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  1. Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

    Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

    There's no need to juggle guide rails, a pencil or tape measure. In fact, there's no measuring or marking required - just slide the fence on the Rip-Cut to any setting from 1/8" to 24" and rip a clean, straight line right down the length of the sheet. The Rip-Cut attaches easily to virtually any…

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  2. Kreg Jig K4MS Master System

    Kreg Jig K4MS Master System

    …collection shroud aids in chip expulsion for faster, cleaner drilling. Adjustable for 1/2" to 1-1/2" thick stock in 1/8" incremental settings. * 3 tools in 1 - benchtop jig, portable contractor jig, repair jig with addition of spacer blocks to the bottom of drill guide* 3-hole drill guide w/hardened…

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  3. Kreg Quick-Change Pocket Hole Bit

    Kreg Quick-Change Pocket Hole Bit

    …you use this 3/8" diameter bit in Kreg's innovative Quick-Change Chuck (also works with standard chucks). Specifically designed for pocket hole drilling, with a pilot tip and a durable, one-piece design. Additional features:* Hex-shank allows for use with Kreg's Quick-Change Chuck.* Also works with…

  4. Kreg™ 48'' Top Trak Fence

    Kreg™ 48'' Top Trak Fence

    Improve your accuracy and make repeat cuts more easily with the Kreg Top Trak Fence. This anodized aluminum extrusion features a self-aligning L-shaped mounting foot for easy installation to the top side of a shop-made 3/4" thick fence. Simply drill 1/8" holes through the back of the extrusion and…

  5. Kreg Standard Bench Klamp System

    Kreg Standard Bench Klamp System

    Now featuring Kreg's new soft-gripped Bench Klamp! This ingenious system is perfect for assembling pocket-hole joints and more. With the 3" x 4" x 1/4" aluminum insert plate recessed into your work surface, simply mount the powerful Bench Klamp™ into the plate's keyed slot and you're ready to…

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  6. Kreg Toolboxx™

    Kreg Toolboxx™

    …compartments for drill bits, drivers and stop collars, and a vast storage space below for jigs,clamps and drill guides, the Kreg Toolboxx is more than capable of housing your entire Kreg Pocket Jig collection in one easily accessible space. What's more, the toolbox comes stocked with a variety pack…

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  7. Kreg Universal Steel Stand

    Kreg Universal Steel Stand

    The Kreg Universal Steel Stand is the perfect foundation for all Kreg Table Top solutions (i.e. the Klamp Table and the Precision Router Table Top). The stand is made from a heavy gauge steel and is adjustable from 31" to 36" in height. Includes 4 leveling feet and assembly hardware.…

  8. Kreg Precision Router Table System

    Kreg Precision Router Table System

    Much like the rip fences on high-end table saws, the T-square fence on Kreg's Precision Router Table keeps the fence precisely parallel to the miter slot, making tiny adjustments simple, and allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the miter slot-all the time. The fence also features two…

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  9. Kreg Precision Band Saw Fence

    Kreg Precision Band Saw Fence

    …changes* Mounting Rail is 26" long Fence is 18" long* Finish is Anodized for easy clean-up* Pre-drilled holes on the mounting rail fit on most 14" Band Saws* Easy to Remove - no tools required!* Optional resaw guides provides a higher level of control when adjusting for band saw blade drift.

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  10. Kreg™ Precision Miter Gauge System

    Kreg™ Precision Miter Gauge System

    Positive stops at 0°, 10°, 22-1/2°, 30° and 45° - and micro-adjustability to 1/100° - give you speed, repeatability and the same accuracy that machine shops strive for!* Add to that the perfect, repeatable dimensions you'll get from the precision flip stop, and you can say…

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  11. Kreg Jig® K5 Pocket Hole System

    Kreg Jig® K5 Pocket Hole System

    The Kreg Jig®K5 incorporates the best features of every Kreg Jig®that came before, with upgrades you've never seen. That starts with a convenient front-mounted clamping mechanism that you can adjust without tools or adjusting nuts to match your workpiece thickness. Just slide the clamp into…

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  12. 2-1/2'' to 1-1/4'' Adapter

    2-1/2'' to 1-1/4'' Adapter

    …openings found on many bench top style tools and accessories allowing you to adapt them to standard 2-1/2" dust systems. Works great with the Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System (27204 Sold Separately), Kreg Jig K4 Master System (41410 Sold Separately), Kreg Jig K5 Pocket Hole System (49989 Sold…

