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  1. Dust Right® Hose Storage Rack-Storage Rack

    Dust Right® Hose Storage Rack-Storage Rack

    These unique racks help compress our Dust Right® Expandable Hose for fast and neatspace-saving storage. With suction power on, simply place the Dust Right® Handle (connected to the hose) on the rack's platform. A vacuum-effectcondenses 20+ feet of hose into a tidy 3 or 4 foot column. Two…

    19 Review(s)
    From: $26.29
  2. Dust Right® Master System

    Dust Right® Master System

    The secret is the innovative Dust Right® Handle. One end accepts standard 4" dust hose, while the other is perfectly sized to slip in and out of the different Dust Right® components. Just keep the Handle attached to your dust collector and you can move from task to task like never before.…

    54 Review(s)
    $82.99 $69.99

    SAVE 16%

  3. Dust Right® 4'' Spring Clips

    Dust Right® 4'' Spring Clips

    These zinc-plated spring steel holders mount to the wall in seconds and provide a perfect home for 4" diameter tools like the new Dust Right® accessories. Shown with Dust Right® Master System Handle (sold separately).

    4 Review(s)
  4. Dust Right® 4'' Swivel

    Dust Right® 4'' Swivel

    …This swiveling dust collection fitting releases tension and eliminates twists in 4" dust hose, providing greater mobility. A must-have for DustRight® users and anyone looking for easier dust hose movement. * 360° swivel action * Relieves stress on wrist when using Dust Right® system.*…

    6 Review(s)
    $15.99 $12.99

    SAVE 19%

  5. Dust Right® Combo Port

    Dust Right® Combo Port

    This versatile port expands options with fittings for either the Dust Right® Handle or standard 4" hose. It mounts to router table cabinets, downdraft table cabinets and other boxed-in dust reservoirs for either quick-release or permanent suction - your choice! The Rockler Dust Right® Handle…

    11 Review(s)
    $6.99 $5.99

    SAVE 14%

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