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  1. 4-1/4'' Reach Hold-Down Clamp

    4-1/4'' Reach Hold-Down Clamp

    Use this clamp for wedging the workpiece against your bench. 4-1/4" reach. 8-1/4" long. 11/16" diameter.

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  2. Mini Deluxe Hold-Down Clamp

    Mini Deluxe Hold-Down Clamp

    At only 3" long, this compact version of our popular Deluxe Hold-Down Clamp is ideal for smaller work surfaces, such as benchtop router tables and shop-made jigs. Non-marring rubber tips are ideal for working with soft woods, pre-finished panels, or anything that's already been prep sanded.…

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  3. Hold Down Clamp, 5-1/2''L x 1-1/8''W

    Hold Down Clamp, 5-1/2''L x 1-1/8''W

    These Hold Down Clamps feature non-marring rubber tips that are ideal for working with soft woods, pre-finished panels, or anything that's already been prep sanded. The rubber clamp faces also help to grip the workpiece for better safety and accuracy. In addition, they have a wide aluminum body,…

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  4. Multi Track for Jigs and Custom Fences-Multi Track

    Multi Track for Jigs and Custom Fences-Multi Track

    With Universal T-Tracks on every face, these 36" tracks are full of potential - use them to create custom fences, jigs and fixtures. Once assembled, the multiple tracks give you countless options for attaching stops, hold-downs, sub-fences and more. Available in 2-1/4" and 3" heights. Multi Track…

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  5. Bench Accessory Kit

    Bench Accessory Kit

    …Two hold down clamps for keeping your work piece against your bench and four Bench Dogs that hold your stock in place while belt sanding, hand planing or for securing other objects. Technical Details: Non-Slip Router Pad* 24" W x 36" L* Made of joined rubber squares* Black color Hold Down Clamps*…

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  6. QuickSet Pressure Adapters

    QuickSet Pressure Adapters

    Finally, a simple replacement for the tedious double-nut fitting on most hold-down toggle clamps! Change depth-of-pressure in seconds with the adjustable rubber foot, and for movement in-and-out along the arm just loosen a single set screw and adjust away. A comfortable locking knob caps it all…

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  7. False Front Hinged Slides and Customized Wrist Rest-Select Option

    False Front Hinged Slides and Customized Wrist Rest-Select Option

    …it down. You won't find a better value for a slide and platform system that functions and looks this good. Technical Details:* Incorporated hinges are attached to the tops of the slides, which make it easy to attach a false front drawer. When you pull the drawer out, the false front flips down and…

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  8. Taper / Straight Line Jig

    Taper / Straight Line Jig

    …easy — each mark represents 1° of taper.* Dual tape measures provide convenient reference and also help set angles.* Two wide-body hold down clamps prevent stock from drifting dangerously from your fence.* Clamps have non-marring rubber caps for enhanced grip.* Three adhesive strips…

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  9. 17-Piece Universal T-Track Kit

    17-Piece Universal T-Track Kit

    …Two 1" x 5/16" T-bolts* Two 1-1/2" x 5/16" T-bolts* Two 2-1/2" x 5/16" T-bolts* Four T-knobs* Four 5-star knobs Additional lengths of track are sold separately. For added versatility and functionality, combine T-Tracks with 5-1/2"L x 1-1/8"W Hold Down Clamps and 3-1/2"L x 3/4"W Hold Down Clamps.

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  10. Hold Down Clamp for T-Track, 5-1/2''L x 3/4''W

    Hold Down Clamp for T-Track, 5-1/2''L x 3/4''W

    For those looking for all the features of our 5-1/2"L x 1-1/8"W Hold Down Clamps at a bargain price, try these Hold-Down Clamps. These hold downs feature the same sturdy, anodized aluminum construction in a slightly slimmer design, without the non-marring rubber tips. The Clamps include a 5-star…

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  11. Rockler T-Track Table Top

    Rockler T-Track Table Top

    …in the center of the table and anywhere in between for fast, stable sawing, sanding, routing or assembly. Use it with any of our many T-Track Hold Downs, or with our Bench Cookie Work Grippers and the Bench Cookie T-Track Risers (46311). You can also use it with toggle clamps mounted on our Toggle…

  12. BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks, Pair

    BLOKKZ Universal Clamping Blocks, Pair

    These clever little clamping blocks differ from the traditional ones in one very important way - the circular clamping surface allows force to be applied at any angle, and with pinpoint precision. That versatility means you can say goodbye to those cluttered heaps of miter blocks that are good only…

