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  1. Non-Skid Rubber Bumpers

    Non-Skid Rubber Bumpers

    …cabinet doors. Available in 1/2" or 3/4" diameters. Technical Details:* Made from Polylastomer®, a rubber-like material.* Use screws to secure the rubber bumpers.* Also can be used as case feet for lightweight furniture that tends to slide.* Bumpers are approximately 1/4" high.* Screws included.

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  2. Screw-On Case Feet

    Screw-On Case Feet

    These screw-on case feet are made of durable harder rubber. Technical Details:* 3/4" diameter.* 1/2" high.* Includes mounting screws.* 4 per pack.

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  3. Small Router Bit Case

    Small Router Bit Case

    Solid wood cases firmly hold 1/4" and 1/2" shanked router bits for easy carrying and convenient storage. Small router bit case is ideal for storing different categories of bits, including straight, roundover, raised panel door and specialty bits. With rubber feet on bottom for standing. Holds 20…

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  4. I-Semble™ Hairpin Table Legs

    I-Semble™ Hairpin Table Legs

    …used for coffee tables, media consoles, or they can becombined with a small cabinet for end tables.* The 6" Hairpin Legs are ideal as feet for light cabinet cases.* Solid steel construction.* 3/8" steel rod.* Mounting plate measures 4-3/4" x 4-3/4".* Powder coated satin black finish.* Sold in sets…

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  5. DMT 6'' Diamond Whetstones

    DMT 6'' Diamond Whetstones

    …messy oils. The large bench stone size is perfect for kitchen knives, chisels, plane blades and more. Includes non skid rubber feet and a durable plastic storage case. Can be bench mounted. Made in USA. * Perfect fit at home or in the shop offering a sharpening surface to satisfy a variety of edge…

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  6. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture & Cabinet Construction

    The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture & Cabinet Construction

    Expert woodworker and writer Andy Rae takes the construction of furniture and breaks it into components -- from boxes, cases, doors and drawers to shelves and feet. He explains all the techniques used to build them, so you can choose the ones that are best for you. Then he shows you how to put the…

  7. Wireless Probe Driveway Alert

    Wireless Probe Driveway Alert

    …signal to receiver up to 3000 feet away* Four different tones alert to breaches from up to four different transmitters* Manufacturer: Dakota Alert The Wireless Probe Driveway Alert comes with 50 feet of direct burial wire connecting the probe to the exterior case. The probe is buried parallel to…

  8. Rockler Pen Press/Drilling Jig

    Rockler Pen Press/Drilling Jig

    …while two countersunk holes center the parts during assembly. Large clamping wheel provides slow, controlled pressure so you'll never crack a casing again. After all the careful work of turning, the worst possible thing is to have something go wrong during assembly. The Pen Press/Drilling Jig…

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  9. Slimline Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector

    Slimline Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector

    …detection circuit can be connected to your alarm panel to alert it in case anyone tries to open the sensor. Variable height adjustment allows the sensor to achieve maximum sensitivity when mounted on walls between 6 and 8 feet from the floor.Works with all hardwired alarm panels. Wires up as a…

  10. Festool Carvex Accessory Kit

    Festool Carvex Accessory Kit

    …base plates, cut circles up toten feet in diameter with the Circle Cutter attachment, and cut bevels with thetilting base! The Accessory Kit includes the full line of bases and attachmentsavailable for the Carvex, all neatly stored in a Systainer case. It represents thebest value for accessorizing…

  11. Venstar Wireless Thermostat System

    Venstar Wireless Thermostat System

    …ID Number 1 is not the current commanding transmitter.Note: To install batteries, insert a small screwdriver in the slot between case halves and carefully pry the case apart. Additional Features Include: * Auto Changeover, 2-Stage Heat & 2-Stage Cool for use with gas / electric or heat pump systems.…

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