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  1. INCRA Precision Marking Rules

    INCRA Precision Marking Rules

    The first stainless steel rule with micro-fine guide holes for marking a fine dot with a sharp pencil or metal scribe.

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  2. Wixey™ Mini Digital Height Gauge

    Wixey™ Mini Digital Height Gauge

    Measure accurately and instantly to within a thousandth of an inch! This compact gauge includes a digital readout in metric or imperial as well as a steel rule. Measures from 0 to 3.2" (0-83mm). Perfect for measuring the height of router bits and saw blades, or measuring for placement of a dado with…

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  3. iGaging Hooked Rulers

    iGaging Hooked Rulers

    Measure accurately down to the nearest 1/64" with a Hook Rule! High quality rules are made from hardened and tempered stainless steel and have an adjustable hook that may be used on either side. Use it to measure dimensions from the edge of any board. Precision etched for long life and readability,…

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    From: $9.99
  4. Rockler Wheel Marking Gauge

    Rockler Wheel Marking Gauge

    …Additional features:* Shaft has graduated scales (1 mm and 1/8 inch increments) for easy reference* Doubles as a depth gauge* Great for quick measurement transfers* Wheel retracts into face of the gauge for protection and easy vertical storage* Free-spinning wheel cuts wood fibers - doesn't tear…

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  5. 3-Piece Engineer Square Set

    3-Piece Engineer Square Set

    This handy set is great for setting up and checking machines and projects for extreme accuracy to 0.00063".* Includes 2", 4" and 6" precision steel squares.* Hardened spring steel blades are permanently fixed to the stock with tapered self-locking rivets for complete rigidity.* Working edges of the…

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  6. Mag-Dro® Mitre Slot Base

    Mag-Dro® Mitre Slot Base

    Get precise measurements right where you need them with the help of the Mag-Dro® Mitre Slot Base! Connects quickly and easily to any caliper and fits in the 3/4" slot on your table saw, router, bandsaw, and more.* Fits most 6" calipers* Connects and disconnects to your caliper in seconds* Can be…

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  7. Woodworker's Triangles

    Woodworker's Triangles

    Heavy-duty acrylic triangles are twice as thick as regular drawing triangles and are convenient for many common layout tasks, especially cabinetmaking. Clear acrylic composition allows complete visibility as you work. Straight edges are 11" on the long leg and offer markings to 1/16". Angles are…

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    From: $15.99
  8. Caliper Gauge/Center Finder

    Caliper Gauge/Center Finder

    Quickly set calipers to any 1/8" increment between 0 and 5". The center of the gauge features a vertical line for finding center on round or square stock. Gauge is made of durable black plastic and features easy-to-find white measurement markings. Patent Pending.

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  9. Simple Scribe

    Simple Scribe

    Scribing cabinets to butt neatly against an uneven wall has never been so simple and foolproof! To set your scribing distance with the Simple Scribe, just rotate the tool so that the appropriate face rests against the wall. The Simple Scribe has seven facets with scribing distances from 1/4'' to 1''…

  10. Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

    Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape

    This adhesive-backed measuring tape is ideal for miter saws, radial-arm saws, drill presses or anywhere you need accurate, easy-to-read measurements. Tape is 6' long and available in both left-to-right and right-to-left orientations.* 1/2" wide x 6' long* Peel-and-stick adhesive-backed steel*…

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  11. INCRA Precision T-Rules

    INCRA Precision T-Rules

    Easy to use, versatile and precise are the words which best describe the new INCRA T-Rule. Low glare, matte textured background for high contrast and easy legibility.

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    From: $18.99
  12. 4'' Trim Gauge™ Multi-Purpose Tool

    4'' Trim Gauge™ Multi-Purpose Tool

    …handles a wide variety of workshop tasks: set trim and hardware, level, establish reveals, adjust power tool settings, scribe lines, repetitive measurements and depth gauge. Technical Details:* Reveal is built into both sides of the tool for fast and accurate trim installation.* Simply place it…

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  13. 4'' Solid Brass Caliper

    4'' Solid Brass Caliper

    Small size is great for the tool box or your pocket!* Features sliding dovetail way and rigid construction.* 4"/100mm rule with vernier scale.* Graduated in 1/16" and mm.

