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  1. Safe Push Touch Latches-Select size and color

    Safe Push Touch Latches-Select size and color

    …proofing kitchen cabinets or for RV's* Easy push touch action latch - no need for handles or pulls* Mechanical spring loaded action, 4kg retaining force (1 kg = 2.2046 lb.)* For overlay doors give 3mm (1/8") gap between door & cabinet frame for pushing space* Standard latches are 2-3/8" Long…

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  2. Gang lock for tall doors

    Gang lock for tall doors

    Tall doors are no problem for the gang lock! Get secure locking capabilities and help prevent door warping with this three-point door locking system. The Gang Lock is easy to install and features a center catch and bars that rotate to catch locking pins on the top and bottom of the cabinet.* Overall…

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  3. Brass Ball Catch

    Brass Ball Catch

    Brass ball catch securely holds door closed and is nearly hidden from view. Solid brass body with steel ball. Technical Details: 58392 - 1/4" Dia. Hole Brass Ball Catch* Solid brass body* 1/4" diameter* 3/8" top length* 5/8" bottom length* For 3/8" and thicker wood 58400 - 11/32" Dia. Hole Brass…

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  4. Friction Door Catch

    Friction Door Catch

    Great for RV and other mobile cabinet applications! Simple to install, easy to use. Plastic strike is captured by receiving sleeve and holds the door firmly in place, even when being jostled.

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  5. Quick-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    Quick-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    Turn a cabinet door catch into a touch latch without magnets. Light pressure releases and engages latch. Technical Details:* Brown color* White roller and strike* Measures 2-1/2" Long x 1-1/8" Wide x 3/4" Deep

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  6. Ball Catch

    Ball Catch

    …to magnetic catches when a more secure, positive hold is desired. They are also ideal for longer cabinet doors, where a ball catch at both ends will nicely conceal any slight twist in the door. This catch features a strong, smooth action and easy side-mount installation. A very economical catch…

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  7. Surface Mounted Cupboard Lock

    Surface Mounted Cupboard Lock

    Ideal for china cabinets, wardrobes and other inset doors.* Cupboard lock is brass plated steel.* Measures 1-5/8" Long x 1-1/8" Deep x 3/8" Thick overall.* Keyed alike.

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  8. Tot-Lok Lock Mechanism

    Tot-Lok Lock Mechanism

    …the cabinet, simply hold the magnetic key (63172, sold separately) against the cabinet door to disengage the lock. The Tot-Lock also features a patented unlocking device that allows a disabling of the lock so cabinets can be opened without the key.* Locking mechanism includes latch to mount on door

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  9. StealthLock Keyless Cabinet Locking System SL-100

    StealthLock Keyless Cabinet Locking System SL-100

    …(included). * Ideal for use on lockers, closets, cabinet doors, liquor cabinets, entertainment or AV cabinets, healthcare cabinetry, retail display cabinets and more* The transmitter pad operates an unlimited number of receiver latches within a 15 foot range using radio frequencies* Customize…

  10. Berenson Convertible Latch Pull

    Berenson Convertible Latch Pull

    Latches are designed to be used in two ways:* Functional - The "click" reminds us of the time we spent in the kitchens of our parents and grandparents years ago and sparks memories of simpler times gone by.* Strictly Decorative - Aesthetics of a retro look and feel, perfect for soft close doors,

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  11. Flipper/Tambour Door Lock

    Flipper/Tambour Door Lock

    This versatile lock can be used on everything from roll top desks to overhead bins.* Includes two keys and 7/16" x 1-15/16" strike plate.* Keyed alike.* Polished brass face and trim bezel.* Zinc die-cast cylinder.* Door lock requires a 3/4" diameter boring.* Use on 3/4" stock.

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  12. Solid Brass Turn Catch

    Solid Brass Turn Catch

    …catches are the perfect choice for period cabinets and furniture. Catches come with mounting screws and can be use for right-hand, left-hand or double cabinet doors. Technical Details * Solid brass * For use with left-hand, right-hand or double cabinet doors * Bases measure 11/16" x 2-5/16" * #6 x…

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  13. 3/8'' Inset Magnetic Catch

    3/8'' Inset Magnetic Catch

    Ideal for all 3/8" inset-lipped door applications.

