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  1. Jet® Parallel Clamps

    Jet® Parallel Clamps

    clamping capacity.* Clamps sold individually Bench Dogs pictured are only available with Parallel Clamp Kit (26065). The kit contains two 24" parallel clamps, two 40" parallel clamps, four framing blocks (one pack), and four Bench Dogs. For easy, accurate alignment, see our Rockler Parallel Clamp

    From: $44.99
  2. Jet® Parallel Clamp Kit

    Jet® Parallel Clamp Kit

    Get two 24" and two 40" parallel clamps featuring the largest clamping surface in the industry – plus four framing blocks for squaring up assemblies and four bench dogs! Clamps feature a 4-1/8" jaw depth, jaws that can reverse to convert clamp to a spreader, and ergonomic handles with soft…

  3. 24'' Parallel Clamp Rack

    24'' Parallel Clamp Rack

    Organize your bulky parallel clamps once and for all. This specially designed rack holds all brands of parallel clamps - up to 12 in all - for easy and convenient storage. Pre-drilled holes are 16" on center for simple mounting to wall studs. Slotted holes are for attachment to the Pack Rack (21834,…

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  4. Jet® 17'' Floor Mount Drill Press

    Jet® 17'' Floor Mount Drill Press

    The new JET model JDP-17DX - 17" Drill Press was designed especially for the woodworker. Head mounted dual AC powered laser guide system provides an accurate drilling cross point on the workpiece. The poly v-belt drive system is quiet and vibration free. This drill press also features a built-in…

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  5. Jet® 12'' Sliding Dual-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

    Jet® 12'' Sliding Dual-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

    JET® B3NCH 12" dual-bevel compound miter saw has been designed to make easy work of your toughest jobs. The quick cam miter lock table makes it a breeze to change miter settings. And the Innovative Green XACTA Laser™ – the high-performance laser system exclusively from JET® that…

  6. Rockler Parallel Clamp Blocks

    Rockler Parallel Clamp Blocks

    …to form accurate, easy-to-assemble clamping fixtures for all types of rectangular clamping. The unique design guarantees parallel alignment for strong, solid holds.* The clamp slots accept most parallel clamp brands, including Bessey (K body), Irwin and Jet.* Blocks are made of durable high-density…

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  7. Cable Clamp

    Cable Clamp

    …them between the Cable Clamp "jaws," close the clamp, then squeeze the jaws together. To reopen, just push the trigger and pull open the jaws! It's perfect for stereos, computers, TVs, shop tools and more. The Package includes 1 medium and 4 small Cable Clamps®. All are designed to accommodate…

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  8. Pipe Clamp Rack/Bar Clamp Rack

    Pipe Clamp Rack/Bar Clamp Rack

    …separately) so you'll never have to hear your clamps clatter on the concrete again. The nine slots in the clamp rack are sized to accept pipe clamps, bar clamps and even aluminum bar clamps, so the choice is yours. * Holds nine pipe clamps or bar clamps.* Pre-drilled holes are 16" on center for…

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  9. Jet JWL-1221VS Stand (719202)

    Jet JWL-1221VS Stand (719202)

    Transform your JET 1221VS 12" x 21" Variable Speed Wood Lathe (45937, sold separately) from a benchtop lathe to a stand-alone lathe with this sturdy stand, which includes a convenient storage basket.

  10. Jet Spray&#8482 Blush Eraser&#8482

    Jet Spray™ Blush Eraser™

    Having problems with your finish turning hazy, or white? No need to sand or strip, just spray on a coat of Blush Eraser. "Blushing" is caused by humidity and cold weather, so if you work in a humid, damp, or cold climate, keep a can of this on hand. This amazing product re-flows the lacquer and…

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  11. Replacement Filters for Jet AFS-1000B

    Replacement Filters for Jet AFS-1000B

    For use with Jet AFS-1000B Air Filtration System

    From: $24.19
  12. Jet JWL-1221VS Stand Extension (719203)

    Jet JWL-1221VS Stand Extension (719203)

    Attaches to the JET JWL-1221VS Stand (47743*) to support the Bed Extension (45375*) for the JET 1221VS 12" x 21" Variable Speed Wood Lathe (45937*). *Sold separately

  13. Jet JWL-1221VS Bed Extension (719201)

    Jet JWL-1221VS Bed Extension (719201)

    Extend the turning capacity of the JET 1221VS 12" x 21" Variable Speed Wood Lathe (45937, sold separately) to 43" for larger projects.

