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  1. iGaging Hooked Rulers

    iGaging Hooked Rulers

    Measure accurately down to the nearest 1/64" with a Hook Rule! High quality rules are made from hardened and tempered stainless steel and have an adjustable hook that may be used on either side. Use it to measure dimensions from the edge of any board. Precision etched for long life and readability,…

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  2. 4" Engineer Square

    4" Engineer Square

    …checking stock for squareness. Both squares are notched where the beam and rule meet for drawing accurate layout lines. With two rules for inside and outside measurements. PLUS, we've added 1/16" etched markings on one side of the rule for precision marking — perfect for detail work in joinery!

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  3. Woodworker's Triangles

    Woodworker's Triangles

    Heavy-duty acrylic triangles are twice as thick as regular drawing triangles and are convenient for many common layout tasks, especially cabinetmaking. Clear acrylic composition allows complete visibility as you work. Straight edges are 11" on the long leg and offer markings to 1/16". Angles are…

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  4. Kreg® Precision Setup Bars

    Kreg® Precision Setup Bars

    Kreg ensures your project measurements are on-the-mark exact! Technical Details:* 3-in-1 bars act as a step gauge, depth gauge, and fence gauge* Fence gauge: makes positioning your fence quick and easy* Depth gauge: straddles your reducing rings for fast and easy bit height adjustments* Step gauge:…

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  5. iGaging Digital 3-in-1 Multi Gauge

    iGaging Digital 3-in-1 Multi Gauge

    Measure accurately like never before with the unique, iGaging® 0-6" Digital 3-in-1 Multi Gauge! Features a large LCD with three digital readings in inches, inches with fractions, and metric. Technical Details:* 0-6" full range digital gauge: height, depth and welding thickness* 3-way measuring:

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  6. Precision Brass Setup Bars

    Precision Brass Setup Bars

    …depth of cut, fence to cutter distance, material thickness and more without using calipers or tape measure.* Accurately machined to within .005".* Set includes six 2-1/2" long bars measuring 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" square.* Can be combined for additional heights. Technical Details:*…

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  7. Wixey™ Mini Digital Height Gauge

    Wixey™ Mini Digital Height Gauge

    Measure accurately and instantly to within a thousandth of an inch! This compact gauge includes a digital readout in metric or imperial as well as a steel rule. Measures from 0 to 3.2" (0-83mm). Perfect for measuring the height of router bits and saw blades, or measuring for placement of a dado with…

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  8. iGaging 6'' Fractional Digital Caliper

    iGaging 6'' Fractional Digital Caliper

    With its simple design and operation, this lightweight polycarbonate caliper makes precise measurement a breeze. Just push a button to toggle between millimeters, inches, and fractions of inches. With 0.001" accuracy and an easy-to-read digital display, it eliminates guesswork altogether. The…

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  9. 12'' Centerpoint Rule

    12'' Centerpoint Rule

    Targets the exact center every time. Find dead-center on your project by simply matching numbers. Just measure the end points (say, 7 3/8" ), then find the corresponding number (7 3/8" ) on the lower scale. Made of durable tempered stainless steel with etched, black-filled numbers in standard…

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  10. Oshlun 12'' Combination Square, 3 Piece Set

    Oshlun 12'' Combination Square, 3 Piece Set

    This high quality 12-Inch combination square set features a slotted and etched stainless steel blade with 1/8", 1/16", 1/32" and 1/64" scales and includes a square head with 45° shoulder, center head and a protractor head with a double 180°protractor scale (all with reversible lock bolts).…

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  11. Bench Dog® Pro-Cut™ Portable Saw Guide

    Bench Dog® Pro-Cut™ Portable Saw Guide

    …reduces dangerous kickbacks, binding and bent blades.* Ideal for cutting lumber, siding, I-beams, trim, stair treads and more!* Also great for measuring and marking.* With 6" hook rule and 45°/90° layout square.* Fits all 8-1/4" and smaller right-blade circular saws.* Two rubber strips…

