Antique Fasteners

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  1. Wrought Head Nails, 50-Pack

    Wrought Head Nails, 50-Pack

    These Wrought Head Nails are designed to look like the hand-forged nails of the late 1700s and are Ideal for a range of antique restoration and other vintage applications.

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  2. Antique White PVC 9/16" Screw Caps

    Antique White PVC 9/16" Screw Caps

    Set yourself apart...Fastcap™ screw caps are the finishing touch to a professional job! These self-adhesive cover caps are made with high performance acrylic Ultra-Bond™ PSA adhesive which increases in strength as it cures, providing a long lasting permanent bond. They are fast and easy…

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  3. Victorian EsCutcheon

    Victorian EsCutcheon

    Solid brass. Victorian Escutcheon is made of solid brass. 2-3/8" wide. Antique finish. Price for single.

  4. Upholstery Nails

    Upholstery Nails

    …Nails! Using Upholstery Nails eliminates sewing time yet gives your project the hold it needs to keep any fabric, even leather, from slipping or moving. Both styles come in an attractive brass with your choice of a hammered head in antique brass or a plain head in dull brass. 100 per pack.

  5. Brass Bottle Opener

    Brass Bottle Opener

    Fasten this bottle opener to the cabinet or wall next to the fridge, so you can crack open a cool one without skipping a beat. Solid cast brass provides a heavy feel both in your hand, and in use. Polished finish is not lacquered, and will age naturally with time to acquire a beautiful patina.…

  6. Decorative Swing Latches

    Decorative Swing Latches

    …to your jewelry boxes, and is comfortable to the touch. Pivot point is fastened with a slight amount of friction so it stays put, whether in the closed or open position. Available in two finishes, polished brass or antique brass. Each swing latch includes one latch, one catch and mounting screws.…

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