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  1. Surface Mounted Hinge

    Surface Mounted Hinge

    A 90° stop holds lids in a secure upright position, which is perfect for hampers and boxes.* Spring-closing overlay hinge.* Hinge doubles as a lid support.* Price per pair.

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  2. Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge Lid Support, Satin Nickel

    Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge Lid Support, Satin Nickel

    …inch-pounds, suggest using two 60 inch-pound hinges. If three or more hinges are required, the support capacity of the outside hinges must be the same. It is also suggested that hinge configuration is symmetrical. Installation Instructions: * Step 1: Attach hinge to lid with 3/4" screws (included).…

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    From: $24.99
  3. Blum® 100° Inset Clip Top 3-Way Hinges for Frameless Applications

    Blum® 100° Inset Clip Top 3-Way Hinges for Frameless Applications

    …beauty of your cabinetry with elegant concealed European hinges! These Blum® 100° CLIP Hinges give you an affordable option for retrofitting old doors or new construction. Features 3-way adjustability. For added convenience, use the Hinge Cup Drilling Jig A (53833) with your drill press to…

  4. No-Mortise Chest Hinge

    No-Mortise Chest Hinge

    No-mortise chest hinge has wrap-around flange that gives you extra support. Flange hinge easily surface mounts.

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  5. 270° Overlay Hinge

    270° Overlay Hinge

    …overlay hinges swing the door completely around to the exterior side of the cabinet wall, so they're the perfect choice when you want the door out of the way for either access or aesthetic reasons. They offer the strength of a wrap-around hinge, the convenience of a no-mortise hinge and the maximum…

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  6. 105° Clip Top Statuary Bronze Overlay Hinges

    105° Clip Top Statuary Bronze Overlay Hinges

    …three-way adjustment for frameless applications with these 105° Clip Top Statuary Bronze Overlay Hinges! Easy to install and adjust, and ideal for custom furniture where you don't want a hinge to stand out. 35mm cup with 5mm mounting plate. Includes screws and instructions. Technical Details*…

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  7. 175° Fully Concealed Hinges

    175° Fully Concealed Hinges

    Fully concealed hinges swing the door out of the way for pullout shelves, and surface mounting ensures perfect and simple installations. Use for inset, full- and half-overlay applications. Nickel-plated, self-closing. #6 x 5/8" mounting screws included. Price is per pair.

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  8. Non-Mortise Hinges - Flat Tip

    Non-Mortise Hinges - Flat Tip

    …these easy-to-install Non-Mortise Hinges! Simply mount one side of the flat-tip hinge to your cabinet edge and the other to the back of the door or lid – no need to cut mortises! For use on cabinet doors, interior shutters, drop-leaf desks and in many more hinge applications. Durable steel in…

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    From: $2.99
  9. Surface-Mount Face-Frame Hinge

    Surface-Mount Face-Frame Hinge

    At last! A non-mortise, self-closing concealed hinge for face-frame cabinets! These hinges make it easier than ever to get great looking cabinets without having to pre-bore doors or create shims. Designed for use on materials from 5/8" to 3/4" thick, they allow overlays of 1/2" to 5/8" (depending on…

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  10. Brusso Solid Brass Small Box Stop Hinges

    Brusso Solid Brass Small Box Stop Hinges

    Working like a support, these solid brass hinges can hold lids open beyond a vertical position, up to 95°. Excellent for all small-box applications, including your most special products. Listed width per single leaf and in closed position. Price per pair Sizes below list leaves in closed…

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    From: $30.99
  11. Lift-O-Mat® Gas Spring Lid Support

    Lift-O-Mat® Gas Spring Lid Support

    Effortless opening of doors and lids! Gas springs are the ideal choice for cabinet doors and lid supports that open upward. You'll get soft and quiet closing, plus smooth motion and stopping. Each set includes two gas springs and four mounting brackets. (Screws not included). Available in Black…

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  12. Soft Down Lid Supports

    Soft Down Lid Supports

    …supports offer the security of gentle descent for applications with top-opening flap door.* Suggested for applications with concealed, piano, or butt hinges* Used in Pairs* Designed to hold door in fully opened position With a range of 60-86" /pound per support and 121-173" /pound per pair (formula:…

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  13. Twin Pin Sewing Machine Hinges-Select Option

    Twin Pin Sewing Machine Hinges-Select Option

    …of highest quality solid extruded brass. These hinges have twin pin joints with steel pins and recessed knuckles on the top for a perfectly flat surface. Solid extruded brass with a polished finish. Standard Hinges are 1-3/16" x 2-3/4". The Narrow Hinges are 1/2" wide by 3" long. Price per pair.

