Ebony Wood

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  1. Katalox Lumber by the Piece

    Katalox Lumber by the Piece

    Sometimes called Mexican Ebony because of its extreme density and deepbrown color, Katalox has become known as one of the stiffest and strongestwoods available. The heartwood is a rich, dark brown with notes of violet andpurple, and darkens to nearly black with age. The creamy-white…

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  2. Ebony Turning Blanks

    Ebony Turning Blanks

    With its deep black tone and high luster, Ebony has been the natural choice for piano keyboards for centuries. Its extreme density makes it a challenge to work, but with patience the results can be stunning. Whether carved or turned, it can be polished to a gleaming, jet black finish, with smooth…

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  3. Brown Ebony Turning Blanks

    Brown Ebony Turning Blanks

    Brown Ebony features dark chocolate brown tones with a pleasing grain pattern. It has characteristics similar to Black ebony, but is less prone to "checking." It works well, is very stable, will not change color over time and polishes very nicely. Edge-grain portions have an incredible 3-D figure.…

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  4. General Finishes Sample Pack

    General Finishes Sample Pack

    Choose your stain color and consistency by bringing home actual samples to view inthe proper lighting and environment of your project. Palm-sized, dual-sided sampleboards are labeled and display finish colors and textures as they apply to real wood.Five varieties available as listed. Water-based…

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  5. Ebony Pen Blank

    Ebony Pen Blank

    This hard-to-find wood is available only while supplies last! Create beautiful, sleek pens with rich ebony pen blanks. Smooth, dark tone is a great complement to any finish of elegant pen hardware. Please note: This blank is cylindrical with a nominal dimension of 6" x 7/8"

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  6. Artisan Accents 3/8" Mortise Chisel Tool

    Artisan Accents 3/8" Mortise Chisel Tool

    Give your project the famous "Greene & Greene" look of ebony plugs with chamfered ends! It's quick and easy when you use these Artisan Accents Mortise Tools and Accents. Features:* Saves time by chiseling only what you need* Makes a perfect outline for Artisan Accents* Mortise Tools have durable…

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  7. Exotic 3 Square Foot Veneer Packs

    Exotic 3 Square Foot Veneer Packs

    …of exotic wood species. Each pack features a total of 3 square feet of inspiring exotic veneer sheets. Each sheet is between 4 1/2" to 6 1/2" wide and 12" long with a 2/83" thickness. These veneer packs are available in in Ambrosia Maple, Anegre, Bubinga, Bubinga Waterfall, Ebony, Figured Lyptus,…

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  8. General Finishes Water Based Stain

    General Finishes Water Based Stain

    …ultra penetrating stains. Designed to work like solvent-based stains, they feature deep rich tones that enhance the wood grain and produce vibrant colors — especially on woods like cherry, walnut and maple. Dye stains can also be used as a toner when mixed with certain water-based topcoats.

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