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  1. Lathe Dust Hood

    Lathe Dust Hood

    Lathe dust collection has never been easier! Hood assembly features a hinged viewing shield that can swing up and out of the way. Hood mounts by clamping the bracket to the back of the lathe bed. * Includes convenient mounting bracket that allows easy installation onto many different styles of…

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  2. Tabletop Dust Fitting

    Tabletop Dust Fitting

    Large 12-1/2" x 16-1/2" hood opening makes this ideal for collecting dust from miter saws, lathes, radial arm saws, carving, sanding, and planers without hoods.* Lightweight and portable; easy to position anywhere.* With 3-7/8" OD port connection.* Hood depth is 10-1/2".* Plastic.

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  3. Universal Dust Collection Port

    Universal Dust Collection Port

    …collecting dust from scroll saws, lathes, disc sanders and other woodworking machines. Bring your dust hose to where you need it! Mount this heavy-duty dust collection port almost anywhere — attach it to a floor base, clamp it to a table or mount it to a wall or ceiling.* Dust collection port…

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  4. Powermatic® Wood Lathe 3HP

    Powermatic® Wood Lathe 3HP

    The Powermatic 4224B is the newest member of the industry-leading family of lathes. Over 900 pounds, the 4224B is the biggest, heaviest and most capable lathe Powermatic has ever built. It expands the limits of creative possibility and takes your passion to a whole new level. With newly designed,…

  5. Powermatic® Wood Lathe 2HP

    Powermatic® Wood Lathe 2HP

    The Powermatic® 3520B is the third evolution of the time-honored lathe with many new and improved features. The 3520B retained all the features of the prior models such as the sliding headstock, electronic variable speed with low- and high-speed ranges and the spindle lock. The enhanced features…

  6. FastCap® ChopShop Saw Hood™

    FastCap® ChopShop Saw Hood™

    …on the jobsite by sawdust and other debris with this heavy-duty water-resistant nylon hood. Hood creates a shell around chop saws, miter saws, lathes and wet saws to contain debris to a small area and prevent it from littering your entire work area. Also functions as a protective cover for equipment…

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  7. Rockler Universal Dust Port Bracket

    Rockler Universal Dust Port Bracket

    …allowing you to attach a dust hose to almost any roller stand or sawhorse.* Works great with Rockler Roller Stands and the Tabletop Dust Fitting, 26412 (sold separately).* Used with the Tabletop Dust Fitting (26412), it becomes the perfect dust collection solution for lathes, miter saws, drill…

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  8. Nova Titan 1-1/4" 8-TPI Direct Thread Chuck

    Nova Titan 1-1/4" 8-TPI Direct Thread Chuck

    …features a fully sealed backing plate that prevents buildup of wood dust, ensuring minimal maintenance. Includes PowerGrip™ jaws. * 1-1/4" 8-TPI RH thread (dedicated thread only). * Recommended for power workholding on lathes with a 20" to 33" diameter swing.* Up to 838mm/33" diameter bowls…

  9. Nova Comet II Versaturn Grinding Wheel Attachment

    Nova Comet II Versaturn Grinding Wheel Attachment

    …to install and remove with the required Versaturn Coupler (48026, sold separately).* Variable speed adjustment on Comet II Lathe reduces tool edge burn.* 6" x 3/4" white-stone wheel.* Adjustable tool rest.* Swiveling transparent safety shield.* Metal safety shroud contains dust and sparks.

  10. Finishing Value Pack

    Finishing Value Pack

    …cheese cloths, steel wool, 24-piece foam brush set, and Titebond™ III Ultimate Wood Glue! Technical Details:* Tack cloths gently wipe away dust and fine particles. Use before applying the final finishing coat. Cloths are chemically treated to remain soft and prevent drying out. Each measures…

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