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  1. Double Roller Catch with Spring

    Double Roller Catch with Spring

    The Double Roller Catch with Spring is a frequently used cabinet catch. The smooth plastic rollers provide a firm noiseless grip. It is self-adjusting and is easy to install with the provided screws. Technical Details:* Measures 1- 1/4" x 1- 1/8"* Steel with bronze finish* Smooth plastic rollers*…

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  2. Quick-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    Quick-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    Turn a cabinet door catch into a touch latch without magnets. Light pressure releases and engages latch. Technical Details:* Brown color* White roller and strike* Measures 2-1/2" Long x 1-1/8" Wide x 3/4" Deep

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  3. Magnetic Catch For Inset Doors

    Magnetic Catch For Inset Doors

    …plate allows for easy mounting when door and frame are of the same thickness. Technical Details:* 5-11 lbs holding strength* Catch body is made of molded plastic* Catch body measures 1-15/16"L X 15/32"D x 11/16"H* Strike is made from steel* Strike measures 1-1/8"L X 1/2"D X 1-1/2"H 1/2" offset*…

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  4. Brass Ball Catch-Choose size

    Brass Ball Catch-Choose size

    Looking to add elegance to your cabinets or large jewelry box? This Brass Ball Catch is more secure than a magnetic catch and features the option of increasing or decreasing the tension of the catch. Brass Ball Catch also allows mounting from left, right, straight-on, top or bottom. Strike can enter…

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  5. Decorative Swing Latches

    Decorative Swing Latches

    …open position. Available in two finishes, polished brass or antique brass. Each swing latch includes one latch, one catch and mounting screws. Made in USA. Technical Details:* Catch measures 1-1/8"W x 1-3/8"H.* Plated finish - choose from polished brass or antique brass.* Stamped metal.* Includes…

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  6. Solid Brass Turn Catch

    Solid Brass Turn Catch

    …surface-mounted turn catches are the perfect choice for period cabinets and furniture. Catches come with mounting screws and can be use for right-hand, left-hand or double cabinet doors. Technical Details * Solid brass * For use with left-hand, right-hand or double cabinet doors * Bases measure…

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  7. Bullet Catches-Select size

    Bullet Catches-Select size

    Bullet catches are made of brass plated steel. * Strikes and pins.* 8 per pack.

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  8. Cupboard Catch

    Cupboard Catch

    Choose from brass plated or nickel finish catches. * It measures 1- 3/4" W x 1- 3/4" H overall.* Screws included.

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  9. Safe Push Touch Latches-Select size and color

    Safe Push Touch Latches-Select size and color

    …Perfect for earthquake proofing kitchen cabinets or for RV's* Easy push touch action latch - no need for handles or pulls* Mechanical spring loaded action, 4kg retaining force (1 kg = 2.2046 lb.)* For overlay doors give 3mm (1/8") gap between door & cabinet frame for pushing space* Standard latches…

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  10. Elbow Catch

    Elbow Catch

    The Elbow Catch is an economical option for securing one door to the cabinet in double door applications. Made of brass plated steel. Can be used on wood or metal doors. Allows for door to lock shut when pushed. Requires releasing hook to open the door. Supplied with 5/8" screws.

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  11. 3/8'' Inset Magnetic Catch

    3/8'' Inset Magnetic Catch

    Ideal for all 3/8" inset-lipped door applications.

