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  1. Lamello Fixo — the Self-Clamping Biscuit

    Lamello Fixo — the Self-Clamping Biscuit

    …and more, and the H-Style Biscuits (25059) to join boards "on end" for cabinet bases, mitered boxes, etc. Technical Details: H-Style Fixo Biscuits (25059) have a multitude of applications:* Cabinet bases* Mitered boxes* Supporting connections* Extensions for boards and profiles* Picture frames* Fast…

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  2. Festool Kapex KS 120 EB Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Festool Kapex KS 120 EB Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    …fine-inclination angle-adjustment feature make setting angles a breeze. A dual-laser marking system outlines the width of the kerf for precise cut placement. An included angle-transfer device eliminates complex calculations by copying the angle directly from the wall to the saw - plus, it stows…

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  3. 18'' True Angle® Protractor

    18'' True Angle® Protractor

    …rotate the precision 360° adjustable blades and read the angle! Make any angle in seconds — no math required! True Angle is essential for installing crown molding and trim, and is the ideal measuring tool for our Compound Miter Jig (#67626). Ideal for Crown Molding!* 360° adjustable…

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  4. Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

    Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

    miters and compound angles, it's tough to beat the ease and accuracy of the Wixey Digital Angle Gauge. Since the magnets in the gauge click right onto the saw blade, it takes a true reading of the blade's actual angle, accurate to within 0.1° resolution. The zero button calibrates the angle

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  5. Segmented Bowl Setup Angles

    Segmented Bowl Setup Angles

    …segments? Now you can take the guesswork out of your next setup! Set of seven angle blocks allow you to quickly and accurately set up your miter gauge or blade angle to cut precise segmented bowl pieces.* Compare to aluminum angle blocks that cost $100 more!* Includes 45° block (for 4 segments),…

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  6. 45 Degree Miter Sled

    45 Degree Miter Sled

    Perfect miters - no adjustments! Simply cut one piece on the leading face, one on the trailing face, and voila! Since both pieces reference off a perfect 90&deg angle, the miters will fit perfectly.* Pre-installed adjustable nylon pins provide a no-slop fit to the miter track.* Through-slots in…

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  7. Starrett 7" ProSite Protractor - Engineered Plastic

    Starrett 7" ProSite Protractor - Engineered Plastic

    …out of the process of miter cuts to ensure perfect miter joints every time! Simply set your miter saw to the angle that you read. Upside down or backwards, the reading is always correct. Easy-to-use tool has two scales: red scale and arrow show the angle for a miter joint, while the black…

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  8. Starrett Protractor Angle Finder

    Starrett Protractor Angle Finder

    Takes error-prone calculations out of the process of miter cuts, providing a perfect miter every time.* With two scales.* Aluminum.

  9. Taper / Straight Line Jig

    Taper / Straight Line Jig

    miter slot and features a large, ergonomic handle for smooth push-action performance throughout the cut. Plus, with the miter bar removed it doubles as a stable straight line ripping jig. * Measures 31-5/8" x 7-3/4".* Constructed of 1/2" thick MDF.* Includes 36" miter bar.* Indexing marks make angle

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  10. Angle Unit for Festool Guide Rails

    Angle Unit for Festool Guide Rails

    Quickly and accurately set angles for cutting or routing with the Festool FS guide rails. Ideal for making angled, mitered, or even compound cuts in sheet goods. Guide rail sold separately.

  11. iGaging 8" Digital Angle Protractor (35-408)

    iGaging 8" Digital Angle Protractor (35-408)

    Take steel blade angle measurement to a new digital degree! Mark miters, check 90°corners and more. Two overlapping steel blades feature inch and millimeter markings to1/16" and 0.1mm. Digital protractor device measures the angle between the blades asthey are slid apart. Measures entire 360°…

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  12. Incra Miter 5000 Sled

    Incra Miter 5000 Sled

    The ultimate miter cutting workstation for the table saw!* Three-panel miter sled with patented Incra incremental angle control delivers perfect, repeatable accuracy.* Includes 36"-64" telescoping miter fence and dual flip stop.* With 364 precision indexed angle stops over +/-90° to produce…

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  13. Bosch 12'' Glide Miter Saw

