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  1. Surface Mounted Cupboard Lock

    Surface Mounted Cupboard Lock

    Ideal for china cabinets, wardrobes and other inset doors.* Cupboard lock is brass plated steel.* Measures 1-5/8" Long x 1-1/8" Deep x 3/8" Thick overall.* Keyed alike.

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  2. Flipper/Tambour Door Lock

    Flipper/Tambour Door Lock

    This versatile lock can be used on everything from roll top desks to overhead bins.* Includes two keys and 7/16" x 1-15/16" strike plate.* Keyed alike.* Polished brass face and trim bezel.* Zinc die-cast cylinder.* Door lock requires a 3/4" diameter boring.* Use on 3/4" stock.

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  3. Full Mortise Chest Lock

    Full Mortise Chest Lock

    Brass plated lock requires 2" L x 1-1/2" D x 5/16" mortise. Selvedge is 3/8" x 3-1/8" . Escutcheon provided. Jig It insert available for creating the mortise with our Jig It Mortising System.

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  4. Full Mortise Barrel Key Lock

    Full Mortise Barrel Key Lock

    Use this lock for right hand applications.* Stamped steel lock body--Escutcheon not provided.* Key is brass plated.* Requires 1-3/8" L x 1-1/8" D x 3/8" mortise.* Brass selvedge is 1/2" x 2-3/4" .* Keyed alike. Jig It insert available for creating the mortise with our Jig It Mortising System.

  5. Full Mortise Piano Lock

    Full Mortise Piano Lock

    Great for lift lids on small chests and roll top desks as well. A two-way winged bolt expands to catch the strike plate.* Requires a 1-3/4" L x 1" D x 5/16" mortise.* Solid brass selvedge is 1/2" x 3" and covers the steel lock body.* No escutcheon provided.* Brass plated key.

  6. Half Mortise Heavy Duty Chest Lock

    Half Mortise Heavy Duty Chest Lock

    This strong, brass lock will keep your chest securely locked. Two hooks ensure extra protection against opening.* Zinc plated key.* Requires a 1-3/8" L x 1-1/8" D x 5/16" mortise.* Two keys provided.* Keyed alike.

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  7. Full Mortise Small Box Lock

    Full Mortise Small Box Lock

    These little locks are great for jewelry box lids, music boxes and humidors. Locking mechanism includes one key and features a solid brass finish. Supplied with two screws and four escutcheon pins.

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  8. Decorative Jewelry Box Latches

    Decorative Jewelry Box Latches

    …tip so it's easy to fit your fingertip underneath to open it. Decorative latch is available in two finishes. Sold in pairs. Made in USA. Technical Details:* Catch measures 1"W x 5/8"H.* Plated finish-choose from brass or nickel.* No button snap.* Includes matching mounting screws.* Made in USA.

  9. Steamer Trunk Brass Plated Hardware Kit

    Steamer Trunk Brass Plated Hardware Kit

    …#23713 Trunk Lid Support in Brass* 1 pair of Item #89921 Classic Oblong Catches Brass plated * 1 pair of Item #90134 90° Stop Hinges Brass plated, 2-19/32" x 1-17/32"* 1 lock of Item #90168 Spring Trunk Lock Brass plated * 2 pair of Item #90241 Unpinned Loops Brass plated with out brad* 2…

  10. Sliding Security Bolt, Solid Brass

    Sliding Security Bolt, Solid Brass

    Stainless steel spring and bolt mechanism is so secure you can even mount these vertically! Made of solid extruded brass for strength; also features channels that lock bolt in open or closed position. Measures 2" X 1".