  14. Digital Sliding T-Bevel Gauge

    Digital Sliding T-Bevel Gauge

    …of angle measurement and duplication with this 2-in-1 Digital Sliding T-Bevel and Protractor! Features a large digital angle readout that gives you precise 360° measurements with an accuracy to 0.3° and .05° resolution and holds them while you transfer to stock. Ideal for measuring,

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    $36.99 $24.99

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  15. Solid Brass Necklace Hanger

    Solid Brass Necklace Hanger

    …to jewelry boxes, display cases & more. Hangers measure 1-1/8" long x 3/8" in diameter with a 3/16" diameter tenon for easy glue-in installation. Brass is un-lacquered and will acquire a natural patina over time. Technical Details * Hanger measures 1-1/8" long overall x 3/8" diameter * Tenon is…

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  16. iGaging 12'' Center Rule & Angle Gauge

    iGaging 12'' Center Rule & Angle Gauge

    Use this multifunction ruler to dial in the angle on your bevel gauge, find centers for drilling drawer knobs, set the height on your table saw or router table, or simply as a standard ruler. One face features a precision angle gaugefrom 0-50°, while the other has a 6" x 6" center rule along one…

  17. Stanley Model 12-960 Bailey Low-Angle Block Plane

    Stanley Model 12-960 Bailey Low-Angle Block Plane

    …materials. Made from hardened, tempered steel for durability, the 13-1/2° low-angle cutter keeps vibration to a minimum, creating a fine finish. Measuring 1-3/8" wide, the cutter adjusts for depth and alignment, offering precise control, and a quick-release cam-lock makes iron removal easy. The…

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  18. iGaging 6'' Digital Fractional Caliper

    iGaging 6'' Digital Fractional Caliper

    measurements from 0-6" and displays them in inch, metric and fraction modes on a large, clear digital display. Bottom jaw is moved up and down the beam by a smooth thumbroll for controlled adjustment and a locking screw tightens to lock measurements for a stable, accurate reference. * Measurements

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    $39.99 $19.99

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  19. Kreg™ Precision Measuring Systems Kit

    Kreg™ Precision Measuring Systems Kit

    Complete measuring system for your miter saw, radial arm saw or drill press is faster and more accurate than putting a pencil mark on every board!* Just set precision lens cursor to desired length and place board against stop - you're ready to cut to length. Technical Details:* Kit includes four 2'…

  20. Kreg® Multi-Mark Layout Tool

    Kreg® Multi-Mark Layout Tool

    Take on a multitude of measuring, marking and layout tasks with just one tool! TheMulti-Mark is a layout tool, T-square, torpedo level, trimming tool, depth gauge and more all in one unit. A three-way adjustable rule functions as a depth gauge, miter layout tool or traditional 6" ruler with standard…

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  21. iGaging 9'' Ebony Sliding T-Bevel

    iGaging 9'' Ebony Sliding T-Bevel

    …9" blade pivots and slides, and is locked in place with a comfortable knurled knob. Technical Details:* The Ebony Sliding T-Bevel gauge features a 9" long blued steel blade.* Ebony handle measures 6" long.* Brass wear strips are inlaid flush with handle.* Comfortable round knurled locking knob

  22. iGaging DigiCal Outside Caliper

    iGaging DigiCal Outside Caliper

    …one-step measurement of shapes is a breeze with this outside caliper.Choose between decimal inch, metric, and 1/64" fraction measuring modes, whichall read nicely on the digital display. Spring-loaded jaws provide outstanding controland lock in place with a simple screw mechanism. 0"-6" measuring

  23. 3' Steel Center Square

    3' Steel Center Square

    Quickly and easily locate the center of round and square stock up to 6" in diameter.* The 3mm thick beveled blade is made from spring steel and is hardened and ground for extended life.* Solid steel right angle stock is 3/8" thick.* Comes in a convenient snap-close vinyl storage case.

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  24. Rockler Precision Brass Setup Bars

    Rockler Precision Brass Setup Bars

    …depth of cut, fence to cutter distance, material thickness and more without using calipers or tape measure.* Accurately machined to within .005".* Set includes six 2-1/2" long bars measuring 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" square.* Can be combined for additional heights. Technical Details:*…

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