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  1. Clamp Handle Grips

    Clamp Handle Grips

    Add comfort and better grip to your hand clamps.* One size fits most of your K-body, F-style and hand screw clamps.* Easy to install.* Contains four grips. You can easily install clamp handle grips in minutes with a few simple shop supplies you already have handy (sandpaper and glue). ID - approx…

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  2. Irwin SL300 Quick-Grip Clamp Set

    Irwin SL300 Quick-Grip Clamp Set

    …has square edges, these clamps feature a swiveling jaw that conforms to angled surfaces and combats the inevitable flexing that occurs with resin clamps. It also features a spring-loaded, quick-change screw that makes it easy to reverse the fixed end and transform the clamp to a high-performance…

  3. Bessey Clutch Style F-Clamps

    Bessey Clutch Style F-Clamps

    These clamps generate up to 600 pounds of force, and they hold firmly with their serrated steel rails and double clutch system. The wooden handles are comfortable to grip, and the non-marring pads make clamping more delicate items a worry-free process. Powder coated, ductile cast iron jaws. 2-1/2"…

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  4. Bessey® K Body® REVO Parallel Clamps

    Bessey® K Body® REVO Parallel Clamps

    …by simply angling the comfortable Power-Grip handle. Plus, each clamp includes two slip-on workpiece supports that attach to the rail, providing a stable base and preventing direct contact between the clamp and the actual workpiece. Compatible with K-P clamp blocks and the K-Body Clamp Extender.

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  5. Re-Grip Tool Handle Grip for Hand and Garden Tools

    Re-Grip Tool Handle Grip for Hand and Garden Tools

    …rugged, shock-absorbent grip on virtually any tool handle with Re-Grip's incredibly easy system–just pull on the end of the spiral core, and watch your new grip clamp itself onto the handle as the core unravels. The thick, grippy rubber material allows a more relaxed grip and absorbs shock,…

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  6. Irwin Quick-Grip 6'' Mini Bar Clamps, 2-Pack

    Irwin Quick-Grip 6'' Mini Bar Clamps, 2-Pack

    …Mini Bar Clamps are sold in packs of two. The Irwin 12" Quick-Grip Mini Bar Clamps (#48329) are also available. Technical Details:* Irwin Quick-Grip 6" Mini Bar Clamps open to 6-3/4". * The clamp's throat depth is 2-1/2".* High carbon, heat treated steel bar.* Soft, pliable clamp pads protect…

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  7. Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit

    Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit

    Use Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers alone on the bench to grip and protect your workpieces, or use them with the included standard risers and XL risers to fix them to your dog holes or to allow space for a router bit or jigsaw blade beneath the workpiece. The Master Kit even includes eight…

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  8. Irwin® Quick-Grip® SL300 Clamps

    Irwin® Quick-Grip® SL300 Clamps

    …the clamp to its other function - a high-performance spreader. The screw also eliminates rattle in the end jaw. A heavy-duty I-Beam Bar allows you to apply 300 lbs. of clamping pressure with minimal bending and flexing. All these improvements come without any added weight, so the clamp retains…

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  9. Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

    Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

    …would cost a fortune from the lumberyard. Try angling the blade for a truly unique shape. Ingenious clamping system secures the fences using the 3/4" miter slots on the saw table. Large, easy grip knobs make for quick, tool-free setups. Included featherboard kit holds stock firmly to the table for…

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  10. 2-In-1 Pistol Grip Clamps, 12''

    2-In-1 Pistol Grip Clamps, 12''

    …the pistol grip to tighten.* To loosen, trip the trigger release and slide the clamp open.* Clamping heads slip off easily without tools so the clamp can be used as a spreader, or for linking the clamps for use as a frame clamp.* When used as a framing clamp, the perpendicular clamp can be pivoted…

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  11. Kreg Large Face Clamp, with Soft Grip Handles

    Kreg Large Face Clamp, with Soft Grip Handles

    clamp is the ideal size for pocket hole joinery on larger work pieces. A large clamping pad ensures perfectly flush joint lines and won't damage your wood. Without a clamp like this, the joint can sometimes misalign if the screw follows the grain of the wood. To use, place the large pad of the clamp

  12. Wooden Handscrew Clamps

    Wooden Handscrew Clamps

    clamps available, all featuring solid steel clamping elements and redesigned hardwood handles that accept new comfortable rubber grips (39105, sold separately). * 8" clamps: Maximum jaw opening: 4-5/8"; Throat depth: 4" * 10" clamps: Maximum jaw opening: 6-1/8"; Throat depth: 5"* 12" clamps: Maximum…