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  13. Kreg® Multi-Mark Layout Tool

    Kreg® Multi-Mark Layout Tool

    …of measuring, marking and layout tasks with just one tool! TheMulti-Mark is a layout tool, T-square, torpedo level, trimming tool, depth gauge and more all in one unit. A three-way adjustable rule functions as a depth gauge, miter layout tool or traditional 6" ruler with standard scales to 1/16"…

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  14. Kreg Deck Jig System

    Kreg Deck Jig System

    The best helper you'll ever have for building decks, fencing and more! This jig guides you as you drill and drive deck screws at the optimal angle to achieve concealed fastening of deck boards. No more exposed nails or screws! An easy grip handle and 90° alignment tab make setup extremely easy.…

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  15. Kreg® Precision Setup Bars

    Kreg® Precision Setup Bars

    Kreg ensures your project measurements are on-the-mark exact! Technical Details:* 3-in-1 bars act as a step gauge, depth gauge, and fence gauge* Fence gauge: makes positioning your fence quick and easy* Depth gauge: straddles your reducing rings for fast and easy bit height adjustments* Step gauge:…

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  16. Kreg Jig® HD Driver

    Kreg Jig® HD Driver

    …with the Kreg Jig® HD pocket screw. Solid one-piece construction with a magnetic tip for no-fuss assembly, and a 1/4" hex-shank for fast, easy bit changes. Technical Details:* The Kreg Jig® HD Replacement Driver measures 6" long.* #3 square drive head is optimized for use with Kreg Jig®…

  17. Kreg Portable Drill Base

    Kreg Portable Drill Base

    …your Kreg Jig® Drill Guide and connects to most Kreg Face Clamps. Allows your jig to be used as 2-tools-in-1: as a sturdy benchtop jig utilizing the benchtop base for high-speed production Pocket-Holes, and as a contractor-grade jig for work on the road!* Secures to most Kreg Face Clamps*…

  18. Kreg Quick Change Kit

    Kreg Quick Change Kit

    Switch from drilling to driving in seconds with this simple kit! It provides everythingyou need: an innovative Quick-Change Chuck, a 6" long #2 Square Driver, and thenew 3/8" Hex-Shank Pocket Hole Drill Bit (with depth collar and allen wrench). Additional features:* All new 3/8" Hex-Shank Step Drill…

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  19. Kreg Precision Router Table Fence

    Kreg Precision Router Table Fence

    …extrusion which features Kreg's unique Precision Lens Cursor, fully independent material faces for use as a vertical jointer, and a full-length vacuum chamber for a cleaner shop. This, however, is only half the story. Taking cues from high-end table saw rip fences, the Kreg Precision Router Fence is…

  20. Pocket Hole Quick Change Adapter Set

    Pocket Hole Quick Change Adapter Set

    …Will accept any 1/4" (6 mm) hex shank accessory.* True one-handed operation, simply push the bit into the chuck.* Safety Hold Mechanism prevents tools from falling out when chuck is in release position.* Quick change hex shank optimizes drill torque* Fits all keyed and keyless chucks* Works in all…

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  21. Kreg Jig® HD Drill Bit

    Kreg Jig® HD Drill Bit

    This is a Replacement Drill Bit for the Kreg Jig® HD Heavy Duty Pocket Hole System (sold separately). Built from hardened high-speed steel, it features a 1/4" hex-shank for quick change capability, and a one-piece stepped profile for fast, accurate one-plunge drilling. Technical Details:* 1/4"…

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  22. Kreg Step Drill Bit

    Kreg Step Drill Bit

    Use with all Kreg Jigs. Drills 3/8" pocket holes and 3/4" deep x 3/16" dia. pilot hole in one step. Use with 3/8" bushing only.

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  23. Kreg Driver Bit Set

    Kreg Driver Bit Set

    The Kreg Driver Bit Set features one-piece solid constructed bits equipped with magnetic tips. The 6" bit is ideal for most projects. For smaller projects and spaces, the 3" bit allows you to get into areas where the 6" bit is to large. Technical Details:* #2 Square drive* One-piece construction*…

  24. Kreg Precision Router Table Top

    Kreg Precision Router Table Top

    …Miter/T-Slot makes it easier than ever to utilize various accessories such as the Kreg Precision Miter Gauge and Kreg True-FLEX™ Featherboards on your table top. When used with the Kreg Precision Router Table Fence, the slot stays permanently parallel to the fence.* Easy-Slide™…

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