#5 Flat Head Screw

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  1. Flat Head Pozi Drive Euro Screws

    Flat Head Pozi Drive Euro Screws

    Working with cabinet components using the European 32mm system? Then you're going to need Flat Head Pozi Drive Euro Screws!* Meet exact sizing requirements for standard mounting holes of Blum hinges* Flat head with pozi drive* 7.2 mm head diameter for 5 mm holes* 100 in a pack

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  2. Magnetic Catch

    Magnetic Catch

    A magnetic catch for free swinging wood doors. Super strong magnet in walnut brown plastic casing. Technical Details:* 1-7/8" x 1/2".* Brown plastic housing has slotted hole for adjustment.* Double magnet plates.* Magnet has approximately 3 - 5 lb. pull.* Supplied with one 5/8" x #4 Flat Head Screw.

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  3. Powerhead #10 Wood Screws

    Powerhead #10 Wood Screws

    …Offer! Get a FREE #2 Square Drive Head Driver bit with every Package of screws! Put an end to screws that dive below the surface and leave an ugly chipped out hole - PowerHead screws feature a broad, flat head that simply won't pull through. The 9/16" diameter head offers superior holding power and…

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  4. Decorative Chain Support

    Decorative Chain Support

    …is the ideal way to support and dress up a box or chest lid. Chain and mounting hardware are brass plated and polished. Measures 7-3/4" long with 5/16" x 1" mounting plates. Technical Details* Brass plated chain and mounting hardware* Chain is 7-3/4" long* Includes #4 x 5/8" brass flat head screws

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  5. Brass Jewelry Box Staple Hasp Catch

    Brass Jewelry Box Staple Hasp Catch

    Economical and easy to affix, ideal for small boxes. Technical Details:* Brass-plated steel.* Mounting hardware included.* Top leaf 1/2" to hinge pin.* Hook is 5/8" long.* Includes 4 escutcheon pins and 4 #0 x 3/8" brass phillips flat head screws.* 1-7/8" L x 3/4" W

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  6. Recessed Panel Retainers

    Recessed Panel Retainers

    …panels recessed 1/4" . Plastic (Tan color), slotted for flat head wood screw. Tapered for adjustment. Made to firmly hold a panel that is recessed into a frame. Requires no machining for the retainer. Glass can be removed for cleaning. A #5, 1/2" screw is needed for installation--sold separately.

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  7. Rev-a-Shelf Tip Out Front Tray Hinges

    Rev-a-Shelf Tip Out Front Tray Hinges

    …Make your own custom sink front tip out drawer. Pair. Technical Details:* Fully concealed, face frame or faceless cabinets* Spring tensioned, no catch required* Nickel plated steel* Includes #8 x 5/8" flat head screws* Opens to 45° angle* 4"x1-3/4" overall size* Sold in pairs

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  8. Solid Brass Turn Catch

    Solid Brass Turn Catch

    …Catches come with mounting screws and can be use for right-hand, left-hand or double cabinet doors. Technical Details * Solid brass * For use with left-hand, right-hand or double cabinet doors * Bases measure 11/16" x 2-5/16" * #6 x 5/8" brass flat head mounting screws included * See technical…

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  9. Supermax 19-38 Drum Sander

    Supermax 19-38 Drum Sander

    Perfect for the small shop or woodworking hobbyist, the SuperMax 19-38 churns out flat, smooth surfaces with unwavering consistency, giving you the benefits of a wide belt sander at a price that won't break the bank. Gone are the dips, gouges and sore arms of the hand sanding process. The 19-38 Drum…

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  10. 16-Pc. Hex Key and Precision Screwdriver Set

    16-Pc. Hex Key and Precision Screwdriver Set

    A great all-around set of hex-keys and screwdrivers for repairing electronics,bikes, appliances, and more around the home, garage, and workshop. Includesthree folding multi-tools with heavy-duty, anodized aluminum handles,and chrome-finished blades that resist rust and corrosion. Pen-style…

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  11. Solid Brass Quadrant Hinges, Pair

    Solid Brass Quadrant Hinges, Pair

    …hinges.* Strong positive stop allows for an approximately 95° opening angle.* Each set of hinges includes twelve matching 3/8" flat-head screws that sit neatly in the countersunk hinge holes.* Crafted from 1/16" thick solid brass.* Large Quadrant Hinges measure 1-5/8"L x…

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