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  1. Rockler Adjustable Table Featherboard

    Rockler Adjustable Table Featherboard

    Table featherboard is designed to keep wood snug against fence for a safer and cleaner cut when ripping, routing, or drilling. Ideal for use with any tool that has a standard 3/8" x 3/4" miter slot. Expandable miter track bars provide maximum holding power. Features two easy-to-grip star knobs to…

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  2. Rockler Retrofit Double Featherboard Kit

    Rockler Retrofit Double Featherboard Kit

    …increase your featherboard height for vertical routing operations by adding this kit to your existing Rockler Table Featherboard (#53677). Don't have a Rockler Featherboard yet? Purchase the retrofit kit with our Rockler Table Featherboard (available below) to make a double featherboard for applying…

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  3. Rockler Fence Featherboard

    Rockler Fence Featherboard

    An absolute must for precision and safety, this tough polymer fence featherboard can be used in both infeed and outfeed applications. The featherboard mounts with the included heavy duty T-bolts and large, easy-to-grip threaded knobs. Fits all Rockler T-slot fences and can be used with material up…

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  4. Rockler Double Featherboard

    Rockler Double Featherboard

    * Features two easy-to-grip locking knobs that safely position featherboard in place.* Unique, expandable miter track bars provide maximum holding power.* For use with table saws, router tables, drill presses - any tool with a standard miter slot.

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  5. Bench Dog® Feather-Loc® (Pair) 40-011

    Bench Dog® Feather-Loc® (Pair) 40-011

    Featherboards can be used with the fence or on the router table and can be flipped for operations in either direction. The durable polymer retains its flex memory and will not mar your workpiece. The exclusive built-in setup feather makes setting the tension fast, easy, and repeatable. * Slides…

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  6. Bench Dog® Single Feather-Loc®, Multi-Purpose Featherboard

    Bench Dog® Single Feather-Loc®, Multi-Purpose Featherboard

    Feather-Loc® protects your hands and helps prevent kickback, binding, and bent blades. Use it on the table saw to keep long stock tight against the rip fence, or attach it to your fence to prevent workpieces from lifting during a cut. It features integral fittings for T-slots and includes a…

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  7. Rockler Miter Slot Hardware Kit

    Rockler Miter Slot Hardware Kit

    Make your own jigs and hold-downs!* Excellent for attaching featherboards, hold-downs and special jigs to your table saw, router table, disc sander or any other tool with a standard 3/4" wide x 3/8" deep miter gauge slot. Hardware kit allows you to make your own jigs and hold-downs. * 4-3/4" long…

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  8. Magswitch Universal Featherboard

    Magswitch Universal Featherboard

    The easiest featherboard you have ever used! Works on both sides of the blade, and even the fence. Low profile and double sided, this is the ultimate featherboard from Magswitch. Works to improve your cutting results on either side of the blade. Also designed to work on any cast-iron fence to hold…

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  9. 6-Piece Router Table Accessory Kits

    6-Piece Router Table Accessory Kits

    …various bit openings for minimal clearance capabilities. Also included with each kit is three featherboards for better consistency and to prevent kickback ensuring safety during routing. Two of the featherboards mount to the fence, exerting pressure down toward the table, while the third mounts to…

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  10. Magswitch Vertical Featherboard Attachment

    Magswitch Vertical Featherboard Attachment

    The Vertical Featherboard Attachment With Risers tool is for use with the Magswitch Pro Table Featherboard and Magswitch Workholding System. When attached to the Pro Table Featherboard or Workholding System, the Vertical Featherboard Attachment can be mounted in a vertical position from the top for…

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  11. Feather-Loc® Value Kit

    Feather-Loc® Value Kit

    …factor in your shop with this value-priced 3-pack from Bench Dog Tools! You get:* One Blade-Loc for safer blade changes* Two Feather-Loc® featherboards to protects your hands during cutting* Bench Dog Tools lifetime quality and durability guarantee You can't put a price tag on personal safety,…

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  12. Micro Jig GRR-Ripper® Basic 3D Push Block System GR-100

    Micro Jig GRR-Ripper® Basic 3D Push Block System GR-100

    The GRR-Ripper is a precision, guidance, and 3D Push Block System designed to feed wood on a table saw safer than you can with your hands alone and more accurate and more precise than with conventional push blocks. The results will be better projects with less waste and fingers intact. With its…

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  13. Bench Dog® Tandem Feather-Loc®

