6 Combination Square

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  1. Starrett® 6'' Combination Square with Square Head

    Starrett® 6'' Combination Square with Square Head

    The combination square is one of the world's most practical and versatile tool inventions - the basic tool for every builder and craftsman. Features try/miter gauge, depth gauge, height gauge and marking gauge - all in one! With reversible lock bolt, scriber, spirit level and machine-divided blade…

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  2. Magnetic Lock Combination Square

    Magnetic Lock Combination Square

    Six rare earth magnets hold the ruler in place instead of a clumsy screw lock. Body slides quickly and easily along the ruler through the magnetic lock. Heavy-duty cast zinc body is milled on all five sides for superior accuracy. 12" ruler is etched with markings to 1/16" and 1mm. Features onboard…

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  3. Square-X Drive Lube Finished Screws-Number 6

    Square-X Drive Lube Finished Screws-Number 6

    Completely dry to the touch, the lube finish reduces friction for easier installation and protects the screws from surface rust. Square-X drive combines a square recess for non-slip fastening and Phillips for convenience. Sharp thread angle cuts into wood to prevent splitting. Screws resists pullout…

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  4. Oneway Stronghold Chuck

    Oneway Stronghold Chuck

    …work piece. The Jumbo and Mega-Jumbo Jaws are solid machined aluminum plates. Their unique combination of slots and tapped holes accept rubber grippers for holding an infinite number of round, oval or square shapes. The Stronghold chuck is the largest chuck in the Oneway family, designed for lathes…

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  5. Rockler Precision Brass Setup Bars

    Rockler Precision Brass Setup Bars

    …long bars measuring 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" square.* Can be combined for additional heights. Technical Details:* Accurate to +/-.005".* Slightly oiled for protection.* Comes in protective plastic storage case.* Combine bars for additional heights; ie. stack 1/8" and 5/16" to get…

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  6. Work Sharp™ WS3000 Tool Sharpener

    Work Sharp™ WS3000 Tool Sharpener

    …grinding for rapid shaping and micro-fine honing is in one port! * The system's repeatability allows you to sharpen multiple tools at any combination of angles and abrasive type without extra setup.* Routed airflow and heat sink system keeps tools cool without the mess of a wet system.* Sharpening…

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  7. Rockler Circle/Grommet Templates

    Rockler Circle/Grommet Templates

    No more rummaging through a stack of templates for the right size, this package combines the most common grommet sizes into two templates. Each size is clearly labeled for quick identification. Transparent acrylic with fine cross-hairs on each hole makes it easy to align the template with your…

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