    Bosch 12'' Glide Miter Saw

    miter scales with marked detents and roof pitch angles* Adjustable miter detents at 0°, 15°, 31.6°, 22.5°, 45°, 60° Right* Super-accurate and durable design* Push-button miter detent override gives you easy-to-access thumb actuated control right up front for fine miter angle

  14. Festool CMS Miter Gauge 488451

    Festool CMS Miter Gauge 488451

    …and the FestoolSliding Table (43850, sold separately), the Festool Miter Gauge provides aprecise reference fence for accurate, repeatable routing. Use it for cutting miters,angled cope cuts, cross-cuts, and many other angled joints. Attaching the mitergauge to the sliding table ensures smooth,…

  15. Nobex Champion Miter Saw

    Nobex Champion Miter Saw

    …largest model and is the best all around miter box for the cabinetmaker's and joiner's shop. Machined horizontal and vertical base surfaces give you maximum support while cutting and ensure accuracy to 0.08°. Also features step-less locking at any angle for custom cuts, as well as pre-set lock…

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  16. Nobex Proman Miter Saw

    Nobex Proman Miter Saw

    …being the only miter saw exact enough for qualified picture framing. Nobex Proman's stable precision molded table along with low friction blade guides increases the accuracy of every cut. Nobex Proman features pre-set lock stops for important angles in both directions making the angle setting quick…

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  17. Incra Miter Gauge V27

    Incra Miter Gauge V27

    …better miter gauge. Technical Details:* Features exclusive AngleLock indexing system* Adjustable GlideLock miter bar with four expansion points adjust for zero side play* Twenty-seven laser cut pre-sets for perfect angles in 5° increments over a full 120° range.* With 27 positive angle stops…

  18. Incra Miter Gauge 1000

    Incra Miter Gauge 1000

    …Whether it's your basic 90° cut-off, simple pictures frames, complex compound miters, or a 20-sided object, the Miter Gauge 1000 delivers perfect repeatable accuracy every time. Technical Details:* Precision angle indexing teeth are laser cut in solid steel to lock in 41 positive ° range.*…

  19. Mini Combo Miter Saw Set

    Mini Combo Miter Saw Set

    …to 2 inches wide and 15/16" thick. The miter box has preset slots for 30°, 45° and 90° angles. Technical Details:* Saw blade measures 6-1/2" long x 1-3/16" deep* Miter box measures 6-1/2" long* 42 TPI Blade* Blade is not replaceable* Preset slots for 30°, 45° and 90° angles

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  20. DeWalt DW713 Heavy-Duty 10'' (254mm) Single-Bevel Miter Saw

    DeWalt DW713 Heavy-Duty 10'' (254mm) Single-Bevel Miter Saw

    …plate with 11 positive stops provides repeatable accuracy and jobsite duability* Cam miter lock for quick and accurate miter table positioning* Miter detent override for fine adjustment and precise miter angles* 0-50° left and right miter capacity for greater versatility* 3-year limited warranty

  21. 45°-90°-45° Saddle Square and Miter

    45°-90°-45° Saddle Square and Miter

    …aluminum gauge up and down your workpiece for fast and accurate miter layout. Its trapezoidal face lets you scribe perfect 45° lines in both directions without having to flip thetool! Additional features:* Great for marking and angle checking* Interior window makes marking parallel lines fast…

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  22. 45/90 Degree Layout Miter Gauge

    45/90 Degree Layout Miter Gauge

    …time! Ideal for picture frames, corner molding, and various box constructions, this precise gauge also works to prep saw blades or drill presses for angled jobs. A balanced, wide-face design adds remarkable stability, while interior windows make marking parallel lines fast and easy. Made from solid,…

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  23. Kreg™ Precision Miter Gauge System

    Kreg™ Precision Miter Gauge System

    …and you can say "goodbye" to mitered joint gaps forever. Technical Details:* Factory calibrated and accurate right out of the box.* Micro-adjusts to 1/100th of a degree (.003" over 6") - the same accuracy as the best machinist squares. * Vernier scale allows precise angle adjustments to 1/10th of a…

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  24. 45/90 Degree Stainless Steel Miter Gauge

    45/90 Degree Stainless Steel Miter Gauge

    Used for precise 45° and 90° reference, this solid steel gauge has applications allover the shop. Lay out miters for picture frames or trim; set blade angles; check corners for square — the possibilities are endless. A sturdy base allows it to stand upright. Interior windows add…

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