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  1. 8'' Wing Compass

    8'' Wing Compass

    This industrial-grade tool is essential for laying out circles, curves and for scribing cabinets to an irregular wall surface. Two huge wings spread out up to 10-1/2" for a maximum circle diameter of 21", and close down completely to scribe even the smallest sliver for cabinetry installation. Solid…

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  2. Beam Compass

    Beam Compass

    Draw a circle, arc, or straight line the fast and easy way with the beam compass. No measuring or ruler needed. The built-in locking tape rule makes set up a breeze. Gauge slides along work for edge marking. The beam compass allows you to draw a 3-1/2 inch to 72 inch radius. Technical Details:* 2mm…

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  3. Trammel Points Kit

    Trammel Points Kit

    With adjustable mounts, these trammel points attach to various beams to create compasses of any length. Great for layout, marking, measuring and drawing any size circle or arc — especially when conventional compasses aren't big enough. Includes fine-tipped needle points and #2 pencil lead for…

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  4. AccuScribe PRO Scribing Tool

    AccuScribe PRO Scribing Tool

    …architectural moldings, tile, countertops, splash guards, and even flooring. New and improved features include:* Removable compass point.* Storage clip for compass point.* Non-rocking base that sets flat on surface or wall.* Large locking thumb knobs.* Convenient built-in pencil sharpener.*…

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  5. MPower Combination Router Base CRB7

    MPower Combination Router Base CRB7

    Realize the full potential of your router in only seconds with the easy-to-install CRB7 Multi-Function Router Base. The CRB7 arms your router with the ability to cut fully microadjustable dadoes, mortises, circles, and indexed grooves for faux paneling and shelving systems. In addition to that, the…

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  6. iGaging DigiCompass Precision Drawing and Marking Instrument

    iGaging DigiCompass Precision Drawing and Marking Instrument

    …fractions, and metric. Use it as a digital compass to scribe perfect circles, arcs, or stepping out equal distances in odd measurements. Includes a CR2030 lithium battery, replaceable points, and a tube of lead. Technical Details:* 2-in-1 digital compass and divider* Use it to scribe perfect…

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  7. Simple Scribe

    Simple Scribe

    …rests against the wall. The Simple Scribe has seven facets with scribing distances from 1/4'' to 1'' in 1/8'' increments. Unlike many ordinary compass scribes, your setting won't slide around under pressure, as it is permenantly fixed. The pencil also won't slide, as it uses a threaded interface…

  8. Woodworker's Guide to Handplanes

    Woodworker's Guide to Handplanes

    Your guide to selecting, using and maintaining a huge variety of handplanes plus plans for making a handful of your very own! The author breaks every plane down into six basic elements that are common to every plane, and demonstrates how they work. You'll also learn about planes from countries…

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