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  1. Rockler Bench Dogs

    Rockler Bench Dogs

    Bench Dogs are an inexpensive solution for holding stock in place for belt sanding, hand planing and securing other objects. * Ideal for all workbenches that have 3/4" dia. Holes. With low profile (7/16") for working with 1/2" thick material and up.* Sold in packages of 4.

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  2. Rockler Multi-Purpose Shop Kit

    Rockler Multi-Purpose Shop Kit

    Keep these shop essentials handy and save!* Set of 4 Rockler Bench Dogs* Rockler Screw-Lube* Magnetizer/Demagnetizer Rockler Bench Dogs* Hold stock in place while sanding, hand planing, or securing other objects* 3/4" dia. with a low 7/16" profile for working with 1/2" material and up* Set of…

  3. Bench Accessory Kit

    Bench Accessory Kit

    …workshop with our new seven piece bench accessory kit. The seven piece Bench Accessory kit features a non-slip mat to prevent work pieces from moving while using a router or electric sander. Two hold down clamps for keeping your work piece against your bench and four Bench Dogs that hold your stock…

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  4. Dust Right® Master System

    Dust Right® Master System

    …for easy direct collection, and the Floor Nozzle combines with the 36" Extension Wand to keep floors spotless. The system also includes a smaller Bench Nozzle, a StableGate™ blast gate with a wall-mounting bracket to keep the hose organized, plus four spring clips to hang everything up and out…

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  5. Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers

    Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers

    Bench Cookie® Risers: The perfect accessory to add versatility to your Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers! Standard Risers (35142) double the height and XL Risers (34671) allow you to double or triple the height of your Bench Cookie® Plus discs when threaded into the center insert.* Bench

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  6. Bench Dog® Bullnose Trim Gauge

    Bench Dog® Bullnose Trim Gauge

    Simplify trim work on 3/4" rounded drywall corners with this clever jig. It helps layout perfect lines for tight-fitting three-piece corners. Plus, if you're working alone you can nail it in place to anchor your tape measure. Great for installing both crown and base molding. Technical Details:*…

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  7. 4-1/4'' Reach Hold-Down Clamp

    4-1/4'' Reach Hold-Down Clamp

    Use this clamp for wedging the workpiece against your bench. 4-1/4" reach. 8-1/4" long. 11/16" diameter.

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  8. Rockler T-Slot Cutter Router Bit

    Rockler T-Slot Cutter Router Bit

    T-Slots allow jigs to be moved to any position needed on the track. Cuts slots to fit standard T-Slot Bolts. Instructions:* First cut a 3/8'' groove with a router bit or dado blade.* Repeat the cut with the T-slot bit. Note: This bit does not cut Universal T-Tracks or slotwalls. 3/8" Between Cutter…

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  9. Clamp-It® Assembly Square

    Clamp-It® Assembly Square

    …Clamp-It® is also perfect for framing decks and installing rails and balusters. Attach it to a work surface, and it becomes a right angle fixture for bench assembly. Clamp-It® is computer designed and manufactured from high impact, rigid polycarbonate to ensure strength and accuracy. Size of…

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  10. Bench Cookie Plus® 2'' T-Track Risers, 4-Pack

    Bench Cookie Plus® 2'' T-Track Risers, 4-Pack

    …renowned for their adjustability, and Bench Cookies® for their versatility - now this simple kit allows you to combine the two for the ultimate in both! T-Track Risers slide conveniently into your T-track to provide a set of four elevated posts for your Bench Cookie Plus® Work Grippers (sold…

  11. Bench Dog® Tandem Feather-Loc®

    Bench Dog® Tandem Feather-Loc®

    The height of two featherboards in one easy-to-use accessory! Use this tough polymer attachment on 1/4" T-tracks or standard miter slots to secure tall stock for safe, clean cutting. Great for edge routing tall panels, resawing stock on the band saw, or ensuring chatter-free cuts on the table saw.…

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  12. Festool HL 850 E Planer with New T-Loc Systainer

    Festool HL 850 E Planer with New T-Loc Systainer

    Bench Unit (74293). All this in a quiet, lightweight tool that weighs less than 10 lbs! As you've come to expect from Festool, the dust collection is superb. 3-1/4" blade width. Includes edge guide, rabbet stop and New T-Loc Systainer storage case. Festool offers a wide variety of accessories for…

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  13. Bench Dog® T-Loc Track

    Bench Dog® T-Loc Track

    This durable aluminum auxiliary track is perfect for shop-made fences, or anywhere you might run a variety of bolt-in-track accessories. It features Bench Dog's innovative Universal T-track, which accepts 1/4" and 5/16" T-bolts as well as 5/16" hex bolts. Mounting hardware not included.

