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  1. Rockler 45 Degree Miter Sled

    Rockler 45 Degree Miter Sled

    …adjustments! Simply cut one piece on the leading face, one on the trailing face, and voila! Since both pieces reference off a perfect 90&deg angle, the miters will fit perfectly.* Pre-installed adjustable nylon pins provide a no-slop fit to the miter track.* Through-slots in the base allow you…

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  2. Rockler Taper / Straight Line Jig

    Rockler Taper / Straight Line Jig

    …and also help set angles.* Two wide-body hold down clamps prevent stock from drifting dangerously from your fence.* Clamps have non-marring rubber caps for enhanced grip.* Three adhesive strips run across the jig to help stabilize your workpiece.* With taper angle zeroed out, jig works great to rip…

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  3. Kreg Deck Jig System

    Kreg Deck Jig System

    …This jig guides you as you drill and drive deck screws at the optimal angle to achieve concealed fastening of deck boards. No more exposed nails or screws! An easy grip handle and 90° alignment tab make setup extremely easy. The onboard drilling jig is preset at the optimal angles for…

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  4. Rockler Universal Fence Clamps with Clamp-It® Square, Special Offer!

    Rockler Universal Fence Clamps with Clamp-It® Square, Special Offer!

    …Clamp-It® to a work surface using the Universal Fence Clamps, and it becomes a right angle fixture for bench assembly. Compact, lightweight clamps secure the Clamp-It® Square for tight 90 degree angle joints * Clamp-It® features a series of 3/8" holes to accommodate the Universal Fence…

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  5. Rockler Adjustable Clamp-It® Assembly Square

    Rockler Adjustable Clamp-It® Assembly Square

    …45º to 315° and locks in place at the angles you'll need most!* Works with any joinery technique.* Easily assemble pedestal bases, staircases, decks, cabinets, drawers and more without custom clamping jigs!* Replaces custom clamping jigs, acts as a third hand, and eliminates the need for…

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  6. Bench Dog® Crown-Cut

    Bench Dog® Crown-Cut

    …complication of cutting crown and cove molding, giving you perfect miters, every time. What's the secret? Crown-Cut holds the molding at its intended angle while you cut it. No more compound cuts and tedious trial and error! Before Crown-Cut, miscalculated compound cuts produced sloppy miters that…

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  7. Tormek AngleMaster WM-200

    Tormek AngleMaster WM-200

    …edge angles quickly and easily for accurate knife and tool sharpening with the Tormek AngleMaster WM-200! Works easily in two ways: use it to set a jig to a grindstone so it grinds your tool at any desired edge angle from 10° to 75°, or use it to measure an existing edge angle on a tool.…

  8. Dow'l Simp'l Kit

    Dow'l Simp'l Kit

    Swing-arm doweling jig allows you to easily make three types of joints: right angle, edge to edge and edge to surface. Simple to use, the Dow'l Simp'l Kit assists you in centering and aligning dowels on stock that is nominally 5/8", 3/4" and 1" thick. * No adjustments necessary to accommodate stock…

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  9. Incra Build It Starter Kit

    Incra Build It Starter Kit

    …Build-It System Components and plans for the following jigs. Wooden fence material can be made out of scrapwood and modified to suit your needs.* Adjustable Angle Crosscut Jig* Coping Sled* Disc Sander Jig* Shooter Board Squaring Jig* Tenoning Jig Features:* (1) Large Build-It Panel* (1) Small…

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  10. Rockler Incra Universal Precision Positioning Jig

    Rockler Incra Universal Precision Positioning Jig

    …stop block and right angle fixture package sold separately. Right angle fixture is made of solid aluminum with 15-ply wood runners. Fence and stop block are made of MDF with durable plastic laminate covering. Pre-drilled for quick and easy attachment to Incra jig.* Router bits sold separately.…

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  11. Rockler Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp

    Rockler Auto-Lock T-Track Clamp

    …optional Mounting Bracket (57940) is available for securing the clamp to shop-made jigs and fixtures* Knurled wheel secures the clamp to your T-track* Bottom-mounted alignment pins can be repositioned at 45° for angled clamping* Adjustment screw is easily accessible through a hole in the handle,…

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  12. Frame Clamping Kit with Bessey K-Body Revo Parallel Clamps

    Frame Clamping Kit with Bessey K-Body Revo Parallel Clamps

    …easily replaceable, and resist paint and grease solvents. A quick-release feature allows the movable jaw to slide up and down the rail by simply angling the comfortable Power-Grip handle. Plus, each clamp includes two slip-on workpiece supports that attach to the rail, providing a stable base and…