  12. 4'' Trim Gauge™ Multi-Purpose Tool

    4'' Trim Gauge™ Multi-Purpose Tool

    …of workshop tasks: set trim and hardware, level, establish reveals, adjust power tool settings, scribe lines, repetitive measurements and depth gauge. Technical Details:* Reveal is built into both sides of the tool for fast and accurate trim installation.* Simply place it alongside your window or…

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  13. 1-2-3 MicroGage

    1-2-3 MicroGage

    Bring machine shop accuracy to your workshop! Align, measure, calibrate and tunea variety of tools including routers, shapers, jointers, planers, drill presses, fences andmore. 1-2-3 block is made of hardened tool steel and ground to 0.0002" for ultraprecision. Dial indicator has 1" travel with…

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  14. Digital Sliding T-Bevel Gauge

    Digital Sliding T-Bevel Gauge

    …lithium battery. Technical Details:* 2-in-1 tool takes the guesswork out of angle measurement and duplication* Large digital angle readout* Holds measurement for transfers* Reverse Display button, Flip Display button, Locking Knob for manual measurement transfer* 4 function control buttons* Auto…

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  15. INCRA Precision T-Rules

    INCRA Precision T-Rules

    Easy to use, versatile and precise are the words which best describe the new INCRA T-Rule. Low glare, matte textured background for high contrast and easy legibility.

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  16. All-In-One Low-Profile Contractor Clamps, New & Improved!

    All-In-One Low-Profile Contractor Clamps, New & Improved!

    …fence for your table saw or drill press. A very low 17/32" profile body and flat top allow many applications without obstructing tools. Easy-to-read full color measuring scales enable outstanding accuracy anywhere along the clamp. Onboard T-Tracks fit select clamp accessories, sold separately.…

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  17. INCRA Precision Marking Rules

    INCRA Precision Marking Rules

    The first stainless steel rule with micro-fine guide holes for marking a fine dot with a sharp pencil or metal scribe.

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  18. INCRA Precision Protractor

    INCRA Precision Protractor

    We've reinvented the protractor by putting micro-fine guide holes at every 45o, 30o, 22.5o, 5o, 1o and 0.5o interval to plot any angle with ease and absolute accuracy.

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  19. Sorby Calipers

    Sorby Calipers

    Great for turning projects. Use the outside/inside caliper for getting accurate measurements on hollow- vessel turning. Double - ended caliper allows transfer of measurement without removing caliper from you work.

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  20. Kreg® Multi-Mark Layout Tool

    Kreg® Multi-Mark Layout Tool

    Take on a multitude of measuring, marking and layout tasks with just one tool! TheMulti-Mark is a layout tool, T-square, torpedo level, trimming tool, depth gauge and more all in one unit. A three-way adjustable rule functions as a depth gauge, miter layout tool or traditional 6" ruler with standard…

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  21. Caliper Gauge/Center Finder

    Caliper Gauge/Center Finder

    Quickly set calipers to any 1/8" increment between 0 and 5". The center of the gauge features a vertical line for finding center on round or square stock. Gauge is made of durable black plastic and features easy-to-find white measurement markings. Patent Pending.

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  22. Router Depth Gauge

    Router Depth Gauge

    Easy and accurate depth adjustments from 1/8" to 1". Now you can determine perfect settings in precise 1/16" increments. Made from heavy duty aluminum.

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  23. EZ-Mark Line Cords

    EZ-Mark Line Cords

    A quick, easy way of marking or identifying the location of shelves and internal construction components.* Ideal for fastening back and sides onto cabinets without marking the wood.* Includes three elastic cords: 10", 20" and 30".* Each cord stretches to twice its length.* Metal alligator hook ends…

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  24. Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig

    Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig

    …scale to fine-tune for extremely thin strips. * Note: Ripping thin strips requires the use of a zero-clearance insert, sold separately.* The perfect tool for edging, inlay, bent laminations and more.* Solid phenolic for durability.* Low-profile miter track clamp locks in at any point along the miter…

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