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  1. Kreg Jig® K5 Pocket Hole System

    Kreg Jig® K5 Pocket Hole System

    The Kreg Jig®K5 incorporates the best features of every Kreg Jig®that came before, with upgrades you've never seen. That starts with a convenient front-mounted clamping mechanism that you can adjust without tools or adjusting nuts to match your workpiece thickness. Just slide the clamp into…

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  2. Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

    Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

    There's no need to juggle guide rails, a pencil or tape measure. In fact, there's no measuring or marking required - just slide the fence on the Rip-Cut to any setting from 1/8" to 24" and rip a clean, straight line right down the length of the sheet. The Rip-Cut attaches easily to virtually any…

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  3. Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

    Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

    The Kreg K4 Pocket Hole Jig includes all the core equipment and everything you need to drill fast and easy pocket holes: a classic benchtop design, compatibility with all Kreg Jig Master System accessories, even a SkillBuilder™ DVD and rugged carrying case! For strong, convenient, and…

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  4. Kreg™ Universal Drawer Slide Mounting Jig

    Kreg™ Universal Drawer Slide Mounting Jig

    This jig simplifies the process of accurately positioning your slides to ensure smooth-gliding drawer movement. Eliminates measuring and marking when installing slides - and saves you time! Technical Details:* Perfect for mounting most types of metal drawer slides, including bottom-mount,…

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  5. Kreg Large Face Clamp, with Soft Grip Handles

    Kreg Large Face Clamp, with Soft Grip Handles

    Now with soft-grip handles for more comfortable operation! This clamp is the ideal size for pocket hole joinery on larger work pieces. A large clamping pad ensures perfectly flush joint lines and won't damage your wood. Without a clamp like this, the joint can sometimes misalign if the screw follows…

  6. Kreg Right Angle Clamp

    Kreg Right Angle Clamp

    Now with soft-grip handles for added comfort! Align your pocket-hole work pieces in perfect 90° registration with this solid steel clamp. A 3/8" steel dowel fits perfectly into pocket holes, anchoring the workpiece firmly against the adjoining piece. On the opposite arm, a 180° swiveling pad…

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  7. Kreg R3 Pocket Hole System

    Kreg R3 Pocket Hole System

    The newest offering from Kreg is the perfect pocket hole jig for the Do-It-Yourselfer! Allows you to put pocket holes together more quickly than ever before. Simply drill pocket holes and drive self-tapping screws. * Nine position settings let you create strong wood joints in materials from 1/2" to…

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  8. Kreg Drawer Mounting Brackets

    Kreg Drawer Mounting Brackets

    Make drawer box installation for face-frame or frameless cabinets a snap!* Designed for use with full-extension slides.* Brackets feature long toes, support tabs and 1/2" markings.* Once full-extension slides are mounted into the cabinet, simply clamp a bracket under each slide, set the drawer box…

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  9. Kreg Jig K4MS Master System

    Kreg Jig K4MS Master System

    With a sturdy toggle clamp to secure your stock to the jig, and a large frontal clamping recess for securing the jig to the bench, you'll get perfect alignment every time. Thanks to the removable drill guide and portable base, you have the option of taking the jig to large work pieces and awkward…

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  10. Kreg Micro Pocket Plugs

    Kreg Micro Pocket Plugs

    For those occasions when your micro pocket holes will be in plain view, simply tap these plugs into the holes for a neat finished look. The Kreg Micro Pocket-Hole Plugs are carefully sized to match the smaller diameter of the Kreg Micro Pocket Drill Bit (36953, sold separately. Mini pocket plugs are…

    From: $5.29
  11. Kreg Precision Router Table System

    Kreg Precision Router Table System

    Much like the rip fences on high-end table saws, the T-square fence on Kreg's Precision Router Table keeps the fence precisely parallel to the miter slot, making tiny adjustments simple, and allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the miter slot-all the time. The fence also features two…

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  12. Kreg® Klamp Table KKS1000

    Kreg® Klamp Table KKS1000

    Get perfectly flush pocket hole joints and square frames with this innovative assembly table. Simply slide your parts against the stops, clamp in place and drive your screws! Aluminum Klamp Trak features a channel that accepts sliding Klamp Block stops and Bench Klamps (Klamp Table includes 2 Bench…

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  13. Pocket Hole Plugs

    Pocket Hole Plugs

    Create a seamless look to pocket holes, or use in another color as an accent! Our 3/8" pocket hole plugs are available in six different species and paint grade, letting you achieve the look you want for your project.

