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  1. 24'' x 60'' 100% Recycled Rubber Bench Mat

    24'' x 60'' 100% Recycled Rubber Bench Mat

    …recycled mat! Made from recycled rubber tires, this thick 3mm mat can be used on your bench top, then rolled up for easy storage. Glue the mat to a scrap of plywood for a permanent, padded workspace. Mat material is not impervious to liquids. 24" x 60". Technical Details:* 3mm mat is made…

  2. Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Interlocking Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Puzzle mat design allows you to add on to cover as large a space as you require. One pack of six tiles covers 24 square feet. The tiles are easily arranged to turn the corner of your bench so you get the same relief while working at the tail vise. Soft, lightweight EVA foam is 3/8" thick. Includes…

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  3. Bench Accessory Kit

    Bench Accessory Kit

    …workshop with our new seven piece bench accessory kit. The seven piece Bench Accessory kit features a non-slip mat to prevent work pieces from moving while using a router or electric sander. Two hold down clamps for keeping your work piece against your bench and four Bench Dogs that hold your stock…

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  4. Rockler Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Rockler Anti-Fatigue Mat

    Nothing makes a better welcome mat for your workbench and stationary tools than a soft, inviting anti-fatigue mat. Rockler's mat is made of 3/8" thick vinyl foam to relieve soreness and fatigue in your legs and back, and provide a barrier against cold shop floors. It has a pebbled texture for…

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  5. Bench Cookie Plus® T-Track Kit

    Bench Cookie Plus® T-Track Kit

    …and router bits beneath the workpiece. Simply spin the Bench Cookies and they tighten themselves down, then add a final cinch for good measure. Bench Cookie Plus® T-Track Kit Includes:* Bench Cookie Plus® Work Grippers, 4-Pack* Bench Cookie Plus® 2" T-Track Risers, 4-Pack* 17-Piece…

  6. Rockler Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers

    Rockler Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers

    …posts for your Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers.* Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones: Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones lift your project off your bench with minimal surface contact, keeping it stable during the entire finishing process! Custom sized to fit snugly over the Bench Cookies®.…

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  7. Shop Vac® Turbo Nozzle

    Shop Vac® Turbo Nozzle

    Air-powered turbine picks up dry messes in hard-to-reach areas like bench mats, stairways, upholstery, and vehicles! Simply attach the Shop Vac® Turbo Nozzle to any 1-1/4" OD vacuum hose and the air-powered turbine turns the rotary brush for increasing efficiency. Technical Details:* Connects to…

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  8. SuperLock Rubber Floor Mat, 6-Pack

    SuperLock Rubber Floor Mat, 6-Pack

    …SuperLock Mats link together easily, and require no messy adhesives or tape to install. Just put the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle and trim the edges with a utility knife to fit against the wall. The pieces can also be purchased in smaller quantities as anti-fatigue mats for your stationary…

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