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  13. Jet® Parallel Clamps

    Jet® Parallel Clamps

    Upgrade your workbench clamps and get the largest clamping surface in the industry! * Jaw depth is 4-1/8".* Features non-marring composite resin jaw faces that provide even clamping pressure. Jaws also reverse as a spreader.* Ergonomic handle has soft grip for added comfort and increased torque.*…

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  14. Bessey® K Body® REVO Jr. Parallel Clamps

    Bessey® K Body® REVO Jr. Parallel Clamps

    …providing a stable base and preventing direct contact between the clamp and the actual workpiece. Plus, they deliver 900 lbs. of high-pressure clamping, even at 90°. And they have a powerful spreading feature for easy tear-down. Compatible with KP clamp blocks and the K Body Clamp Extender.

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  15. Frame Clamping Kit with Bessey K-Body Revo Parallel Clamps

    Frame Clamping Kit with Bessey K-Body Revo Parallel Clamps

    …between the clamp and the actual workpiece. Compatible with K-P clamp blocks and the K-Body Clamp Extender. Bessey K-P Clamp Blocks: This rail and stile clamping kit from Bessie provides perfect squareness when clamping doors, frames, and more. K-P Blocks allow you to cross your clamps without…

  16. Cable Clamp

    Cable Clamp

    Get a grip on all your cables. Just gather together your cable or wires and place them between the Cable Clamp "jaws," close the clamp, then squeeze the jaws together. To reopen, just push the trigger and pull open the jaws! It's perfect for stereos, computers, TVs, shop tools and more. The Package…

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  17. Jet® Parallel Clamp Kit

    Jet® Parallel Clamp Kit

    …40" parallel clamps featuring the largest clamping surface in the industry – plus four framing blocks for squaring up assemblies and four bench dogs! Clamps feature a 4-1/8" jaw depth, jaws that can reverse to convert clamp to a spreader, and ergonomic handles with soft grip for added comfort…

  18. Mini Deluxe Hold-Down Clamp

    Mini Deluxe Hold-Down Clamp

    …to fit into T-tracks on drillpresses, router tables and more. Technical Details:* Crafted of solid anodized aluminum.* Clamps material up to 2-1/2" thick.* Rubber tips help grip and protect workpiece.* 5/16" T-bolt is compatible with our Universal T-Track.Best Used With:* Rockler Universal T-Tracks*…

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  19. Bessey® Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp

    Bessey® Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp

    …down gripping power with Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps! These truly versatile clamps automatically adjust to your work and are ideal for jigs, short runs, and quick-set ups. Other than a one-time clamping force setting, no manual adjustments are necessary; simply put your work in place and clamp

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  20. Quick-Release Bar Clamp Rack

    Quick-Release Bar Clamp Rack

    …the steel, it can pack up to 15 quick-release bar clamps into a space only 24-3/8" long. The pads on your clamps hook over the trough at the back of the rack, so they won't wobble free, and there's no need to close the clamps for storage. The clamp rack is drilled 16" on center for mounting to wall…

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  21. Kreg Premium Face Clamp

    Kreg Premium Face Clamp

    …joinery, the broad clamp faces and deep throat on the Premium Kreg Face Clamp enable you to clamp directly over the joint line, ensuring a perfectly flush seam. Without a face clamp, the pocket screw can follow the grain of the wood, resulting in misalignment. The vise-grip style clamp action makes…

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  22. Kreg Right Angle Clamp

    Kreg Right Angle Clamp

    Now with soft-grip handles for added comfort! Align your pocket-hole work pieces in perfect 90° registration with this solid steel clamp. A 3/8" steel dowel fits perfectly into pocket holes, anchoring the workpiece firmly against the adjoining piece. On the opposite arm, a 180° swiveling pad…

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  23. One-Hand Ratcheting Band Clamp

    One-Hand Ratcheting Band Clamp

    Adjust to size automatically with just the push of a button!* Easy-to-use ratcheting handle allows for true one-hand operation and fine precise adjustments. Provides positive, even pressure for a wide range of woodworking projects.* Quick-release button retracts the band for fast, easy setup and…

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  24. Quick-Set Post-Handle Clamp

    Quick-Set Post-Handle Clamp

    The easy-grip handle on this clamp makes rock-solid holds easier. Enjoy a 350-pound holding capacity and a 5/16-18 Quick-Set pressure adapter for fast and easy depth adjustments. Patented.* Arm length: 2-3/4"* Arm height: 1-1/4"* Base dimensions: 1-3/4" x 1-3/8"

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