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  1. Maple Hardwood Tops

    Maple Hardwood Tops

    Customize your work surfaces with these beautiful solid hardwood butcher-block tops. They are specially designed to fit our most popular shop stand sizes for gorgeous and practical workbenches, assembly tables, sanding stations, power tool stands and more. Use them to make your own workbenches and…

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  2. EZ Slide N Store Wood Breadboard

    EZ Slide N Store Wood Breadboard

    …and all mounting hardware for fast, easy installation.Board measures 16" x 22" x 3/4". * Finger grooves makes cutting board easy to pull out* Butcher block construction. * Ideal for carving, slicing, and chopping* Made from high quality hardwoods and cleated - built to last.* Steel storage rails…

  3. Butcher Block Conditioner

    Butcher Block Conditioner

    Treat your butcher blocks, cutting boards, turned bowls and utensils to specialized wood care with this conditioner. Food-grade mineral oil penetrates deep and, along with water-resistant beeswax and carnauba wax, rejuvenates wood and prevents drying and cracking. The antibacterial waxes help repair…

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  4. Mahoney's Food-Safe Fine Finishes

    Mahoney's Food-Safe Fine Finishes

    Easily create a beautiful, food-safe finish on wood utility ware such as bowls, butcher blocks and utensils. Heat-treated walnut oil Utility Finish hardens to a beautiful satin finish. Follow with Oil Wax Finish for a satin sheen. Made from beeswax, carnauba wax and walnut oil. Technical Details:*…

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  5. Butcher Block Oil

    Butcher Block Oil

    Safe for butcher blocks, cutting boards, wood utensils, salad bowls and other wood surfaces. A completely natural oil that meets all FDA requirements for surfaces that contact food. Deeply penetrates and protects wood. Easy to apply- just wipe or brush on liberally, let penetrate for 5 minutes and…

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  6. 24'' x 60'' 100% Recycled Rubber Bench Mat

    24'' x 60'' 100% Recycled Rubber Bench Mat

    Preserve your benchtop, expensive tools and delicate woodworking projects with this 100% recycled mat! Made from recycled rubber tires, this thick 3mm mat can be used on your bench top, then rolled up for easy storage. Glue the mat to a scrap of plywood for a permanent, padded workspace. Mat…

  7. Salad Bowl Finish

    Salad Bowl Finish

    …Dried film is non-toxic for food contact 72 hours after drying. Additional coats can be reapplied at any time if maintenance of item becomes necessary. For actively used butcher blocks that are used for chopping and cutting, only use Butcher Block Oil (Product #15950). Available in pints and quarts.

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  8. Butcher Block Table Legs

    Butcher Block Table Legs

    Finely crafted unfinished table legs in your favorite species and styles. This Butcher Block table leg is 29" Pine. Butcher Block Table legs are ready-made for installation! Most styles are available in 3 species. Legs come unfinished, allowing you to either paint or stain them to match your…

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  9. CMT BTS-1 Bowl & Tray Router Bit System Kit- 1-1/4" Dia x 1/2" Shank

    CMT BTS-1 Bowl & Tray Router Bit System Kit- 1-1/4" Dia x 1/2" Shank

    …they'll make in a very short amount of time! Bowls and trays made with this set provide an excellent use for scrap wood. Glue pieces together butcher block style to make a beautiful pattern of colors and species. The templates will withstand a lifetime of use, and with a little imagination they can…

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