  13. Leigh Louver Door Guides

    Leigh Louver Door Guides

    Now you can use your FMT to make precise louver doors with standard 1/4" x 1-1/4" louvers at a 45° angle. Matching tenons can be routed on the ends of louver stock or radiused louver stock can be routed to fit the mortise. Sold in left and right matching pairs. Note: New FMT guides not exactly…

  14. Rockler Clamp-It® Assembly Square

    Rockler Clamp-It® Assembly Square

    …fronts.* Deck Rails: Use Clamp-It® to hold deck balusters at a perfect 90° angle while fastening.* Bench Jigs: Clamp-It® can be secured to any work surface to create a simple 90° assembly jig.* 5" Clamp-It® Bar Clamp: Clamp features a fixed head with a comfortable ergonomic…

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  15. Rockler Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

    Rockler Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

    …all those fences and clamps! This jig includes everything you need for safe, easy coving in one easy-to-use package. Accepts stock up to 7" wide and 1-1/2" thick, enabling you to cut huge crown moldings that would cost a fortune from the lumberyard. Try angling the blade for a truly unique shape.…

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  16. T3 Tormek Sharpening System

    T3 Tormek Sharpening System

    …Setter (TTS-100)* 29657 - Angle Master (WM-200)* 60483 - Tool Rest (SVD-110)* 38698 - Handtool Kit (HTK-705)* 60491 - Axe Grinding Jig (SVA-170)* 60509 - Scissors Jig (SVX-150)* 60517 - Planer/Joiner Blade Jig (SVH-320)* 60525 - Long Knife Jig (SVM-100)* 60533 - Knife Jig (SVM-45)* 37592 - Multi-Jig…

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  17. Micro Jig Microdial Tapering Jig

    Micro Jig Microdial Tapering Jig

    …cabinet parts with a single jig! The Microdial adjustment system features index holes to ensure a positive angle stop before you lock in your setting with the knobs. In addition, the tapering jig features the Memorylock system, which maintains two independent angle stops, and lets you easily toggle…

  18. Festool Carvex Accessory Kit

    Festool Carvex Accessory Kit

    …potential scratches or marring.* Ideal for sawing pre-finished panels. Angle Base (496134)* Hinged in the middle, forming two wings that tilt in unison with the twist of aknob.* Wings can be adjusted for an inside or outside angle.* Jigsaw can either ride neatly along the edge of a workpiece, or cut…

  19. 18'' True Angle® Protractor

    18'' True Angle® Protractor

    …Compound Miter Jig (#67626). Ideal for Crown Molding!* 360° adjustable protractor/bevel square has pivoting straight edges so it accurately duplicates or measures any angle with just a turn of the dial.* Ideal for measuring, layout or reproducing angles.* Locking screw holds angle in position…

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  20. Jet® 13'' Planer/Molder with Closed Stand

    Jet® 13'' Planer/Molder with Closed Stand

    …changes* Totally enclosed fan-cooled 1-1/2HP motor uses two matched V-belts to deliver smooth, consistent power to the cutter head* Exclusive angled 4" dust port keeps the dust hose out of the way while providing efficient chip and dust removal* Built-in lockable casters add support and stability…

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  21. Kreg Micro Pocket Plugs

    Kreg Micro Pocket Plugs

    …Kreg Micro Pocket Drill Guide (33984, sold separately) for more information on micro pocket holes.* Plugs are angle cut, so they require minimal sanding to match the pocket hole angles.* Package sealing prevents the micro pocket hole plugs from warping or expanding due to moisture.* Made from finely…

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  22. Incra Build-It System Components

    Incra Build-It System Components

    …of jigs and fixtures. Modular system allows you to interchange parts for anything from simple shooter boards to deluxe crosscut, miter and coping sleds. It's perfect for expensive specialty items like tenoning jigs. Unlike conventional jigs, you can add features or redesign at any time. Right Angle

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  23. Kreg® Deck Drill Bit/Depth Collar

    Kreg® Deck Drill Bit/Depth Collar

    Stepped drill bit design is made specifically for work with the Kreg® Deck Jig System (36613, sold separately). Includes a depth collar so your pilot holes will be uniform in diameter, depth, angle and position when you drill with the Deck Jig System. Also includes an allen wrench.

  24. Tormek Square Edge Jig SE-76

    Tormek Square Edge Jig SE-76

    …plane irons in place while sharpening with the Tormek Square Edge Jig (SE-76)! Mounts on Tormek's universal support to hold tools in place, and the jig automatically lines up chisels and plane irons for correct grinding angle. Lower clamp has a ridge to fit shorter tools. Two safety stops prevent…

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