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    From: $5.29
  14. Kreg® Coarse/Fine Maxi-Loc- Square Drive-Washer Head- Pocket Hole Screws-#8 Screws

    Kreg® Coarse/Fine Maxi-Loc- Square Drive-Washer Head- Pocket Hole Screws-#8 Screws

    Now available with new zinc coating! These zinc coated screws are more durable and provide easy installation! Choose the right screws for the wood you're using. These Pocket Hole Screws, with their Maxi-Loc/Square Drive/Washer Heads, ensures that the screw will seat in the bottom of the pocket hole…

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    From: $3.59
  15. Kreg® Pocket Hole Plugs

    Kreg® Pocket Hole Plugs

    Kreg's new plastic pocket hole plugs are a huge time saver-just snap them into place! No gluing, no sanding, no finishing. The plastic material is an ideal match for painted or laminated surfaces, or for wood surfaces where the plugs are in an inconspicuous location. They are also well-suited for…

  16. Kreg Toolboxx™

    Kreg Toolboxx™

    With 15 removable storage bins for screws, 3 fixed storage compartments for drill bits, drivers and stop collars, and a vast storage space below for jigs,clamps and drill guides, the Kreg Toolboxx is more than capable of housing your entire Kreg Pocket Jig collection in one easily accessible space.…

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  17. Kreg Jig® HD Heavy-Duty Pocket Hole System

    Kreg Jig® HD Heavy-Duty Pocket Hole System

    Go BIG with the Kreg Jig® HD Heavy-Duty Pocket Hole Jig-a supersized, industrial-strength Kreg Jig® optimized for working with 2x4 stock and larger. With all of the famed speed of the original Kreg Jig®, along with robust joints that are 50% stronger, and big 2-1/2" weather coated #14…

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  18. Kreg Driver Bit Set

    Kreg Driver Bit Set

    The Kreg Driver Bit Set features one-piece solid constructed bits equipped with magnetic tips. The 6" bit is ideal for most projects. For smaller projects and spaces, the 3" bit allows you to get into areas where the 6" bit is to large. Technical Details:* #2 Square drive* One-piece construction*…

  19. Kreg Jig® HD Driver

    Kreg Jig® HD Driver

    This is a Replacement Driver Bit for the Kreg Jig® HD Heavy Duty Pocket Hole System (#46791, sold separately). It is a 6" driver with a deep-seated #3 square drive for a solid interface with the Kreg Jig® HD pocket screw. Solid one-piece construction with a magnetic tip for no-fuss assembly,…

  20. Kreg Toolboxx w/Pocket Hole Start Up Kit

    Kreg Toolboxx w/Pocket Hole Start Up Kit

    This comprehensive starter kit includes everything you need to create strong, fast pocket hole joints - all in a neatly organized fold-out case. Use the screw selector wheel to determine the correct fasteners to use with your material, then use the jig to drill your holes. Once you've tried Kreg…

  21. Mini Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Kit

    Mini Kreg Jig Pocket Hole Kit

    A pocket hole jig that fits right in your pocket, has a hardened steel drill guide and glass-reinforced nylon body with chip extraction hole. Also see pocket hole plugs.

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  22. Kreg Quick Change Kit

    Kreg Quick Change Kit

    Switch from drilling to driving in seconds with this simple kit! It provides everythingyou need: an innovative Quick-Change Chuck, a 6" long #2 Square Driver, and thenew 3/8" Hex-Shank Pocket Hole Drill Bit (with depth collar and allen wrench). Additional features:* All new 3/8" Hex-Shank Step Drill…

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  23. Kreg Blue-Kote™ Weather Resistant Screws

    Kreg Blue-Kote™ Weather Resistant Screws

    Ideal for outdoor garden and patio furniture, as well as for general exterior construction! Kreg's Blue-Kote screws have three chemically-combined anti-corrosion layers that give them up to 400% more weather resistance than zinc-plated screws.* Self-tapping screw tips make for easy driving* Case…

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    From: $4.59
  24. Kreg® Blue-Kote™ Pocket-Hole Screw Kit

    Kreg® Blue-Kote™ Pocket-Hole Screw Kit

    Carry this compact kit with you so you'll always have the pocket hole screw for every job! Includes some of Kreg's most popular weather-resistant Blue-Kote™ screws in a durable easy-to-carry case. All feature deep #2 square drives and a needle-point self-tapping tip.* Includes 450 pocket hole…

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