  14. Jet Live Center MT-2, 708331

    Jet Live Center MT-2, 708331

    Get greater turning speeds with this Jet Live Center MT-2, 708331. Ideal for use on your wood lathe allowing for center variations so it won't damage your work piece. Technical Details:* Delivers greater turning speeds* Ideal for a CNC lathe or general machining operations* Adjusts for center…

  15. Jet 10'' Industrial Bench Grinder

    Jet 10'' Industrial Bench Grinder

    …eye shields with quick adjustment * Adjustable tool rests * Fine and coarse vitrified grinding wheels included * 2 Year Warranty * Brochure * Brand Jet * Height 15inch * Length 24.5inch * Model Number JBG-10A * Motor 1-1/2 HP 115V 1Ph * Net Weight 110pound * Part Number 577103 * Shaft Diameter (in.)…

  16. Jet Band Saw Riser Blocks

    Jet Band Saw Riser Blocks

    …to convert your saw quickly and easily. Kit includes: Riser block, blade guard assembly, guide post, mounting hardware and instructions. Must be used with 105" band saw blade. Technical Details:* Fits Jet 14" bandsaw with 7/8" dia. guide post* Increases depth of cut from 6" maximum to 12" maximum

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  17. Kreg Premium Face Clamp

    Kreg Premium Face Clamp

    …joinery, the broad clamp faces and deep throat on the Premium Kreg Face Clamp enable you to clamp directly over the joint line, ensuring a perfectly flush seam. Without a face clamp, the pocket screw can follow the grain of the wood, resulting in misalignment. The vise-grip style clamp action makes…

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  18. Deluxe Band Clamp

    Deluxe Band Clamp

    …improved, our Ratcheting Band Clamp has a permanently attached wrench so it's always ready for use. Check out these other new improvements:* Stitched band eliminates fraying* The belt is stitched and crimped to the clamp so it won't come loose when you're really clamping tight* Permanently attached…

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  19. Toggle Clamp Mounting Plate

    Toggle Clamp Mounting Plate

    This convenient plate allows any of our toggle clamps to quickly and easily attach directly to a T-track. Just mount a toggle clamp to the plate, then affix the whole assembly to any T-track on the market. Use it to get the most out of your toggle clamps and any workbenches, tables, jigs or surfaces…

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  20. Quick-Release Bar Clamp Rack

    Quick-Release Bar Clamp Rack

    …the steel, it can pack up to 15 quick-release bar clamps into a space only 24-3/8" long. The pads on your clamps hook over the trough at the back of the rack, so they won't wobble free, and there's no need to close the clamps for storage. The clamp rack is drilled 16" on center for mounting to wall…

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  21. F-Style Clamp Rack

    F-Style Clamp Rack

    …mounting to wall studs.* Slotted holes line up with the Pack Rack.* Constructed of sturdy galvanized steel for a lifetime of service.* 24-3/8" overall length.* Spacers between clamp storage slots measure 1.33" wide. Clamp storage slots measure .30" wide.* Rack may not accept all F-Style Clamps

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  22. 4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp

    4-Way Equal Pressure Clamp

    …length clamp provides pressure from all four sides — ideal for big projects such as gluing table tops and shelving.* Applies pressure on workpiece face when edge-clamping to prevent bowing and buckling large panels.* Clamp attaches to any length 2 x 2's (lumber and wood clamp pads not…

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  23. 4-1/4'' Reach Hold-Down Clamp

    4-1/4'' Reach Hold-Down Clamp

    Use this clamp for wedging the workpiece against your bench. 4-1/4" reach. 8-1/4" long. 11/16" diameter.

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  24. Kreg Right Angle Clamp

    Kreg Right Angle Clamp

    Now with soft-grip handles for added comfort! Align your pocket-hole work pieces in perfect 90° registration with this solid steel clamp. A 3/8" steel dowel fits perfectly into pocket holes, anchoring the workpiece firmly against the adjoining piece. On the opposite arm, a 180° swiveling pad…

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There were no documents that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.
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