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  1. 4'' Trim Gauge™ Multi-Purpose Tool

    4'' Trim Gauge™ Multi-Purpose Tool

    …of workshop tasks: set trim and hardware, level, establish reveals, adjust power tool settings, scribe lines, repetitive measurements and depth gauge. Technical Details:* Reveal is built into both sides of the tool for fast and accurate trim installation.* Simply place it alongside your window or…

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  2. Kreg® Multi-Mark Layout Tool

    Kreg® Multi-Mark Layout Tool

    …of measuring, marking and layout tasks with just one tool! TheMulti-Mark is a layout tool, T-square, torpedo level, trimming tool, depth gauge and more all in one unit. A three-way adjustable rule functions as a depth gauge, miter layout tool or traditional 6" ruler with standard scales to 1/16"…

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  3. Laguna Tools Platinum Series Universal Sliding Table System

    Laguna Tools Platinum Series Universal Sliding Table System

    …16" (222 mm x 406 mm)* Support legs: 2* Miter gauge length: 31" (787 mm)* Miter gauge extension: 10" (total length 41") 254 mm (total length 1041 mm)* Miter gauge stops: +45°, 90°, -45°* Miter gauge range: +50° to -50°* Miter gauge flip stops: 1* Table fixing method: 3 fixing…

  4. Nova 10-in-1 Chuck Gauge

    Nova 10-in-1 Chuck Gauge

    This tool combines all of the turner's most commonly used gauges into one efficient device. It includes a dovetail gauge, diameter gauge, center finder, dowel gauge, angle checker, dovetail marking tool, ruler, protractor and faceplate marking tool. With over 10 functions, you'll work faster and…

  5. AccuScribe PRO Scribing Tool

    AccuScribe PRO Scribing Tool

    …and awkward applications such as scribing around windows and doors. Ideal for transferring lines (for siding around windows), flooring, marking gauge applications, and scribing circles and radii. Loaded with new and improved features! The AccuScribe PRO makes it easy to maintain a consistent scribe…

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  6. Spindle Gauge

    Spindle Gauge

    Use this handy spindle gauge to check turned diameters on your lathe. Also great for a quick check of dowel diameters from 1/8" to 1". The spindle gauge has 16 increments of 1/8" per increment. Technical Details * Check spindle diameters from 1/8" to 1" * Perfect for checking dowel diameters * 16…

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  7. Depth Gauge

    Depth Gauge

    Metal rule depth gauge helps set the height of router bits and saw blades with greater accuracy.* Self-standing for setting cutter depth on router tables and low profile for backfence adjustment. * Horizontal and vertical measuring.* For hand routers, router tables and table saws.* With 2-3/8" wide…

  8. Incra Miter Gauge V27

    Incra Miter Gauge V27

    Compact size makes this the most affordable Incra miter gauge ever!* Engineered to provide high performance for your table saw, band saw, router table, disk sander, belt sander or any other tool in need of a better miter gauge. Technical Details:* Features exclusive AngleLock indexing system*…

  9. Universal Tape Gauge

    Universal Tape Gauge

    The Universal Tape Gauge is a new and patented tool for use with any standard tape measure which provides highly accurate inside and outside measurements that can be accurate to 1/64" or better. The UTG eliminates the old and inaccurate method of bending the tape measure to take an inside…

  10. Betterley UNA-GAUGE Universal Alignment and Adjustment Gauge

    Betterley UNA-GAUGE Universal Alignment and Adjustment Gauge

    Get the tool alignment and adjustment gauge Fine Woodworking magazine calls "the best we've seen." From spindle and arbor runout to blade alignment, dado depth, router bit height and more, the Betterley UNA-GAUGE packs an amazing range of measurement capabilities into a single tool. Features:*…

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  11. Digital Wheel Marking Gauge

    Digital Wheel Marking Gauge

    …compartment.* Beveled wheel cutter pulls gauge against stock.* Slices through grain rather than tearing, or following the grain.* Screw in wheel cutter is recessed for easy zeroing, and also enables the gauge to be used as a depth gauge.* Area where bar enters gauge face is recessed to prevent dust…

  12. iGaging Ebony Marking/Mortise Gauge

    iGaging Ebony Marking/Mortise Gauge

    …ebony, this marking gauge is an excellent value, yet cuts no corners when it comes to quality. And when it comes time to cut those mortises, the fine lines laid out by this gauge will guarantee precise results. One side of the beam has two pins for use as a mortise gauge when laying out the outlines…

