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  1. 3°  Tilt Swivel-Select Standard or Deluxe Swivel

    3° Tilt Swivel-Select Standard or Deluxe Swivel

    Makes sitting more relaxing by tilting chair slightly backwards! Offers more comfort than swivels that keep chair seats completely flat. Use on chairs or stools with a back. * Ball bearings for smooth movement.* Standard swivel's top plate is 6-3/8" square.* Deluxe swivel's top plate is 6-7/8"…

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  2. Chair/Corner Braces

    Chair/Corner Braces

    …strength to right angle joints, crucial for helping chairs withstand the heavy racking pressures they are commonly subjected to. Chair/corner braces also work well for attaching table tops, reinforcing table legs, attaching shelves and as joinery hardware for knockdown cabinetry. Package includes 8…

  3. 1'' Slipstick® Sliders, Chocolate, 8-Pack

    1'' Slipstick® Sliders, Chocolate, 8-Pack

    …and scratch your floor when the felt shears off. Chocolate-colored rim with gray pads. Technical Details:* Slipstick Sliders are ideal for dining chairs with leveled feet and light weight furniture.* Glides easily without scratching floors.* Includes option to attach with self-stick adhesive or…

  4. Fiber Seat

    Fiber Seat

    Budget pleasing leather look a likes. Made of an extremely durable fiber and polymer blend that looks like leather when finished. Easy to stain or top coat, as shown. * Seat comes unfinished.* Swirled shield design.* Size is 14-3/8" square.* Seat area 11-3/8" x 11-1/4".* Price for single seat.

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  5. Rocking Swivel

    Rocking Swivel

    Recondition your platform rocker with this long-wearing rocking swivel.* Rocking swivel features a self-lubricating nylon bearing and five heavy duty springs.* Easy to install.* Measures 8" x 10" x 3" .

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  6. Polished Nickel Glides-Screw Chair Glides

    Polished Nickel Glides-Screw Chair Glides

    Slides smoothly over most floor types. available in either nail-on or screw on type. Nail on type has 3/4" long nail. Screw-on glides have 1/4"-20 threading x 1" long bolt and require1/4"-20 threaded inserts or t-nuts (not included). Polished nickel base with rubber cushion for shock absorption.…

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  7. Deck Chair Hardware Kit

    Deck Chair Hardware Kit

    Add to the charm and authenticity of your deck chair with Rockler's exclusive solid brass hardware kit, including deck chair mechanisms, screws, cap nuts, 36" threaded rod and 24" brass sleeves enough for one deck chair. *Proposition 65 Warning: May contain chemicals known to the state of California…

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  8. Oak Chair Braces

    Oak Chair Braces

    Quality crafted braces add charm and extra strength to existing or new chairs. These braces are similar to the original style hip rests used on chairs for many years. * Made from smoothly sanded oak and predrilled for easy installation.* Sold by pair.

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  9. 3/4" Tenon-Lok™ Wedge Rings, 12/PK

    3/4" Tenon-Lok™ Wedge Rings, 12/PK

    3/4" Tenon-Lok™ Wedge Rings for use with the 3/4" Tenon-Lok™ Dovetail Drill Bit. Package of 12.

  10. Slipstick Rubber Caster Wheels, Pack of 5

    Slipstick Rubber Caster Wheels, Pack of 5

    …a soft, specially formulated rubber tire that reduces noise when rolling on hard surfaces. With the 7/16" diameter universal stems, the casters are easy to install-just slip them into your existing sockets (sockets not included). Sold in sets of five to fit the new "no-tip" office chair standard.

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  11. Trend® Mortise & Tenon Jig

    Trend® Mortise & Tenon Jig

    …jig allows you to cut perfect-fitting mortise and tenons with a plunge router - requires only one setup to cut both pieces.* Ideal for cabinet, chair and table construction. Technical Details:* Fully adjustable for compound angle joints.* With reversible template to produce round and square end…

  12. Polished Nickel Nail On Chair Glides

    Polished Nickel Nail On Chair Glides

    Slides smoothly over most floor types. Nail on type has 3/4" long nail. Polished nickel base with rubber cushion for shock absorption.