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  12. Ball Catch

    Ball Catch

    Ball catches are a great alternative to magnetic catches when a more secure, positive hold is desired. They are also ideal for longer cabinet doors, where a ball catch at both ends will nicely conceal any slight twist in the door. This catch features a strong, smooth action and easy side-mount…

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  13. Snap-Closing Semi-Concealed Hinges - For 3/8" Inset Doors (#4)

    Snap-Closing Semi-Concealed Hinges - For 3/8" Inset Doors (#4)

    …or face-frame cabinets and are available in beautiful finishes for 3/8" inset doors. Price includes two hinges, mounting screws and two adhesive cork stoppers. Use on 3/4" to 1" thick doors. No catch required. Note: Installation requires cutting an arced slot 1/4" wide in the cabinet door for the…

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  14. Tot-Lok Lock Mechanism

    Tot-Lok Lock Mechanism

    …separately) against the cabinet door to disengage the lock. The Tot-Lock also features a patented unlocking device that allows a disabling of the lock so cabinets can be opened without the key.* Locking mechanism includes latch to mount on door and catch to mount in cabinet. Also features…

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  15. Narrow Profile Magnetic Catch

    Narrow Profile Magnetic Catch

    …Profile Magnetic Catch features a shallower depth and a lower profile for an unobtrusive look. Ideal for smaller doors and cabinets where a full-sized magnetic catch would stand out too much and/or provide too much resistance when opening doors. The Narrow Magnetic Catch is made of high impact…

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  16. Friction Door Catch

    Friction Door Catch

    Great for RV and other mobile cabinet applications! Simple to install, easy to use. Plastic strike is captured by receiving sleeve and holds the door firmly in place, even when being jostled.

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  17. Magnetic Catch

    Magnetic Catch

    A magnetic catch for free swinging wood doors. Super strong magnet in walnut brown plastic casing. Technical Details:* 1-7/8" x 1/2".* Brown plastic housing has slotted hole for adjustment.* Double magnet plates.* Magnet has approximately 3 - 5 lb. pull.* Supplied with one 5/8" x #4 Flat Head Screw.

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  18. Full Mortise Piano Lock

    Full Mortise Piano Lock

    Great for lift lids on small chests and roll top desks as well. A two-way winged bolt expands to catch the strike plate.* Requires a 1-3/4" L x 1" D x 5/16" mortise.* Solid brass selvedge is 1/2" x 3" and covers the steel lock body.* No escutcheon provided.* Brass plated key.

  19. Mini-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    Mini-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    …Automatic Spring Catch! A gentle push activates the release, allowing the door to open. Perfect for keeping pets out of cabinets as well as, from what our customers tell us, keeping doors shut even during an earthquake! Easy to install and affordable, the perfect addition to any cabinet door and…

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  20. Brass Ball Catch

    Brass Ball Catch

    catch securely holds door closed and is nearly hidden from view. Solid brass body with steel ball. Technical Details: 58392 - 1/4" Dia. Hole Brass Ball Catch* Solid brass body* 1/4" diameter* 3/8" top length* 5/8" bottom length* For 3/8" and thicker wood 58400 - 11/32" Dia. Hole Brass Ball Catch*

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  21. Solid Brass Elbow Catch

    Solid Brass Elbow Catch

    Solid Brass Elbow Catch has sturdy, spring loaded hardware that engages quietly and securely. * Use on right or left applications.* Screws included.

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  22. Positive Action Push Button Catch

    Positive Action Push Button Catch

    Positive Action Push Button Catch is ideal for boats, trailers, recreational vehicles. Unobtrusive in tight walk through spaces. Just push the knob to lock or release the catch. * Requires a 26mm hole.* Use for inset or overlay applications on 3/4" stock.* Measures 1- 3/4" High x 2" W.* Knob…

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  23. Brass Hook Catches

    Brass Hook Catches

    …hooks make a simple, economical locking system for any small box. Just mount the hook to the lid and the catch to the box. Sold in pairs. Pack includes two hooks, two catches, two #4 x 1/2" roundhead screws for mounting the hooks and four #0 x 3/8" flathead screws for mounting the catches.

  24. Window Bolts, Various Finishes

    Window Bolts, Various Finishes

    Though these window bolts are typically used with swing out windows, they can just as easily be used as door latches when the door lies flush with the frame. The window bolts provide basic security with a traditional locking bolt that is simple to operate. Offered in zinc and brass-plated models.…

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