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  1. 3/8'' Inset Magnetic Catch

    3/8'' Inset Magnetic Catch

    Ideal for all 3/8" inset-lipped door applications.

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  2. 3/8" Quarter-Round Molding

    3/8" Quarter-Round Molding

    3/8" x 3/8" Quarter round molding 48" long. Raw wood, ready for finishing. Molding acts as a retainer for wood or glass panels.Available in birch, oak or walnut.

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  3. 3/8" Inset Hinges

    3/8" Inset Hinges

    A low-profile hinge with only the 2" long barrel showing. Use on doors with a 3/8" lip. Sold in pairs. Mounting screws included.* 180 degree opening* Snap close* No catch required

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  4. Mortise Chisel Bit 3/8"

    Mortise Chisel Bit 3/8"

    The bit removes most of the material, and the chisel squares up the sides, allowing you to cut precise 3/8 mortises for mortise-and-tenon joints. Fits the Jet Benchtop Mortising Machine (81421, sold separately).

  5. 4-3/8'' Mission Style Pull

    4-3/8'' Mission Style Pull

    …of ones used in the early 1900's on mission style furniture. Pyramids were favorite accent shapes on Mission furniture. Just stain these authentically styled pulls to match your reproductions. * Measures 4-1/2" x 1-3/8" with a 3" boring.* Comes unfinished and ready to stain.* Made of red oak.

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  6. 3/8" Face Grain Plugs

    3/8" Face Grain Plugs

    These 3/8" diameter face grain plugs blend naturally with woodwork by absorbing stain more consistently. Made from select, kiln-dried stock in birch or oak.* 1/4" high with tapered sides for easy insertion* Easy to install with wood glue* 50 per pack

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  7. 3/8" Plug Cutter

    3/8" Plug Cutter

    Unique spring-loaded self-centering tip guides cutter and prevents walking to cut a smooth, tapered plug for 3/8" holes every time! Technical Details:* 1/4" quick shank prevents tool from slipping in drill chuck.* Works with all 3/8" and 1/2" drive drill presses and handheld drills.* Hardened steel…

  8. 3/8'' Beadlock® Tenon Bit

    3/8'' Beadlock® Tenon Bit

    Save money by making your own Beadlock® loose tenon stock - just raid your scrap bin for material. Featuring precision-machined carbide flutes, this bit trims stock to 3/8" widths for a perfect match to your 3/8" Beadlock® mortise. Its sturdy 1/2" shank ensures minimal vibration. You can…

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  9. Multi Slot Grommets-2-3/8"  Diameter

    Multi Slot Grommets-2-3/8" Diameter

    Multi Slot Grommet closes completely or dial a 3/8" , 3/4" or 1" slot. Ideal desk grommet for power cords, adjusts to your varying and changing needs. Available in Black or Brown. Technical Details:* Available in Black or Brown.* Multi slot grommet closes completely.* Dial a 3/8", 3/4" or 1" slot.*…

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  10. Screw Hole Buttons-3/8" Diameter

    Screw Hole Buttons-3/8" Diameter

    Use these solid hardwood screw hole buttons for covering screw holes. The buttons are available in birch, oak, cherry, and walnut and can be stained or painted to suit your project. They can be glued or press fit into screw holes. Available in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" diameter. Sold in packs of 10…

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  11. Dome-Top Wood Plugs-3/8" Diameter

    Dome-Top Wood Plugs-3/8" Diameter

    Good wooden plugs in a variety of species can be surprisingly hard to find. And as the go-to item for filling counterbored holes in furniture and cabinetry, matching the wooden plug to the project is essential. * Wood plugs have a domed top so you can leave them proud for decorative effect, or…

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  12. Durable 3/8'' Thick Polycarbonate

    Durable 3/8'' Thick Polycarbonate

    Eliminate wobble while cutting with your router by mounting this Durable 3/8" Thick Polycarbonate as a router base! The strong, support base keeps your router level and stable during the toughest of cuts. The polycarbonate may be cut, drilled, or routed to fit any application you need, but is strong…

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  13. 3/8" Diameter Bed Bolt