  13. Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp, Hold-Down

    Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp, Hold-Down

    When it comes to using jigs and fixtures, toggle clamps are real lifesavers. They keep your limbs out of the path of bits and blades, and maximize efficiency by freeing up your hands to do other tasks. But these are no ordinary toggle clamps. Unlike traditional toggle clamps, these automatically…

  14. Small Toggle Clamp

    Small Toggle Clamp

    Once attached to a bench or fixture, this clamp is simple to use and ideal for light-duty applications. With up to 150 pounds of clamping pressure, it works great as a quick-action hold-down clamp for jigs or for keeping workpieces in place.* Bottom of rubber clamp foot adjusts from level with…

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  15. 1x Miller Oak Dowels, 40 Pack

    1x Miller Oak Dowels, 40 Pack

    …the deeper you get! The MILLER Dowel is inserted 75% by hand because of the relationship of the dowel shape to its pilot hole. You get better holding strength, and it is easier to tap in! Another advantage of having the dowel inserted so far through the top board is that the pilot hole does not…

  16. Jet® Benchtop Mortising Machine

    Jet® Benchtop Mortising Machine

    Get solid performance with a variety of features.* Heavy-duty cast iron and steel construction provides durability and stability during use* Dependable rack-and-pinion head adjustment gives you accurate drilling control* Long, multi-position mortising handle let you reposition the feed handle for…

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  17. Micro Drill Chuck

    Micro Drill Chuck

    …the most exact, fine-detailed drilling jobs, this specially-machined 4-jaw chuck fits in standard chucks to securely hold the smallest drill bits - ranging from #61 (.039") down to #97 (.0059"). It is ideal for close-up drilling on delicate work pieces like miniatures, model clocks, jewelry,…

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  18. Bessey® Auto-Adjust Inline Toggle Clamp - 1''

    Bessey® Auto-Adjust Inline Toggle Clamp - 1''

    down using the comfortable handle. Clamping force is adjustable from 25 to 550 lbs. Plastic caps prevent marring. The perfect addition to your work bench, the Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamp is easily mountable to your work bench using 1/4" or M6 fasteners. Technical Details:* Makes the hold down

  19. 48'' Universal T-Track with Hold-Down Clamps

    48'' Universal T-Track with Hold-Down Clamps

    …aluminum Universal T-track, plus two hold down clamps (each including one hold down, one 3" T-bolt, and one 5-star knob). Additional hold downs are available separately below. This kit makes a great addition to our Drill Press Table! Technical Details: * Hold down clamps accommodate material up to…

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  20. Toggle Clamp Mounting Plate

    Toggle Clamp Mounting Plate

    This convenient plate allows any of our toggle clamps to quickly and easily attach directly to a T-track. Just mount a toggle clamp to the plate, then affix the whole assembly to any T-track on the market. Use it to get the most out of your toggle clamps and any workbenches, tables, jigs or surfaces…

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  21. Incra Miter 5000 Sled

    Incra Miter 5000 Sled

    The ultimate miter cutting workstation for the table saw!* Three-panel miter sled with patented Incra incremental angle control delivers perfect, repeatable accuracy.* Includes 36"-64" telescoping miter fence and dual flip stop.* With 364 precision indexed angle stops over +/-90° to produce…

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  22. Rockler Pro Phenolic Router Table, Fence & Plate

    Rockler Pro Phenolic Router Table, Fence & Plate

    Our brand-new pro tables feature one-piece 3/4" solid phenolic construction for an ultra-flat, low-friction surface that won't warp, dent, scratch or delaminate. The whiter, brighter finish enhances visibility, while our new, flat CNC-machined router plates offer better precision and repeatability…

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  23. Festool Kapex Hold-Down Clamp

    Festool Kapex Hold-Down Clamp

    Replacement clamp for securing material to the deck of the Kapex miter saw. Fast-action cam design enables quick and secure material clamping for safer cutting. A non-marring plastic foot protects the material during cutting operations, and is octagonally shaped, providing secure clamping adjacent…

  24. Jet® 10'' Compound Miter Saw

    Jet® 10'' Compound Miter Saw

    The 10" compound miter saw from JET® B3NCH is the right saw at home or on the job. This versatile saw comes standard with the Innovative Green XACTA Laser™, a high-performance laser system exclusively from JET® that projects an accurate, high-visibility guide line for precision cuts,…

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