  11. Locking Case Catch

    Locking Case Catch

    A classic look for cases and boxes. Catches have locking feature for added security and are keyed alike. Broad latch loop conceals mounting screws. Technical Details:* Made of steel with Brass plating* 1-1/4"W x 1-7/8"H* Key included* 3/8" projection when closed* Includes #4 x 5/8" screws

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  12. Brass Plated Table Lock

    Brass Plated Table Lock

    …lever lock and striker hardware is perfect for locking both table leaves and table halves, ensuring quick and easy table setups. Note: Mechanism does not align table. Best for tables that have alignment pins. Technical Details* Base plate measures 2-1/4" x 2-9/16"* 15/16" projection* Made of brass

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  13. Powermatic® Wood Lathe 2HP

    Powermatic® Wood Lathe 2HP

    …optional bed extension, a sliding hammer knockout rod with brass tip, an attached tool caddy and a metal shelf for tool storage.* Sliding headstock with electronic variable speed and digital RPM readout for accurate speed adjustments* Spindle lock and built in spindle indexing on the headstock for…

  14. Surface Mounted Deadbolt Locks

    Surface Mounted Deadbolt Locks

    This moderately priced lock has a polished brass face and bezel ring. * Two keys are provided, keyed alike.* The lock requires 3/4" boring.* Option of a vertical or horizontal bolt.* Polished brass face.

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  15. Half Mortise Flush Mount Lock

    Half Mortise Flush Mount Lock

    Mounts from backside for low profile appeal.* Made from brass plated steel, it is suitable for use on doors.* No escutcheon provided.* Requires a 2-1/8" L x 1-1/8" D x 3/8" mortise.* No strike plate is necessary.* Two keys provided.* Keyed alike.

  16. Spring Trunk Lock

    Spring Trunk Lock

    …of function and beauty! A built-in spring pushes the hasp out when unlocked. A staple loop is riveted through the plate for additional locking with a padlock that you supply. A great finishing touch to any trunk! Technical Details* Hasp opens to 135°* 3-3/4" wide x 4-13/16" high* Brass plated

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  17. 1-3/4" Long Cylinder Lock-Choose finish and keying method

    1-3/4" Long Cylinder Lock-Choose finish and keying method

    This 1-3/4" long cylinder lock is ideal locking false-front drawers and cabinet doors made of stock up to 1-1/2" thick. The lock has a five disc tumbler and is available in a nickel, antique brass, or brass finish. Available keyed alike or keyed differently. Includes two cams: one for lipped…

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  18. Case Lock

    Case Lock

    Allows you to set your own combination. Polished brass finish makes briefcases look great. Lock body requires mortising. Pair includes one right and one left hand lock. Price per pair.

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  19. Classic Oblong Catches-Select finish

    Classic Oblong Catches-Select finish

    …and large boxes. Non-locking design features a guarded draw bolt and crimped wire loop to latch your lid closed. Technical Details* Made of copper-coated steel with nickel (26450) or brass (26443) finish* 1-1/2" wide x 2-3/4" high* 7/16" projection* Includes #5 x 1/2" round head mounting screws

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  20. Half-Mortise Jewelry Box Locks-Select size

    Half-Mortise Jewelry Box Locks-Select size

    …half-mortise design means that lock hardware is not visible from outside the case. Use the included key to activate the smooth, positive action lock. Locks are available in three sizes, shown below. Technical Details* Available in three sizes* Solid brass with steel locking mechanism* Includes…

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  21. Jewelry Box Hardware Kit

    Jewelry Box Hardware Kit

    Surprise someone with a beautiful family heirloom. Hardware kit includes:* 1 pair #70391 solid brass stop hinges* 1 pair #40436 box tray supports* 1 - #71449 brass lock and key

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  22. Locking Drawbolt

    Locking Drawbolt

    Use this large locking drawbolt to add security to large boxes, chests or trunks. This fine brass plated drawbolt locks easily with a turn of a key. The lock is stamped steel with brass plating. Heavy duty. Keyed alike and supplied with one key (#151).* 1-3/4" W x 3-3/8" L Overall 5/8" projection.*…

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  23. Trunk, Tool Chest & Table Catch

    Trunk, Tool Chest & Table Catch

    This catch is ideal for small trunks or chests-anywhere you need a catch that keeps flat and out of the way! Available in antique brass look (bronze) only. One of the most secure catches you can get! Won't open until you want it to — even with heavy loads or when picking up or moving the box or…

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  24. Surface Mounted Brass Plated Lock

    Surface Mounted Brass Plated Lock

    Two keys are provided for this surface mounted brass plated lock. * Measures 1-9/16" x 1-9/16" overall.* Requires a 3/4" boring.* Keyed alike.* Screws are not included.

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