    3/8" Diameter Bed Bolt

    Build a sturdy bed frame with these specialty bed bolts. These strong steel bolts provide exceptional structural support for your bed frame. Each bolt is 6" long overall and 3/8" in diameter. Use these bolts to attach bed rails to bed posts in a traditional manner. For a touch of elegance, purchase…

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  14. FloodStop 3/8 Compression Auto-Shutoff

    FloodStop 3/8 Compression Auto-Shutoff

    All of your numerous fixtures may come in handy, but any device in your home that uses water is prone to leaks. From toilets to dishwashers to refrigerator ice machines, you can prevent flood damage and avoid costly repairs with the easy-to-install FloodStop 3/8 Compression Auto-Shutoff. This system…

  15. 3/8" V-Nail 400 Pack

    3/8" V-Nail 400 Pack

    V-nails for use with the Logan F300-1 Studio Picture Frame Joiner (44902, sold separately) or the PushMaster Picture Frame Joiner Kit (34957, sold separately). Pack of 400. As a general rule, choose a V-nail that's about 50-60% of the molding height.

  16. 3/8" Corrugated Fasteners (approx. 1,000)

    3/8" Corrugated Fasteners (approx. 1,000)

    3/8" fasteners for use with the Excelsior Pneumatic Corrugated Fastener Tool (31166, sold separately). Approximately 1,000 per package.

  17. 1-1/4''W x 5-3/8''L Embossed Carving

    1-1/4''W x 5-3/8''L Embossed Carving

    A great decorative add-on to flat surfaces. 1-1/4"W x 5-3/8"L x 3/16" thick. Made of thick veneer on a plywood substrate for stability.

  18. Urn Tip 3/8" Inset Hinges

    Urn Tip 3/8" Inset Hinges

    Create an elegant full-inset look for 3/8" inset cabinet doors with hinges that feature a finial tip design. Easy vertical and horizontal adjustments. No mortising needed. 3-1/8" long barrel overall. Available in Dark Antique Brass and Antique Brass. Sold in pairs. Matching mounting screws included.

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  19. 1-3/8" Alan Lacer Skew Chisel

    1-3/8" Alan Lacer Skew Chisel

    Skew chisels designed by renowned turner and educator Alan Lacer are M2 High Speed Steel with ash handle.* Available in two sizes: 5/8" and 1-3/8". Quality skew chisels made by Hamlet Craft Tools of England!* Small skew chisel is 5/8" wide with 14" handle.* Large skew chisel is 1-3/8" wide and has a…

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  20. 3/8'' Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisel

    3/8'' Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisel

    Based on Stanley's classic 750 Series chisel design, this 3/8" Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisel offers the rugged durability of socket chisels along with a blade shape that provides precise cuts in corners. Socket chisels are less likely to break than tang chisels, but the socket design makes it…

  21. 3-5/8"W x 2"H Recessed Pulls

    3-5/8"W x 2"H Recessed Pulls

    Commonly called "campaign hardware", this line of gorgeous recessed brass hardware serves both to beautify and to protect your furniture and surrounding items. The term "campaign hardware" derives from the 18th and 19th centuries, when English officers demanded high-quality,…

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  22. 3/8'' Brass Hole Plugs, 8-Pack

    3/8'' Brass Hole Plugs, 8-Pack

    In the tradition of famous furniture designs such as those of Greene and Greene, these metal hole plugs can serve to highlight the joinery of your furniture, andcan be inset anywhere you like as a way of drawing the eye to the details thatyou wish to accentuate. Whether calling attention to a pinned…

  23. 3/8'' Beadlock® Basic Starter Kit

    3/8'' Beadlock® Basic Starter Kit

    Create rock-solid mortise and tenon joints with just your hand drill and this Beadlock® Kit.* Patented system overlaps drill bit holes precisely to accept a special Beadlock® loose tenon.* Ribbed tenon design prevents racking and increases the amount of precious face-grain glue surface. The…

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  24. Surface-Mount 3/8" Inset Hinge, Pair

    Surface-Mount 3/8" Inset Hinge, Pair

    Decorative self-closing hinges available in six finishes. Overall height is 2-3/4". Sold in pairs. Mounting screws included.* 80 degree opening* Snap close* Plated steel for durability

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