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  1. INCRA Precision Protractor

    INCRA Precision Protractor

    We've reinvented the protractor by putting micro-fine guide holes at every 45o, 30o, 22.5o, 5o, 1o and 0.5o interval to plot any angle with ease and absolute accuracy.

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  2. 3 Piece French Curve Set

    3 Piece French Curve Set

    A workshop standard, this 3 piece French curve set is ideal for transferring and creating arcs and shapes in a variety of woodworking projects. The French curves are machined from acrylic plastic to exacting standards and hand finished to ensure the best possible results. What's in the Box One 3…

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  3. iGaging 8" Digital Angle Protractor (35-408)

    iGaging 8" Digital Angle Protractor (35-408)

    …steel blade angle measurement to a new digital degree! Mark miters, check 90°corners and more. Two overlapping steel blades feature inch and millimeter markings to1/16" and 0.1mm. Digital protractor device measures the angle between the blades asthey are slid apart. Measures entire 360°…

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  4. INCRA Precision T-Rules

    INCRA Precision T-Rules

    Easy to use, versatile and precise are the words which best describe the new INCRA T-Rule. Low glare, matte textured background for high contrast and easy legibility.

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  5. FastCap ProCarpenter Flatback Tape Measure

    FastCap ProCarpenter Flatback Tape Measure

    The ProCarpenter Old Standby 16' tape is 7/8" wide and sits flat on surfaces to measure curvesand flat panels precisely and easily. Features easy-to-read standard measurements to1/16" with markings across the entire width of the blade, dual thumb and fingerlocks, belt clip, rubber casing, and the…

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  6. 12'' Centerpoint Rule

    12'' Centerpoint Rule

    …the exact center every time. Find dead-center on your project by simply matching numbers. Just measure the end points (say, 7 3/8" ), then find the corresponding number (7 3/8" ) on the lower scale. Made of durable tempered stainless steel with etched, black-filled numbers in standard markings.

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  7. 8'' Wing Compass

    8'' Wing Compass

    This industrial-grade tool is essential for laying out circles, curves and for scribing cabinets to an irregular wall surface. Two huge wings spread out up to 10-1/2" for a maximum circle diameter of 21", and close down completely to scribe even the smallest sliver for cabinetry installation. Solid…

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  8. Cabinetmaker's Pencil Set

    Cabinetmaker's Pencil Set

    We've made our pencil even better!* With increased diameter and new, improved design that includes 3" reference scale. * Our pencil is the perfect solution. It won't dull like a carpenter pencil and won't break like a mechanical pencil. * Extra-large 2.0mm lead provides strength for rough cutout…

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  9. Rockler Wheel Marking Gauge

    Rockler Wheel Marking Gauge

    …wander-free marks. Features a solid brass body, knurled lock nut, graduated scales and a recess to protect the cutter in storage. Additional features:* Shaft has graduated scales (1 mm and 1/8 inch increments) for easy reference* Doubles as a depth gauge* Great for quick measurement transfers* Wheel…

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  10. Universal Tape Gauge

    Universal Tape Gauge

    …a new and patented tool for use with any standard tape measure which provides highly accurate inside and outside measurements that can be accurate to 1/64" or better. The UTG eliminates the old and inaccurate method of bending the tape measure to take an inside measurement by use of a crosshair…

  11. Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit

    Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit

    …5/16-18 threaded insert.* Bench Cookie® Plus measures 3" x 1".* Threaded insert accepts standard and XL Risers.* Rout, sand, cut and carve without using clamps.* Raise up workpieces for easy edge finishing.* Support projects without leaving marks.* Assemble projects on a stable, non-slip base.*…

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  12. Self-Adhesive Hairline Indicator

    Self-Adhesive Hairline Indicator

    …feature a black line to mark the measurement value at any given position along a tape.* They are self-adhesive for quick application and made of clear acrylic.* Indicators can be affixed to Flip Stops (31214 or 26991, sold separately) or other stops to slide along measuring devices.* Two indicators…

  13. Biscuit Cutter Gauge

    Biscuit Cutter Gauge

    …which biscuit size will fit before cutting (and potentially blowing out an edge). Once correctly positioned, the pencil slots allow you to perfectly center your marks. Gauge shows actual cut, which accomodate the swelling of the biscuit once glue is applied. Hole allows it to be hung on the wall.