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  14. Bench Dog® Pro Fence Adapter Kit

    Bench Dog® Pro Fence Adapter Kit

    Necessary accessory to mount Bench Dog Pro Fence (27279, sold separately) to Rockler HPL Router Table #22044.

  15. Bench Dog® Push-Loc

    Bench Dog® Push-Loc

    A push stick isn't doing much good if you can't find it! Push-Loc comes with an exclusive docking station that mounts to your tool so Push-Loc is always upright and ready for use. The docking station is also a handy pencil tray, and it even holsters two tape measures. Push-Loc's innovative handle is…

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  16. Bench Dog® Blade-Loc

    Bench Dog® Blade-Loc

    Blade-Loc is a revolutionary blade changing tool that provides safer changes for you and your table saw blades. Most people don't realize that using a piece of scrap wood can bend the blade, enough to leave scratch marks and tear-out in delicate panels. Blade-Loc evenly grips the blade around its…

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  17. Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones

    Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones

    Lift, grip, protect and finish your project with Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers and Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones! Rockler Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones lift your project off your bench with minimal surface contact, keeping it stable during the entire finishing process! Custom sized to…

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  18. Round Bench Dogs

    Round Bench Dogs

    Securely hold stock to the bench. Featuring a spring steel wire that allows for height adjustment. For use on a 3/4" hole. The Round Bench Dogs are 4-3/8" long with a 3/4" diameter. The flat face area is 1-3/16" high.

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  19. Bench Dog® Locking Casters

    Bench Dog® Locking Casters

    Bench Dog® Locking Caster Wheels allow for easy mobility around the shop, then lock for added stability when needed.* Threaded stud is 1/2" diameter, 13 pti x 1" long.* Set of 4. For mounting casters to vertical panels, use Bench Dog® Caster Brackets (sold separately, 26050).

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  20. Bench Dog® Dual Track

    Bench Dog® Dual Track

    This durable aluminum auxiliary track features Bench Dog's innovative Universal T-track, which has a unique stacked-slot design that accepts any accessory with 1/4" T-bolts, 1/4" T-bolts, or 1/4" hex bolts. Perfect for tables, fences, and even jigs. In addition to the Universal T-track, Dual-Track…

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  21. Bench Dog® Caster Brackets

    Bench Dog® Caster Brackets

    …widths. Each set includes brackets and the necessary hardware to mount four casters. Combine these Caster Brackets with any of the following:* Bench Dog Locking ProCasters* Heavy Duty Locking/Swiveling Shop Casters* Total Lock Shop Stand Casters These brackets are essential when mobilizing router…

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  22. Bench Dog® Ultra Push-Bloc™

    Bench Dog® Ultra Push-Bloc™

    Technical Details: * Ergonomically-correct handle* Non-marring rubber bottom uses the same high-friction rubber surface found on our Patent Pending Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers* Gives you maximum control while routing, jointing, and ripping

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  23. 7'' Woodworker's Bench Vise

    7'' Woodworker's Bench Vise

    …wear and tear, and give vises a smooth and true parallel action.* Square body seating provides easy fit under benchtop so jaws are flush with bench.* With 1/2" diameter handle.* Toe-in feature provides even clamping pressure on the whole depth of the workpiece.* Steel main screw with Acme threads…

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  24. Bench Dog® Crown-Cut

    Bench Dog® Crown-Cut

    Cutting crown molding doesn't have to be difficult! Crown-Cut eliminates the complication of cutting crown and cove molding, giving you perfect miters, every time. What's the secret? Crown-Cut holds the molding at its intended angle while you cut it. No more compound cuts and tedious trial and…

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