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  1. Antiquax Original Wax Polish

    Antiquax Original Wax Polish

    A superior furniture polish developed in London by blending the world's finest waxes, including carnauba and beeswax, Antiquax applies easily and creates a soft mellow sheen that lasts and lasts. Safe for use with all finishes, it provides a first line of defense for fine furniture against spills…

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  2. Liberon Black Bison Fine Paste Wax

    Liberon Black Bison Fine Paste Wax

    …against damage from water, heat and alcohol on finished furniture. Available in a variety of colors. A blend of paraffin, microcrystalline and carnauba mixed with the highest quality mineral spirits available gives Liberon Fine Paste Wax its pleasing aroma.* Can be used directly on bare wood as…

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    $29.99 $19.99

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  3. Shellawax Cream Friction Polish

    Shellawax Cream Friction Polish

    …On woodcarvings and flat surfaces it gives a rich, deep shine in a matter of minutes.* Made from a mixture of white shellac and waxes, including Carnauba wax and Bee's wax.* Non-toxic and water-resistant. Please note that these items can only be shipped to addresses within the continental United…

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    $40.99 $29.99

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  4. Butcher Block Conditioner

    Butcher Block Conditioner

    …and utensils to specialized wood care with this conditioner. Food-grade mineral oil penetrates deep and, along with water-resistant beeswax and carnauba wax, rejuvenates wood and prevents drying and cracking. The antibacterial waxes help repair knife marks and protect the wood by keeping the mineral…

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  5. Briwax Original Formula

    Briwax Original Formula

    …beeswax and carnauba wax, two of of the finest wood-finishing waxes known to humankind. Most of the waxes found on the shelves today contain the solvents turpentine or mineral spirits. Briwax uses a much hotter solvent, toluene, that allows it to emulsify more durable waxes like carnauba to give…

  6. Feed-N-Wax® Wood Polish and Conditioner

    Feed-N-Wax® Wood Polish and Conditioner

    Unique blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood. Prevents drying and deterioration of all wood finishes.* Works great on oak!* Easy to apply: Simply saturate small pad of cloth and wipe on; let stand 20 minutes and…

  7. Mahoney's Food-Safe Fine Finishes

    Mahoney's Food-Safe Fine Finishes

    …satin sheen. Made from beeswax, carnauba wax and walnut oil. Technical Details:* Utility Finish hardens to a satin finish.* Oil Wax Finish is best applied over the Utility Finish to provide a food safe satin sheen.* Oil Wax Finish is a blend of beeswax, carnauba wax and walnut oil.* Both are…

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