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  13. Rectangular Leather Seats-Select size

    Rectangular Leather Seats-Select size

    Top quality choice for authenticity and durability! Our genuine leather seats are embossed with an artistic design and are a rich walnut color.* Please note: when ordering, allow for a full 1" overlay.* Rectangular seats are 2" narrower in the back.* Easy to install with upholstery nails.* This seat…

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  14. Extra Heavy Duty Swivel

    Extra Heavy Duty Swivel

    Extra strength swivel for swivel chairs, larger televisions and other heavy items. 10" square and 7/8" thick.

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  15. Screw-on Corner Braces, 4-Pack

    Screw-on Corner Braces, 4-Pack

    Whether for adding rigidity to cabinets and furniture, or for attaching padded seats to chairs and benches, these corner brackets are an easy and inexpensive add-on. They are also ideal for supporting the top rail of sink cabinets, which typically don't have enough space for a stretcher support…

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  16. Child's Rocker Hobby Kit

    Child's Rocker Hobby Kit

    …this child's rocking chair is perfect for reading, watching a movie or rocking a favorite doll to sleep. The kit includes hand-selected oak, cut to size as shown, along with dowels and a plan to show you how to put it all together. Designed with safety in mind, the rocking chair features rounded…

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  17. Self-Leveling Glides

    Self-Leveling Glides

    …on indoor and outdoor wooden furniture. Allows chairs to glide smoothly, and conforms to floor and furniture differences. Outlasts most chair glides, and eliminates chair wobble. Use on any wood furniture from chests to cabinets to couches and chairs. Engineer designed of a special plastic that's…

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  18. Chair Webbing-Options

    Chair Webbing-Options

    The comfortable stretch of this 2" wide, rubber-coated woven wrapping is excellent for chair backs and seats providing years of reliable service. Technical Details:* 2" wide* Flexible & resilient* Rubber facing* Washable & hygienic* Sold by the foot

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  19. Upholstery Nails

    Upholstery Nails

    Save time and give your upholstery a great look with your choice of Upholstery Nails! Using Upholstery Nails eliminates sewing time yet gives your project the hold it needs to keep any fabric, even leather, from slipping or moving. Both styles come in an attractive brass with your choice of a…

  20. 1'' Slipstick® Sliders, Tan, 8-Pack

    1'' Slipstick® Sliders, Tan, 8-Pack

    Protect your floors while making it easier to slide chairs in and out from the table!* 1" discs won't scratch laminate, tiles, vinyl, or slate floors* Easy to install, simply stick or screw them to chair legs in seconds* Includes eight 1"(25mm) discs with mounting screws and a quick-stick pad on…

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  21. Tap-In Glides for wood chairs.-Choose color and size

    Tap-In Glides for wood chairs.-Choose color and size

    Protect floors from marring easily and permanently with tap in glides. A unique Swedish design, these felt tipped glides are held in place by a thin-walled metal rivet. Simply tap into the bottom of wood furniture legs with a hammer. Technical Details* Available in white and brown* 7/8" and 1"…

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  22. Heavy Duty Swivel

    Heavy Duty Swivel

    Perfect for bar stools and smaller TV sets. Swivel delivers smooth rotation and holds its position well.* 6-3/4" square and 3/4" thick.

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  23. Rocker Springs

    Rocker Springs

    New life for your platform rocker! These durable standard size springs ensure years of rocking pleasure. * Measures 3-1/2" x 5-1/8" .* Price per pair.

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  24. High Chair Hardware for Removeable Tray

    High Chair Hardware for Removeable Tray

    …tray hardware allows you to easily slip the food tray of your high chair on and off for easy access and ease of cleaning. It's the perfect complement for that wooden high chair you've been building, or for that antique gem that lacks the convenient touches of today's high chairs. High chair hardware

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