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  14. Surface Mounted Pin Tumbler Drawer Locks

    Surface Mounted Pin Tumbler Drawer Locks

    …deadbolt extends a full 3/4", making it virtually impossible to jimmy. Unlike many drawer locks and cabinet locks, this model is surface mounted, meaning there is no need to mortise it into the cabinet. The perfect high security lock for securing valuables in drawers. Two keys and strike plate are…

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  15. Magnetic Catch

    Magnetic Catch

    A magnetic catch for free swinging wood doors. Super strong magnet in walnut brown plastic casing. Technical Details:* 1-7/8" x 1/2".* Brown plastic housing has slotted hole for adjustment.* Double magnet plates.* Magnet has approximately 3 - 5 lb. pull.* Supplied with one 5/8" x #4 Flat Head Screw.

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  16. Mini-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    Mini-Latch Automatic Spring Catch

    …out of cabinets as well as, from what our customers tell us, keeping doors shut even during an earthquake! Easy to install and affordable, the perfect addition to any cabinet door and they make knobs and pulls optional! Technical Details:* Easy to install* Keeps doors shut until you open them* Doors

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  17. Elbow Catch

    Elbow Catch

    The Elbow Catch is an economical option for securing one door to the cabinet in double door applications. Made of brass plated steel. Can be used on wood or metal doors. Allows for door to lock shut when pushed. Requires releasing hook to open the door. Supplied with 5/8" screws.

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  18. Snap Closing Glass Door Hinges

    Snap Closing Glass Door Hinges

    Keep inset cabinet door securely closed without latches! Easy installation - requires no drilling of the glass.* Use on 1/4" thick glass.* 8.8 pound load rating.* Black in Color.

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  19. Magnetic Catch For Inset Doors

    Magnetic Catch For Inset Doors

    Uniquely designed strike plate allows for easy mounting when door and frame are of the same thickness. Technical Details:* 5-11 lbs holding strength* Catch body is made of molded plastic* Catch body measures 1-15/16"L X 15/32"D x 11/16"H* Strike is made from steel* Strike measures 1-1/8"L X 1/2"D X…

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  20. 1-3/16" Long Cylinder Lock-Keyed Alike

    1-3/16" Long Cylinder Lock-Keyed Alike

    This cylinder lock is ideal for locking drawers as well as both left- and right-hand doors. Designed for use with 3/4" thick stock, each lock is keyed alike. Includes two cams: one for lipped door applications and one for inset and overlay applications. Use the included dual-function stop washers to…

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  21. Half Mortise Flush Mount Lock

    Half Mortise Flush Mount Lock

    Mounts from backside for low profile appeal.* Made from brass plated steel, it is suitable for use on doors.* No escutcheon provided.* Requires a 2-1/8" L x 1-1/8" D x 3/8" mortise.* No strike plate is necessary.* Two keys provided.* Keyed alike.

  22. Magnetic Push Latch

    Magnetic Push Latch

    Keep cabinet or entertainment center doors firmly closed and popped easily open with just a push. Magnetic Push Latch is spring-loaded and only 1/2" high for minimal interference with the use of your cabinet space. Technical Details* Measures: 1/2" H x 1-3/4" L x 1-5/8" W* Made of brown plastic* Use…

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  23. Latch For Sliding Door, HC-70 - Satin

    Latch For Sliding Door, HC-70 - Satin

    * Material: 304 Stainless Steel* Finish: Satin * Catalog Page (PDF format)

  24. Double Magnetic Touch Latch-Select color

    Double Magnetic Touch Latch-Select color

    This Double Magnetic Touch Latch is the perfect answer for double doors. Each side works independently, and releases when door is pushed. Available in Black or Brown. Press to open and close. 5/8" H x 1-5/16" L x 2-5/16" W. Easily surface mounts to cabinet side, bottom or underside of a fixed shelf.

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