. The Toolbox Book
  17. Get even more from the most efficient saw in your shop
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