    Bench Dog® Tandem Feather-Loc®

    The height of two featherboards in one easy-to-use accessory! Use this tough polymer attachment on 1/4" T-tracks or standard miter slots to secure tall stock for safe, clean cutting. Great for edge routing tall panels, resawing stock on the band saw, or ensuring chatter-free cuts on the table saw.…

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  14. Rockler 4-Piece Safety Kit

    Rockler 4-Piece Safety Kit

    …exclusive magnetic push stick with ergonomic handle for table saw and router table use; 2 angled push blocks for jointer and router table applications; plus table featherboard that fits standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter slots with expandable miter track bars for maximum holding power.

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  15. Grip Tite Magnetic Feather Board

    Grip Tite Magnetic Feather Board

    Setting up a featherboard has never been so easy. Just hold the Grip-Tite Magnetic Featherboard next to your workpiece and drop it into place-the super strong magnets cling tenaciously to any ferrous metal table or fence. Grip-Tite featherboard applies both downward and sideways pressure, keeping…

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  16. Micro Jig MJ Splitter™ for Table Saw

    Micro Jig MJ Splitter™ for Table Saw

    …simple to use, exact, and extremely effective. Produces virtually burn-free cuts! Technical Details:* Low-profile splitter also serves as a mini featherboard for the keeper piece behind the saw blade.* Designed to be used on a Zero Clearance Insert with or without the Micro Jig GRR-Ripper System.*…

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  17. Incra® Miter Slider Bars

    Incra® Miter Slider Bars

    …adjustable aluminum runner for perfect sliding action and can be locked in place for stationary table saw and router table jigs. Make your own featherboards, small and large crosscut boxes, 45° miter jig and your own jig designs. Won't warp, swell or shrink (unlike wooden runners), so the jigs…

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  18. Rockler Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

    Rockler Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

    …Try angling the blade for a truly unique shape. Ingenious clamping system secures the fences using the 3/4" miter slots on the saw table. Large, easy grip knobs make for quick, tool-free setups. Included featherboard kit holds stock firmly to the table for added safety, precision and repeatability.

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  19. Rockler Pro Router Table Fence

    Rockler Pro Router Table Fence

    …melamine-coated MDF fence faces are adjustable for low- and zero-clearance routing, while the front- and rear-facing universal T-tracks accept featherboards, stops, hold-downs, and more. The fence also includes an integrated translucent bit guard and a 2-1/2" dust port. Technical Details:* A…

  20. Magswitch Pro Table Featherboard

    Magswitch Pro Table Featherboard

    This magnetic featherboard delivers fast, easy setup and adjustment anywhere on a steel table - you're not limited to miter slot locations! Patented Magswitch technology allows powerful magnetic force to be turned on and off. Simply turn knobs clockwise to engage the magnets; turn counter-clockwise…

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  21. Bench Dog® Miter Slot Adapter 10-012

    Bench Dog® Miter Slot Adapter 10-012

    This adapter attaches to a Bench Dog® Feather-Loc® featherboard (sold separately) to allow you to secure the Feather-Loc® to any 3/8" x 3/4" miter slot.

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  22. Bench Dog 3-Piece Safety Kit

    Bench Dog 3-Piece Safety Kit

    Save compared to buying individually! 3-Pc. Safety KitMake safety a #1 priority in your shop with this 3-Pc. Safety Kit! Includes a Feather-Loc that prevents kickback by keeping stock tight against your fence; a Magnetic Push Stick that keeps your hands and fingers a safe distance from the blade,…

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  23. Bench Dog Tools® TiterMiter™ Miter Slot and Accessory Track

    Bench Dog Tools® TiterMiter™ Miter Slot and Accessory Track

    …TiterMiter track also features three 1/4'' accessory T-tracks, one on top and two on the bottom, for mounting a variety of accessories such as featherboards, stops and power switches. Made in USA. * Standard 3/4'' x 3/8'' t-bar miter slot fits most miter gauges* Track can also be adjusted to fit…

  24. Magswitch Pro Fence Featherboard

    Magswitch Pro Fence Featherboard

    The Magswitch Pro Fence Featherboard is perfect for holding wood down on any steel woodworking table tool fence. Features two on/off Magswitches with 150lb/67kg holding force each. Use for right side feed on Table Saw or Band Saw blade. Low profile. Precise easy tensioning. Technical Details:* Ideal…

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