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  13. Incra® Miter V120 Gauge

    Incra® Miter V120 Gauge

    …more expensive miter gauges without the high price-point. Designed for smooth, slop-free use on a wide variety of tools, it includes a removable T-clip to ensure compatibility with any tool with a standard, or near standard, 3/4" x 3/8" miter slot (many older or smaller tools have miter channels…

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  14. Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

    Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

    …Zero button calibrates the gauge to any reference surface.* No more errors in parallax from reading the angle gauges on your miter saw.* Includes 3.0V battery.* Digital gauge with large easy-to-read LCD.* Built-in super strong magnets secure the angle gauge to any ferrous metal saw blade.*…

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  15. Rockler Wheel Marking Gauge

    Rockler Wheel Marking Gauge

    This versatile gauge lets you make perfect hairline layout marks both with and across wood grain. The hardened steel cutting wheel is beveled on one side, creating a natural pull that forces the face of the gauge against your work piece for straight, wander-free marks. Features a solid brass body,…

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  16. Router Depth Gauge

    Router Depth Gauge

    Easy and accurate depth adjustments from 1/8" to 1". Now you can determine perfect settings in precise 1/16" increments. Made from heavy duty aluminum.

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  17. Bolt Size-It Gauge

    Bolt Size-It Gauge

    Quickly and easily size bolts, screws, nuts and twist drills! Bolt Size-It also features ruler marked with inches and millimeters.* Gauge metric hex nuts and washers by holding under metric holes.* Resists water, alcohol, oil and grease.* Hard plastic.

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  18. Biscuit Cutter Gauge

    Biscuit Cutter Gauge

    This gauge shows the exact width and depth of sizes 0, 10 and 20 biscuits slots, allowing you to determine which biscuit size will fit before cutting (and potentially blowing out an edge). Once correctly positioned, the pencil slots allow you to perfectly center your marks. Gauge shows actual cut,…

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  19. Digital Sliding T-Bevel Gauge

    Digital Sliding T-Bevel Gauge

    …shut-off feature. 8" stainless steel blade with impact-resistant ABS handle. Includes one CR2032 3V lithium battery. Technical Details:* 2-in-1 tool takes the guesswork out of angle measurement and duplication* Large digital angle readout* Holds measurement for transfers* Reverse Display button,…

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  20. iGaging Snap Depth Gauge

    iGaging Snap Depth Gauge

    Measure depths from 0 to 4" with inch, metric or fraction readout modes! Springloadedtravel provides accuracy to 0.001". Check the depth of slots, dovetails, mortises,dadoes and more. Quickly quantify table saw runout and measure the flatness of yourblade. Interchangeable 1" and 2" measuring bars…

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  21. 45 Degree Stainless Steel Miter Gauge

    45 Degree Stainless Steel Miter Gauge

    This solid steel gauge is perfect for quick miter layout and tool setup. Mark 45° linesfor picture frames, corner molding, box constructions and more. Stand it upright andprep saw blades or drill press tables for angled applications. The interior windowmakes marking parallel lines fast and easy.…

  22. Incra Miter Gauge 1000

    Incra Miter Gauge 1000

    …sliding stop positioner. Whether it's your basic 90° cut-off, simple pictures frames, complex compound miters, or a 20-sided object, the Miter Gauge 1000 delivers perfect repeatable accuracy every time. Technical Details:* Precision angle indexing teeth are laser cut in solid steel to lock in 41…

  23. Thread Detective Screw Gauge

    Thread Detective Screw Gauge

    …Detective is the perfect tool. Available in standard or metric, it features clearly marked gauges for quick identification ofbolt size, nut diameter and thread pitch. Standard gauges are black with 14 measuring gauges. Metric gauges are red with 11 measuring gauges. Includes heavy-wire lanyard…

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  24. 45/90 Degree Stainless Steel Miter Gauge

    45/90 Degree Stainless Steel Miter Gauge

    …you stow it easily in your shop apron. Use this versatile gauge to set up miters, scribe parallel lines, square tools, and more. Additional Features:* Metric scales on both sides* Heavy-duty stainless steel construction* Interior windows let you scribe facing 45° lines without flipping the gauge

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