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    From: $12.59
  14. Hinge Cup Drilling Jigs

    Hinge Cup Drilling Jigs

    …On Face Frame Hinges* Blum 110° Cross-Corner Hinges* Blum 95° Blind-Corner Hinges Hinge Cup Jig B is used on these hinges:* Blum Nickel Plated Face Frame Hinges Hinge Cup Jig C is used on these hinges:* Mini Blum Clip-On Hinges Hinge Cup Jig D is used on these hinges:* Blum Bi-Fold Hinge

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  15. Invisible Link 180° Hinge

    Invisible Link 180° Hinge

    Hinge is mortised into the edges of the door and cabinet, and are totally concealed from view when doors or leaves are closed.* Allows a close fit (only 1/32" gap) between the door and frame.* Dimensions of wing: 1/2" wide x 1- 1/2" long.* Use on 3/4" stock.* Use on inset door applications.* Price…

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  16. Brass-Plated Drop Leaf Hinges for Shaped Edges

    Brass-Plated Drop Leaf Hinges for Shaped Edges

    …that in rule-joint applications, a channel is required in the underside of the table to accept the knuckle of the hinge.) Fixed-pin design. Sold in pairs, with mounting screws included. Hinges measure 1-1/2" wide and 3-3/16" long. Note: Always install the longer half of the hinge on the table leaf.

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  17. Overlay Hinges   1/2" Overlay

    Overlay Hinges 1/2" Overlay

    Convenient snap-closing hinges for 1/2" overlays available in six finishes. Price per pair. Mounting screws included.* 180 degree opening* Snap close

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    From: $2.89
  18. Toy Box Lid Supports-Right Mount

    Toy Box Lid Supports-Right Mount

    Ideal for toy boxes, lid supports prevent chest lids from accidentally slamming shut on fingers. Lid supports feature a solid brass slide with a statuary bronze finish. Available in right-side configuration in three load ratings. Technical Details * Allows lid to open to 85 degrees * Use on boxes…

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  19. Post-Plated Continuous Hinges-Nickel

    Post-Plated Continuous Hinges-Nickel

    With deluxe post-plated finishes and end-to-end support, these piano hinges combine flawless appearance with unwavering stability, making them perfect for a wide range of applications. Countersunk screw holes every 2" ensure maximum strength, while slotted holes at both ends allow for simple…

    From: $15.49
  20. 30mm Easy Mortise Hinges

    30mm Easy Mortise Hinges

    Featuring a Bronze finish, these 30mm mortise hinges are both a good value and easy to install. Ideal for folding doors. Technical Details:* Open size is 1-15/16" Long x 1-3/16" Wide* Bronze finish* Packaged in pairs, screws included* 30mm carbide Forstner bit sold separately

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  21. Butt Hinges for Small Boxes-1/2" Height

    Butt Hinges for Small Boxes-1/2" Height

    Basic surface-mounted hinges for a variety of small-scale projects such as jewelry boxes, cases and small cabinets. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes-scroll down to see the full selection. All dimensions listed are for the hinge in the open position. Flat-backed for surface mounting.…

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  22. Aximat Hinges with 270° Swing

    Aximat Hinges with 270° Swing

    …Doors open fully to the outside of the cabinet. A 270° swing and 1/4" inside clearance team up for unbeatable cabinet access. These overlay hinges surface-mount on cabinets and use 35mm mounting cups on doors, providing complete adjustability. Use on 3/4" stock. Available in black or nickel…

  23. WP-1R Overlay Door Pivot Hinge

    WP-1R Overlay Door Pivot Hinge

    * Overlay Door Pivot Hinge* Material: 304 stainless steel* Finish: Satin* Screws not included* Door size: Max. 300W x 700H* Door weight: Max. 1.8kg/pr(3.9 lbs/pr) * Catalog Page (PDF format)

  24. Adjustable Lid Support

    Adjustable Lid Support

    …for lids or drop fronts up to 20 lbs. The angle opening can be set at 75 degrees or 90 degrees depending on how brackets are mounted. It's even demountable: Brackets can be mounted without the support arm attached, and the support arm can be removed! Lid or drop-front requires separate hinges.

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