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  14. iGaging Ebony Marking/Mortise Gauge

    iGaging Ebony Marking/Mortise Gauge

    …knob at the end of the beam. Technical Details:* The Ebony Marking and Mortise Gauge features inlaid brass wear strips on the head to ensure a stable reference surface.* Mortise Gauge measures 8" long, beam is 3/4" square.* Head measures 2-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 1-1/8".* Comfortable, knurled locking screw…

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  15. iGaging Premium Marking Knife

    iGaging Premium Marking Knife

    …as a sharp pencil line for greater accuracy with this Marking Knife! The 1-1/2" long blade is flat on one side and beveled on the other, allowing you to draw the flat side across the end of a board or along the blade of a square to perfectly mark its edge on a piece of wood. Doing so saves time when…

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  16. Beam Compass

    Beam Compass

    Draw a circle, arc, or straight line the fast and easy way with the beam compass. No measuring or ruler needed. The built-in locking tape rule makes set up a breeze. Gauge slides along work for edge marking. The beam compass allows you to draw a 3-1/2 inch to 72 inch radius. Technical Details:* 2mm…

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  17. Center Punch and Carbide Scribe

    Center Punch and Carbide Scribe

    Two-piece marking tool set works great with our templates!* Spring-actuated center punch with power adjustable head indents the wood for perfect drill bit alignment. Get perfectly straight knobs and pulls every time!* Easily adjust depth of hole.* Carbide-tipped scribe is ideal for marking out…

  18. Magnetic Lock Combination Square

    Magnetic Lock Combination Square

    …place instead of a clumsy screw lock. Body slides quickly and easily along the ruler through the magnetic lock. Heavy-duty cast zinc body is milled on all five sides for superior accuracy. 12" ruler is etched with markings to 1/16" and 1mm. Features onboard spirit level and EasyGrip™ scribe.

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  19. 45/90 Degree Stainless Steel Miter Gauge

    45/90 Degree Stainless Steel Miter Gauge

    …A sturdy base allows it to stand upright. Interior windows add marking versatility. A low-profile design lets you stow it easily in your shop apron. Use this versatile gauge to set up miters, scribe parallel lines, square tools, and more. Additional Features:* Metric scales on both sides* Heavy-duty…

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  20. Trim-Loc™ Installation Tool

    Trim-Loc™ Installation Tool

    Trim work will go like clockwork with the only tool on the market used to measure, mark, and install casement trim. With preset reveals and built-in tape measure hook slots, you'll be able to quickly measure all of your trim lengths and accurately cut trim stock for professional results. You'll find…

  21. INCRA Precision Specialty Rules 6'' x 3'' X-Y Marker

    INCRA Precision Specialty Rules 6'' x 3'' X-Y Marker

    …the easy-to-read no-glare matte finish along with the unique grid layout make finding and leaving your mark effortless. Technical Details:* Rule measures 6" x 3" * Makes it easy to measure and mark reference points from either edge of a corner* Makes positioning and drilling holes for cabinet door…

  22. INCRA Precision Centering Rule

    INCRA Precision Centering Rule

    Find the exact center of any workpiece up to 12" wide. Has a built-in protractor, too.

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  23. INCRA Precision Marking Rules

    INCRA Precision Marking Rules

    The first stainless steel rule with micro-fine guide holes for marking a fine dot with a sharp pencil or metal scribe.

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  24. AccuScribe PRO Scribing Tool

    AccuScribe PRO Scribing Tool

    …difficult and awkward applications such as scribing around windows and doors. Ideal for transferring lines (for siding around windows), flooring, marking gauge applications, and scribing circles and radii. Loaded with new and improved features! The AccuScribe PRO makes it easy to maintain a…

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